2013 Final Outfit Of The Day

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

*Le Gasp*

It has finally come, the last day of 2013 is upon us...and you know what that means?

No? You don't? Smh, for shame lol

It means that today was the official last outfit of the day for this year!

Now I know I have not done many outfit of the day post on the blog, 1 because we are just getting started here and 2 because my photographer *cough* boyfriend *cough* has been working crazy hours so he has not been around to snap my pix lol.

However seeing as though it is indeed the last day of the year I was determined to get my final OOTD of the day in =) Plus I got a bomb ass pair of shoes yesterday and just had to wear them and I couldn't let their first time out of the box be a waste lol

I mean look at them 0_0 

Todays outfit was completely inspired by my new shoes and the sparkle that surrounds the New Year. Seeing as how I was out running last minuet errands and couldn't wear a full out sequence and glitter outfit....silver shoes had to do =)

Super Sweet and Chic a perfect way to end 2013

Outfit Details:
Cardigan// Jeanne Pierre// 19.99 (Got this from Marshalls)
V-neck Shirt// Bobeau// 10.95 (I picked this up from Nordstroms Rack)
Jeans// American Eagle// 29.99 (on sale now)
Shoes// Call It Spring// 24.95 (on sale now)
Necklace// Francescas Collection// 14.99 (I got this on sale ages ago)
Hair Tie// Your Everyday Local Beauty Supply Store lol

I figured since I was picking up my boo face from work I would take full advantage of his stores amazing backdrops... PHOTO SHOOT TIME!!

My outfit worked perfectly for the day, no one piece outshines the other (except for the shoes of course) my cardigan kept me warm when going back and fourth from the car to stores, my shoes were super comfortable even though they don't have a platform. 

My jeans were perfect for getting around in,  and let me just tell you a lot can be said about jeans with just the right amount of stretch and these defiantly fit the bill. My ridiculously deep v-neck tee...which I wish you guys could have gotten the full effect of I should have taken off the cardi -__- is SUPER beautiful and is silky and flowy I'm pretty much in love with it but it did have my boobs trying to make a guest appearance at every turn.

Now for the FACE!
I tried to keep things as simple as I could today. I wanted my face to look as natural as possible since it was still day time. So I did a "no make up" face with a natural smokey eye.

Face Details:
Foundation// Mac Face and Body
Concealer// Glamaflouge 
Cheeks// Mac// Warm Soul
Contour// Mac// Harmony
Highlight// Ben Nye// Banana Poweder 
Lid// Mac// Cut to fit
Crease// Mac// Saddle
Inner Corner// Mac// Cool Incantation
Outer Corner & Under Eye // Mac// Follie
Brow Bone// Blanc Type
Brows// Mac// Mystery
Eye Liner// NYX// Satin Finish Black Liner
Mascara// Sephora// Lash Plumper
Setting Powder// Mac// Mieralized Skin Finish

Ya know now looking at that list of products my look does not seem that...natural LMAO

Anywho, I sincerely hope 2013 has treated you all well and I pray that 2014 will bring you nothing but blessings. 

They say end your year the way you want to spend your next one...so ill be leaving 2013 with a smile on my face =)            

Until 2014, 
XO Deanna 

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