Holiday Traditions (Rice Krispy Treat Recipe)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Though this post is devilishly late.. 
I hope it finds you in time for Christmas and New Years so you may share these tasty treats with your family and friends =)

Everyone has their own personal holiday traditions, some of mine include decorating the tree, watching old christmas movies in the days leading up to the 25th and frantically last minuet gift shopping as if i didn't know all year that without would come no matter if I was ready or not lol

But aside from all of those traditions one of my all time faves is making Rice Krispy Treats!!

Im not exactly sure when or why the tradition started, all I know as soon as December comes I get this crazy urge to make Rice Krispy Treats...and oddly enough I ONLY get the urge in December lol!

Every year I do things a little different, last year I made a cinnamon sugar drizzle to go on top and the year before I used extra marshmallows and added a hint of know just a little something to spruce it up.

But this year I just went with the old trusty dusty recipe...and got classic on them and thats the recipe I will be sharing with you!

Classic Yummy For The Tummy Rice Krispy Treat Recipe

What you will need:

-Six Cups Of Rice Krispys
-One To Two Bags Of Jumbo Marshmallows
-1/4 Cup Of Butter
-Plastic Wrap
-Baking Sheet or Pan

How to make your Rice Krispy Treats:

1. Line your pan or baking sheet with plastic wrap. This will guard your pan from getting all messy when you put in the gooey mix and start to form your treats!

2.  In a large sauce pan...or in my case a big ass microwave safe bowl melt down one package of jumbo marshmallows and the butter.  Note: When doing this in a microwave I soooooo suggest putting in half the bag and heating in stages of 30 to 45 seconds while watching the mix, marshmallows do have the tendency to fluff and bubble over. Also continue to stir between heating to make sure they completely melted. Also Also lol if your doing this in a pan melt the butter first then add the marshmallows 

Once the mixture is completely melted it will look something like the picture below. How many bags of marshmallows you use depends on how big of a batch your making...or how much you like marshmallows lol but the general rule of thumb is one bag per batch however I add a few more =)

3. Depending on how big the bowl is that you melted the marshmallows in, start to add in your Rice Krispys one cup at a time while string your mixture 

You want to work quickly as the marshmallow mixture will start to stiffen up as it cools and become increasingly sticky and hard to manipulate. If your working with kiddos doing this I would suggest giving them their own little portion to mix or mold by hand as you work with the bigger batch in a more....shall we say timely fashion? lol

Once completely mixed it will look a little something like the picture below. I know,  not that tasty looking lol

4. Transfer the mixture from your bowl into the pan you prepped with plastic wrap and try to evenly distribute it with a fork.

5. Cover the mix with another layer of plastic wrap and begin to push down on it to spread and flatten the mix into a "block" form. Do not press too hard and make the treats too flat but push just enough so that things are even and packed together.

6. You wait...I mean you don't have to, your treats are pretty much done but if they are still warm they may not hold when you cut them and take them apart. I generally wait about an hour before I cut them and start eating and if you keep them in the plastic wrap once your done they last for about a week I feel like but if your are having them for a holiday party....they won't last that long they will all be gobbled up before you know it! =)

Hope you guys enjoy an remember Rice Krispy Treats are not just for the holidays, you can make them all year round and add your own spin to them

Until Next Time
XO Deanna 

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