Grammy Awards 2014 Red Carpet: The Best And Worst Dressed

It could be said that there is no other award show like the Grammys, from performances to speeches to...well really thats it huh lol but truth be told the Grammys would be nothing for me without the fashion!

The Grammys were held Sunday in Los Angeles California at the Staples Center to honor this years best musical accomplishments. And although there are many things that I could go on and on about, like Beyonce and Jay-Z's "performance", how Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stole the show or how Daft Punk managed to win so many awards and still say nothing....and how Kendrick Lamar was clearly robbed.

None of that seems to matter more than...the fashion of it all! There really is just something about the Grammys that either brings out the worst in celebrity fashion or brings the cream of the fashion crop to the top of the barrel and this year was no different.

Honestly I think the only reason I even watch the Grammys every year is sheerly because I tune in to see the red carpet and just wind up not changing the channel lol. While others are busy waiting to be awarded for their music I am passing out awards in my head for the best and worst dressed as they glide down the carpet. Just call me Ms. Fashion Police =)

So let get into it shall we? My picks for this years best and worst dressed on the red carpet....and other mumbles of disgust and excitement over color cut and fit! 

Lets start with something positive shall we? (lets be honest I know your all really here for the worst dressed but I'm gonna make you wait!)


Beyonce: Although you all think I hate this woman its really not true. Its more of a love hate relationship. But for the Grammys she did it for me. Her sheer and lace dress by Project Runway Alum Michael Costello was a hit from all angles. Check the tapes you can't find a bad one! Some may say it reminded them of their grandmothers curtains but lets be honest this gown is the perfect blend of sex and class. Its feminine, beautifully designed and who else could pull off this fashion risk but her. However her Ramen Noodle hair and makeup detract from the look. I wish she would have went for lighter makeup the lip clashes with her hair and dress.

The Bandaid Effect

I woke up this morning in a good mood, as I generally do unless its before 9am. Rolled over, blew my noes (because its always stuffed or running in the morning) grabbed my phone and hopped on Instagram. 

Yes I'm one of those people who get on Instagram first thing in the morning lol but don't judge me some people get up and flick on the news some people get up and scroll through Instagram. I like to think of Instagram as my news.

Anywho, all things were fine and well until I clicked on a "friends" page and started sifting through her pictures. Most were run of the mill selfies and pictures of meme's, but then I came across a picture from about 4 weeks ago of her at her college graduation. Under the picture was a heart felt post about how it has taken her so long to get here but she is so proud of herself and what she has accomplished.


Grow up! - 13 Things that should be left in your college days

Ok so I'm not going to sit here and claim that I'm the most grown up or sophisticated woman out there, but I do think that I'm decently grown up for my age lol. I mean to be honest there are a number of things that are COMPLETELY different about the way I act, carry myself and think now vs when I was in college.

An let me just say....thank ya Jesus 🙌 LOL

 Although many people in their early 20's like to argue that a 25 or 26 year old isn't any more grown up than they are...the truth is in your 20's a three or four year age gap can make a world of difference.

Not to long after you leave college and step into the real world reality smacks you in the face and starts to change your perception of everything and everyone around you. There is sooooooo much growth that a person goes through between the ages of 22-25 that it's crazy and I'm sure there's even more growth after 25 (I'll keep you posted)


All Natural Acne Treatments Mask & Home Remedies

So a lot of you ladies liked my post about coconut oil and how it was my new holy grail of skin care products. Which of course I loved, knowing that you guys are actually interested in the things that I post helps me know what to post more of. So if you do like what you see please continue to comment here or on Instagram to let me know so I can post more of what you ladies like.

Anywho, along with wanting to know the details of exactly how I use the coconut oil (which will be coming this week) most of you wanted to know more skin care tips and tricks using all natural or household products.

One of the biggest request I got was for an at home acne treatment or a facial scrub you can make yourself using natural products. Now although I personally have never had really bad acne break outs you are in luck because there are two "all natural" remedies that are my go to when my skin does get a little unruly and my face decides that it should become a connect the dot game *side eye*


And May The Semi Annual Sale Forever Be In Your Favor

The beginning of January is one of my favorite times of year because of 3 things. 
1) Its the new year and that means a fresh start at making changes in your life.
2) Everyone is happier, at least for the first 2 weeks of the month because of these new outlooks on life and *cough* crack pot *cough* resolutions.


The Perfect Winter Coat & OOTD

One thing that has alway been a winter time struggle for me has been finding the perfect coat. I can never seem to buy one that is stylish, fits well and its made well so it will stand the test of time. 

I honestly spend at least the whole month of November every year scouring the racks of store after store in search of the perfect coat. Very quickly the process becomes tiring the weather gets colder and my patience gets shorter.


My Secret Weapons For Perfectly Flawless Skin!!

WARNING: The tips in this blog post may lead to you living a #NoFilterLife in all your pictures and bitches may not be ready LMAO

A few weeks ago at the but crack of dawn I poured myself out of bed, rolled myself down the hall to the bathroom and began my morning routine as usual. Somewhere between brushing my teeth and spitting I caught a glimpse of my bare face in the mirror...and damn near jumped back.

Looking back at me was the face of a 25 year old that had spent one too many nights downing her drinks as the bartender yells last call and the lights start to go up.

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