Grow up! - 13 Things that should be left in your college days

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ok so I'm not going to sit here and claim that I'm the most grown up or sophisticated woman out there, but I do think that I'm decently grown up for my age lol. I mean to be honest there are a number of things that are COMPLETELY different about the way I act, carry myself and think now vs when I was in college.

An let me just say....thank ya Jesus 🙌 LOL

 Although many people in their early 20's like to argue that a 25 or 26 year old isn't any more grown up than they are...the truth is in your 20's a three or four year age gap can make a world of difference.

Not to long after you leave college and step into the real world reality smacks you in the face and starts to change your perception of everything and everyone around you. There is sooooooo much growth that a person goes through between the ages of 22-25 that it's crazy and I'm sure there's even more growth after 25 (I'll keep you posted)

But for my ladies (or the hand full of men) slowly stepping into their mid 20's reading this, I'm gonna give you some tips on some shit that you need to leave in your college days because trust me the things on this list AINT NOBODY in the real world checking for boo boo.

And you really don't wanna be "that girl" do you?

13 Things That Need To Be Left In Your College Days

1. Not monitoring how much you drink: No one and I mean NO ONE is here to be your babysitter and getting turnt up and chocolate wasted when your out and about is NOT the move. The days of nice girls in the bathroom holding your hair is over. Side eyes will be given and whispers will be had. Grow up sloppy Susie.

2. Not having a savings account: Lets be honest, shit happens...a lot of shit actually and not having at least little money saved up for a rainy day is not only irresponsible, it's just plain stupid. Saving is not as hard as it seems. Instead of hitting up Starbucks everyday make your own coffee and put the money you save in the bank.Try it you'll be rich!

3. Pulling all nighters: Repeat after me. Sleeeeeeeep isssssss important, personally I'm not sure what happens after college but all nighters are out of the question. Staying up till 6 when u have to be to work by 8 the next day is no walk in the park anymore. Trust me you will be absolutely useless the next day and naps are out of the question. Get some sleep.

4. Being lazy: Please no more sleeping till noon and wasting days doing absolutely nothing. I know it sucks but real people have todo lists that consist of things other than channel surfing, reading magazines and playing video games. Get up, wash a dish, run some errands be some sort of productive.

5. Your college boyfriend or girlfriend: I guess this can be taken literally or figuratively lol on one hand maybe you really do need to leave that person behind in college either because you have grown apart or they are just well an ass hole (trust me I have been there) but  it's also a metaphor for saying GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE don't be afraid of change 

6. Thinking there are no consequences to your actions: Yolo is not real life, while I do think its cool to be spontaneous, take chances and live. That is not an excuse to act like an idiot and be irresponsible. If your repeatedly late to work because you were too busy yoloing your life away the night before your going to get fired. Sorry superwoman your not invincible.

7. Sleeping around: Now sleeping around is never the "best option" for health reasons or reputations. But I'm not stupid I get that a lot of people use their college years as a time to experiment and "sow their oats"  but outside of the college world sleeping around isn't really looked to fondly upon. Dating in your mid 20s is a little complicated, people are starting to look for serious relationships and if your sleeping around....doesn't scream stable or long term relationship potential. 

8. Friending everyone you meet: Let's make this very clear, everyone is not your friend. Long gone are the days of instantly clicking the accept button on every incoming Facebook friend request. For one, jobs comb through your social media accounts and a rogue tagged pic of you drunk and smoking a blunt at a house party taken by  last weeks hookup could find u fired. And plus you'll learn soon enough that you don't need everyone in your life friends are more about quality not quantity.

9. Surviving on pizza and beer: Your going to get fat, trust me. Take care of yourself lol. No, really take care of yourself, eat better, work out college goto food can not continue to be your everyday food. You will start to notice the lb's pack on and overall you'll just feel like shit.

10. Caring about what everyone else thinks: Yes having someone's approval and feeling as though you are accepted by people feels good but your not 12 anymore and caring about what everyone else thinks of you is the easiest way to wind up NOT doing things or accomplishing goals that you really want. Start putting what you want and what you think first.

11. Procrastinating: Wait....maybe I'll write this one later. Yeaaaaaaaa see how that can be an issue? 😒

12. Daydreaming: Not to say daydreaming is a bad thing, but it's time to turn those day dreams into action. Don't just sit there and let your ideas float in the clouds take hold of things you want to happen and turn those dreams into a reality.

13. Stop being good enough: I say this because so many people just get caught up in only doing the work and going through the motions. I remember in college I would write "good enough" papers all the time and how can we forget the mantra "c's get degrees"  but why why settle with average? Are we really that scared of our own possibilities, we'll after college you can't be because trust EVERYONE is doing that extra to get ahead. Don't be left behind 

And there you have it. A guide if you will into maturing from your early 20's to your mid 20's. I hope this helped, What do you ladies think? Any other think you think need to be left in your college days?

Until Next time,
XO Deanna 

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