Grammy Awards 2014 Red Carpet: The Best And Worst Dressed

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It could be said that there is no other award show like the Grammys, from performances to speeches to...well really thats it huh lol but truth be told the Grammys would be nothing for me without the fashion!

The Grammys were held Sunday in Los Angeles California at the Staples Center to honor this years best musical accomplishments. And although there are many things that I could go on and on about, like Beyonce and Jay-Z's "performance", how Macklemore and Ryan Lewis stole the show or how Daft Punk managed to win so many awards and still say nothing....and how Kendrick Lamar was clearly robbed.

None of that seems to matter more than...the fashion of it all! There really is just something about the Grammys that either brings out the worst in celebrity fashion or brings the cream of the fashion crop to the top of the barrel and this year was no different.

Honestly I think the only reason I even watch the Grammys every year is sheerly because I tune in to see the red carpet and just wind up not changing the channel lol. While others are busy waiting to be awarded for their music I am passing out awards in my head for the best and worst dressed as they glide down the carpet. Just call me Ms. Fashion Police =)

So let get into it shall we? My picks for this years best and worst dressed on the red carpet....and other mumbles of disgust and excitement over color cut and fit! 

Lets start with something positive shall we? (lets be honest I know your all really here for the worst dressed but I'm gonna make you wait!)


Beyonce: Although you all think I hate this woman its really not true. Its more of a love hate relationship. But for the Grammys she did it for me. Her sheer and lace dress by Project Runway Alum Michael Costello was a hit from all angles. Check the tapes you can't find a bad one! Some may say it reminded them of their grandmothers curtains but lets be honest this gown is the perfect blend of sex and class. Its feminine, beautifully designed and who else could pull off this fashion risk but her. However her Ramen Noodle hair and makeup detract from the look. I wish she would have went for lighter makeup the lip clashes with her hair and dress.

Chrisette Michelle:  It took me a while in my head to decide if I wanted to put her on the best or worst dressed list..but somehow she ended up here *looks off into the distance* I really think I'm still undecided on the outfit. I really do enjoy the print and what she was going for and the color selection however I really would love to see a different shoe with this maybe and I'm all for the natural but I'm not feeling the hair either. The look almost reminds me of the dress Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing on the cover of Instyle which I was also hot and cold about. 

Tamar Braxton: "She" yes "Her" has done it! This dress by Michael Costello on her gave me life it was perfect in every way. The fit on her body WHAT? There is no left over baby weight here hunty. The simplicity of the dress worked well. While others tried to over do it, Tamar showed them how to do it well with no effort. And I must add that that color popped on her skin! She looked AMAZING, hair laid and face looking fresh. YES!

Amber Rose: MuvaRoseBud is the type of woman that makes it impossible for you to ever feel good about your looks. This woman is beautiful from head to toe. Her curves, her skin, her million dollar mega watt smile. Everything about her screams all you other bitches suck and this dress on her just made it worse. Aside from the fact that it looks like she was poured into it, the color makes her beautiful smooth as butter skin pop. This was made for her, the angles accentuate her shape the sparkle makes her glow. Somebody slap a halo on this hoe she perfect.
She looks radiant.

I mean come EFFING ON!!! Look at that face ugh!
Its almost hard to believe she was ever a stripper 

I CANT DECIDE!!! They both look amazing....let them both have it. These two women did the Grammys RIGHT when sooooooo sooooooo many did it all wrong.

This list in all truthfulness could be sooooooooooo much longer, don't feel bad for the ladies below, they are not alone on these fashion travesties. Some of the worst dressed nominees classmates that I choose not to show were Paris Hilton, Colbie Caillat, Zendaya...its just too many to mention.

Ciara: Another person you all swear up and down that I hate and I'm sure that you think thats why she ended up on this list. But HA HA you are wrong, I actually think Ciara is glowing and looks beautiful from the neck up...however this Emilio Pucci dress does not flatter her pregnancy curves at all. With her arms down at her side the print of the dress almost makes her look like a box. I believe a woman looks most beautiful when she's pregnant and this dress with all the sequence, pattern and flash did nothing but detract from how stunning she could have looked.

Ashanti: I....where....I....I just don't even know where to start with this, theres just so much bad its hard to pick. First off, what was she thinking? This is the Grammys not the MTV awards, she's 2 seconds away from flashing her boobs to everyone on the red carpet and....she just....ugh who invited her!? If there was a stylist they should be ashamed.

Taylor Swift: I must admit at first glance i was feeling this Gucci dress. The look gave me all things old Hollywood but after further inspection, it left a sour taste in my mouth. Im not sure if its her or me but, something is just not sitting right with me. It could be the fact that the dress is metallic and as you will find out latter I was not gaga over the whole metallic trend this year at the Grammys. Either way meh is my final thoughts on this old Hollywood or not. Side bar- The outer layer of the dress I found out is made completely out of chains.

Pink: Now many of you may not know the love that I have for this woman or how deep it runs. Quiz me on any of the lyrics to her songs and I'm sure my knowledge will impress you. Her dress however for this years Grammys did anything but impress me. The fit is horrid the angles on the dress detract from her shape and the fabric looks as though it need to be re-pressed. The ripples, puckers and sheen on the dress gives me flash backs to the tragicness that was prom dress shopping circa 2005. Pink is wearing a bad prom dress to the Grammys....dont believe me....

EXACTLY looks like our dresses were cut from the same cloth...smh at this #TBT on a tuesday...I was only 16 please don't judge lol.

Madonna: She is on this list because I hate her outfit and she called her son a "Nigga" thats enough for me forever. Moving on.

*voice over a loud speaker* Um excuse me we need a manager to women's shoes....

Fantasia: Its been reported that Fantasia looks like the floor manager at your local TJ Max.....go see if you see her....tell her you need her outfit in your size because clear thats where she got it. I don't even understand what is going on here. The sheer top layer, the nude layer under it, what looks to be palsy print at the bottom or lace at the top its just a cluster fuck of what the fuck.

Clearly.....I mean come on lets be serious here. She really does look like a TJ Maxx worker....all the way down to the red lanyard holding her name tag tucked into the dress...


Giuliana Rancic: What would my Fashion Police report be without her?  Im in LOVE with her in this orange dress, although she is super slim the dress still manages to show off her figure and flatter the curves that she does have. Im loving the peek-a-boo sheer insert coming down the center, it gives the dress a little more umph visually. It fits well and comes to a perfect length, her contrasting golden brown clutch is all the accessory she needs to pull off this look. 

Kelly Osbourne: Again, how could I report without my FAVE Fashion Policer? Kelly always delivers with her fashion so I'm never worried when I see her walk by. Her hair looks perfect as always, she one of the only people I feel as though can pull that hair color off and the bangs paired with the bob frames her face so well.  Her make up is simple but not much is needed when you are letting the dress do all the talking. The gold and purple encrusted shoulders on her slimming back dress is everything! And when she turns around and lets that draped train give you all that drama...chile please! Miss. Osbourne does it right always! 


Metallic: It's quite possible that I just hate metallics in the first place, or it could be that none of these ladies wore it particularly well. Either way, every time I saw it gliding across the carpet or when it popped up in a picture I cringed. Rita Ora's woven Lanvin dress rubbed me all types of wrong and well you already know how I felt about Ciara's dress. I just think a full metallic dress is a hard look to pull off. *Forest Gump Voice* And thats all I have to say about that.

What did you love about the Grammys Red Carpet? What did you hate? Did you have the same best and worst dressed as me? Let me know and fill me in on anything I missed that you think was worth mentioning in the comments below =)

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 

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