And May The Semi Annual Sale Forever Be In Your Favor

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The beginning of January is one of my favorite times of year because of 3 things. 
1) Its the new year and that means a fresh start at making changes in your life.
2) Everyone is happier, at least for the first 2 weeks of the month because of these new outlooks on life and *cough* crack pot *cough* resolutions.

Now if your anything like me, shopping in Victoria secret normally consist of making huge life choices as you walk through their doors.

"Do I use this 40.00+ dollars on filling up my gas tank....or do I buy a new bra?"

"Do I really spend 9.50 on one pair of underwear or do I break down and get the 5 for 26.00 that used to be 5 for 25.00 and I still don't know why they tacked on that extra dollar?"

Now Victoria Secrets prices are a little extreme for what your getting, I mean at the end of the day it is just underwear and if you want anything sexy or "classy" or anything without words on your about to pay an arm if not a leg too especially if you don't have that free panty coupon

But a few times a year people like us are blessed with the semi annual sale. Where normal everyday women turn into panty warriors. Diving into overflowing baskets of thongs and cheekies, hurdling dropped hoodies and VS luggage for the perfect plunge bra *side eye*

It really is like the Hunger Games in there! Everyone woman for herself fighting to the death for a pair of 3.99 panties!!

Anywho, this year unfortunately I went through all the crazy crowds, digging for panties and just general madness for almost nothing. My Victoria Secrets selection of panties and bras was not that amazing =/ I wound up having to go to 2 stores one for panties and another for bras.

I was SUPER DISAPPOINTED that many styles were actually NOT on sale for the advertised 3.99 or bras that were 15.99 and yes I understand it says those prices and up but still!

(excuse the Starbucks cup...its not mine)

However if you are from Baltimore and your into all their beauty, fragrance and clothing the store in Towson Town Center has you covered.

The only good really that came out of this for me was that I did get properly measured for a bra...turns out I have been wearing the wrong size for probably a year+  if thats considered a good thing...

Oh and a slight downside would be that...I almost got kicked out of the store for taking pictures...YES  you read that right! They were ready to toss my ass out of there for taking pix for the blog. Once they found out what I was doing and that I was an independent blogger with no company affiliation they kindly asked me not to take anymore pix in the store as it was a legal issue and I was not allowed *side eye* LET ME SEE THE CONTRACT! I know I aint sign it!

But I digress lets get on to the good stuff

What I Got 

Three bras the top two are from the Pink Collection and are called the "Wear Everywhere" bra. They are SUPER comfortable. The only down side would be that they didn't seem to have a large selection of "normal" colors in the sale section or normal section, but i guess thats what happens when you buy bras from the Pink collection. 

The bottom bra is from their normal line and I believe its called the "T-shirt" bra but don't quote me on that. This one is also really comfortable and both bras give just the right amount of push up without making you look like your smuggling turkeys under your shirt. 

However my favorite bra will always be "The Plunge" for design and comfort, but those were still marked at like 30.00 and I just couldn't.

The panties on the left were all sale panties and were the only ones I could find that were 3.99. The last two pairs are actually thongs and came in a 2 pack for that price. I tried to stick to dark colors that I can actually wear under clothes. I tend to try and get mostly Hipsters or cheeksters because they are comfortable and fit my hips and don't ride up my butt as much as other styles.

The panties on the right are VS new "Date Panties" by far my favorite panties EVER (so far) they came out not too long ago and I guess because of that not many were part of the sale, I only managed to find one pair all the rest I got on the 5 for 26 deal.

Over all I spent about 63.00 on panties compared at 80-85.00 and 45.00 on bras compared at I guess that counts as a deal lol

How do you ladies feel about the Victoria Secret Semi Annual Sale? Let me know!

Until Next Time
XO, Deanna


  1. Who doesn't love it when their favorite shop goes on sale? It must've been hard choosing between filling up your gas tank and buying a new bra. Hahaha! Anyway, the pieces you got all look amazing. You have such a great taste. All the best to you! :)

    Irving Morgan @ EmbraceBra

  2. Good timing so far. January is the best time for selling. I think so. Most of the people fells good on that time as you say in you article. People fells comfortable to buy anything on that time.