The Perfect Winter Coat & OOTD

Sunday, January 5, 2014

One thing that has alway been a winter time struggle for me has been finding the perfect coat. I can never seem to buy one that is stylish, fits well and its made well so it will stand the test of time. 

I honestly spend at least the whole month of November every year scouring the racks of store after store in search of the perfect coat. Very quickly the process becomes tiring the weather gets colder and my patience gets shorter.

December eventually comes and by then its too cold to hide behind layers and sweaters so every I wind up buying an "ok" coat that I had to settle for...a coat that by mid season I normally wind up hating and next winter the process will start all over again. 

And let me just tell you buying a new coat every winter is too damn expensive. Especially if its a coat you don't LOVE and not to mention it really cuts in on your storage space. 

But this year y'all.....

I think I finally got it right =)

As I mentioned in a previous post the weather here in Maryland was kind of wacky all of December with days as warm as 70 and some as cold as 30, but because of the up and down inconsistencies in temperature I have been able to get away with layering for longer which has also let me take a little more time to look for a coat.

Praise God for that because last week I wondered into Marshalls to look for things for the apartment with the boyfriend and just so happened to look at the coats (which were on clearance my fave word lol) and in-between two hideous Betsey Johnson coats (no shade ) was this baby

When I put this coat on y'all I felt like a star. Like the feeling I got honestly has to be the one actors get when they win an Oscar (ok maybe it was not that serious but I was hype). This coat is EVERYTHING! Fit, Color,!? And did we cover that...IT WAS ON CLEARANCE!?!?

Apparently somewhere around mid December and close to Christmas stores like Marshalls, Ross and TJ Max start to mark down their winter coats, stockings, scarves and hats. So anyone looking to stock up I would defiantly say hold out until then if you can. The selections may be smaller than they are in the start of the season but if its something your not to picky about you can save big and you may just find a gem like this.

This coat is by DKNY
Size: Small
Color: Military Green and Black
Leather Accents, Belted Waist
Retail Price: 210.00
Marshalls Price: 120.00
Clearance Price: 89.00
I believe this coat is from last season but HERE is the version they have of this coat on their website this year.

Im in love y'all <3


Whats Under My Coat: OOTD

Shirt// Urban Outfitters// 10.00 (sale) Option 1
Liquid Leggings// Urban Outfitters// 29.00 Option 1 Option 2
Jacket// Urban Outfitters// 19.00 (sale) Option 1 Option 2
Boots// DSW// 30.00 (sale) Actual shoes

Sorry that a lot of these things were on sale so they are no longer available but I did link like options if you wanted to recreate this look.

What do you guys think of the coat? Love it? Hate it? Where did you get your winter coat from?

Until Next Time
XO, Deanna

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