How I Almost Lost My Relationship at 8 Months Pregnant & The Lessons I Learned

Imagine your 8 month pregnant self waddling back and fourth to pack a bag...but its not your hospital bag.

Its your "I'm leaving bag" that was my reality about a week ago. Feeling lost, alone and at the end of my rope I was packing a bag to walk out of the home my boyfriend and I were creating for us and our soon to be child.

I'm sure just like're asking, "what the hell Deanna?! How did you two get here"?

Well...heres the story


Make It Monday: 30 Minute Meal Lasagna Roll Ups

I love putting spins on classic meals especially when those little spins make meals more convent when it comes to preparing, serving and eating.

So whats my favorite classic dish to spin?


I've always loved lasagna but never liked the ordeal of making it. I hated the meticulous layering of the pan and the need to get things perfect so it stacked and cut right.

I guess the real issue is that I'm lazy LOL!

But LAZY folks unite! 

If you're like me and can't be bothered with the perfection of it all check out my recipe below for lasagna roll ups.

You'll thank me when its time to pack your left over lunch, when you need a mini serving for the kiddo's and even when you want to impress folks for dinner (its something about a roll up that just looks fancy)


15 Second Trimester Symptoms...are they worse than the first?


My second trimester has come and gone so quickly. I mean I'm just 11 short weeks away from meeting my Baby Bean and becoming a whole mom!

And although the time has flown by, a few thing that haven't are these second trimester symptoms...which seem to be lasting into my third. 

So what are they? Are they worst than the first? 

Ya'll know I'm here with nothing but the real on this whole pregnancy thing, so lets talk about second trimester symptoms shall we?


Lets Get Cozy: Top 10 Fall Must Haves

This is NOT a drill my favorite season is finally here and I could not be more excited.

There's just something about fall that makes me feel at home no matter where I am. The crisp air, the smell of apples, the snuggling...I could literally go on all day about my obsession with the season. 

However, instead of just chatting about all the feel's Fall gives me. I'm going to show you a few things you need to pick up right now to start embracing the cozy. So you can share in all the same Fall feels I do! 



Blogging 101: How I Edit My Instagram Photos + The Power Of Editing

Everyone wants to post the perfect Instagram picture right?

Before and After


Now when your a blogger like me, posting the perfect Instagram picture is even more important. It can literally be the difference between getting noticed by a brand and securing work or going the entire month without a check coming in...and no one wants that.

I've gotten numerous questions from my followers, blogger and non bloggers alike about what filters an programs I use to edit and in general how I get the "perfectly edited pictures" I post.

While I wouldn't call my pictures anywhere close to perfect lol I have dropped a few tips here and there but finally (because y'all kept asking) I decided to spill ALL THE BEANS  behind my "perfect" instagram pics here.

Pretty Girl Travels: The Ultimate Carry On Packing List

Whenever I pack for a trip, no matter if its a weekend getaway or a flight half way around the world...

I always wind up forgetting something at home -__-

Then when I get to my destination and start unpacking I'm like "what the what Deanna?! How did you forget that?!"

When I went to Paris it was my allergy medicine, when I went to San Juan it was my toothpaste.  Without fail its always something! do you stop yourself from becoming so forgetful??
Create the ultimate travel & packing checklist!



Clearly by the can tell YOUR GIRL IS PREGNANT!

So, now that the cat is out of the bag...I guess I can finally start talking about all the things I've been through in the last 3+ months. 

Pregnancy in itself is a blessing, you're bringing new life into this world, starting a family, entering into a new chapter in your life...blah blah blah all the pretty storybook shit right? 


But what they DON'T TELL YOUR ASS is all that comes along with that beautiful bundle of joy baking in your oven. But i'll tell y'all and you know I keeps it all the way real! So for my ladies who are looking to become mom's, for those in their first few weeks, for the nosy folks that just wanna know what happens and for mama's that want a laugh with a little trip down memory lane I'm gonna walk your thought what you can expect and whats been going down over here!


Your New Favorite Jeans + The Perfect Spring Outfit

What makes your favorite jeans your favorite?

Is it how they hugs your hips? How you can move freely in them? Or maybe its that they go with everything.

Welp, my new favorite jeans are all of that and more! They are literally the perfect combination of every little thing you could ever hope and dream for. They are the ultimate spring fashion statement...

And *insert gasp* they're from EXPRESS!? 

Like really, who would have ever thought Express has been hiding the holy grail of jeans.

Style On A Budget: Top 13 Stores You Should Be Shopping At Right Now

Would you believe me if I told you the hardest thing to figure out during my 20's was where to shop?

Well, it's the truth!

There was a point somewhere around the time I turned 23 that I realized I was getting a little too old for Forever21 but I was still too broke to be shopping in Nordstrom. So where was I supposed to go to find affordable yet stylish clothes that wouldn't fall apart in the wash? 

*Shrugs* I was CLUELESS. 

Thus began my hunt for the perfect places to shop and after 6 years and countless hours of uhhhh "market research" (aka I spent hella coins trying to figure this out). 

I've compiled a list of the BEST stores to shop at as you transition from a young thottie to your glow up years. These stores will not only give you the quality of clothing you desire but also affordable prices and the best styles throughout the seasons. 

I mean what more can you ask for? So get ready to happily toss your coins to these 13 stores!

For The Culture: 15 Black Panther Lines You'll Be Quoting For Days

I can't say that I was one of the early adopters of the Black Panther craze. To be completely honest I had no intention of even seeing the movie until a ticket was purchased for me. 

Judge me not..

I just didn't know much about the movie or story so I thought I could pass it up. Little did I know Black Panther would be a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. That would leave me with tons of quotables i'd be repeating and thinking about for days. 

Ive compiled a mear fraction of the quotes below. Did any of your favorites make the list?
Oh and if you haven't seen Black Panther yet check out the best of the best cheeky, deep and down right hilarious one liners below. (no spoilers)

The Pretty Girls Guide To: Coupon Lingo

I must say that I am in genuine SHOCK at all the interest you ladies have in my couponing. But I must say that it makes my heart smile that so many of you are interested in couponing and in saving money for yourselves & your families.

Because their is such an interest I will be posting coupon hauls, tips, breakdowns and general coupon talk at least once every 2 weeks here on the blog to help the newbies out. I don't want this to turn into a coupon blog so I will be regulating the frequency of the post to that schedule.However if there is an AMAZING deal that I feel like all of my Pretty Girls need to know about ASAP ill post that here also. If you are looking for more daily post couponing or otherwise as always please follow my instagram HERE


Couponing 101: The Coupon Newbie Quick Guide For Finding Deals

Since I started couponing again a lot of folks have been asking for me to bring back my couponing 101 post where I (attempt) to teach those interested on cutting their household grocery spending budget in half. 

Now I only say attempt...because explaining couponing is 10 times harder than the actual act because there are so many rule, variables and we even have our own lingo. But trust me once you get it, you'll never forget.

So to try and avoid information overload, I have condensed a few of my old blogs to give you new couponing hopefuls the basics that will help get you started!

Couponing 101: 15 Quick Tips For Successful Couponing (pt 2)

Alrightly ladies....and gents? Lol

It's time for part two of The Pretty Girls Guide To Couponing for newbies! First off for all those reading welcome to my blog if this is your first time here and for all the couponing newbies welcome to the couponing family!! 

If you have not read my previous post on couponing you can check it out HERE. On that post I went over all the basics of couponing that I have learned thus far. I talk about why couponing is a good option, where you can find coupons, spotting deals, stacking coupons ect.

That post contains ALOT of great information for newbies to study and get familiar with. I put that post together to try and help other new couponers (like myself) understand the coupon game in laments term. Because trust me when I tried to keep up with all the couponing lingo and learn from the pros I was confused to say the least lol.

 This post is more of a quick tip guide to refer back to from time to time to help when your collecting your coupons, checking deals learning the coupon game and making your purchases.

Below you will find my top 15 tips that will help you be successful newbie couponer ☺️

"15 Tips For Successful Couponing"


Couponing 101: The Pretty Girls Guide To Coupons (pt.1)

If your following me on Instagram I'm sure you have seen all of my couponing escapades this past week. That's right couponing! Not all couponers are like the crazy women on TLC with bunkers full of crap they may never use.... Some couponers are just your average everyday bloggers that like to save their hard earned coins.

But how did I get started you ask?


Couponing 101: Four things all good couponers remember to do

Hey there fellow couponers and coupon newbies!

Todays couponing lesson is on the 4 most important things all good couponers remember to do.

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