Style On A Budget: Top 13 Stores You Should Be Shopping At Right Now

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Would you believe me if I told you the hardest thing to figure out during my 20's was where to shop?

Well, it's the truth!

There was a point somewhere around the time I turned 23 that I realized I was getting a little too old for Forever21 but I was still too broke to be shopping in Nordstrom. So where was I supposed to go to find affordable yet stylish clothes that wouldn't fall apart in the wash? 

*Shrugs* I was CLUELESS. 

Thus began my hunt for the perfect places to shop and after 6 years and countless hours of uhhhh "market research" (aka I spent hella coins trying to figure this out). 

I've compiled a list of the BEST stores to shop at as you transition from a young thottie to your glow up years. These stores will not only give you the quality of clothing you desire but also affordable prices and the best styles throughout the seasons. 

I mean what more can you ask for? So get ready to happily toss your coins to these 13 stores!


Of course Bae had to be number 1.

With the addition of collections like Who What Wear and A New Day Target has really stepped up their fashion department without sacrificing their amazing prices. You get on trend styles that (on a good day) will only run you around $6-$8 for basics and $15-$25 for staple items. 

Factor in general store sales that you can stack Cartwheel savings on top of and you've got your self a style steal!


Two words.

RockStar Jeans--wait maybe it's actually three words Rock Star Jeans?

Look the point is, if you got curves Old Navy has "GTJD" Got The Jeans Dawg lol. Honestly their RockStar Jeans are perfect for the ladies with some junk in the trunk and some thigh on the side. I got the ones below and love them!


They come at an amazingly affordable price + they are always on sale, so you know that allows you to stock up and get enough to last you thought the season.

3) T.J. MAXX

This is my go to for all things high end jewelry, watches, purses and makeup for the low low. I've scored a Mavado watch here for well under half price, MAC makeup and Anastasia of Beverly Hills galore. Not to mention some amazing deals on Kate Spade purses--like the one you all loved on a recent insta post.


There was a point in time in my life where I thought Loft was for old white women (thats right I said it). But after complementing a co-worker multiple times on her tops and dresses, she finally spilled the beans that she shops almost exclusively at Loft.

I couldn't believe my ears and a few days later I started my love affair with the store. It got so bad that at one point I was shopping there twice a week. But I couldn't beat their constant sales and uber cute clothes. They have plus size, petite and tall options too so we all get to win here.

These Ponte pants are some of my faves and I'm in LOVE with the skirt above. Currently their sale is 50% off everything and free shipping online so be sure to tap the images above to shop them directly asap!



If you have any questions as to why your ass needs to be in Nordstrom Rack like it's the last store on earth you CLEARLY don't follow me on Instagram.

First of all--shame on you for that. 

Second of all Nordstrom Rack has the ultimate deals and steals on SUPER designer wear. I'm talking $500.00 Celine sunglasses for $149.00 or Jimmy Choo's for $300.00. They have prices that just don't exist anywhere else. 

But I don't shop Nordstrom Rack because I love designer things, I shop there because I know I'm going to get quality clothing that will stand the test of time for a fraction of the price. Its less about the name and more about the bang I get for my buck.


I recently rediscovered Express as a shopping destination. I often breezed by it in the mall assuming that they had nothing to offer. But a few weeks back I realized I was sadly mistaken after I saw a pair of super cute distressed jeans in the window. 

I slid on in to find sales on top of sales (you know I was hype) and some of the hottest spring trends just waiting to take my coins. About 30 mins later I was leaving with a whole outfit for under 100.00 and wearing some of the BEST fitting jeans I've worn in a while.


Currently Express sale is 40% off EVERYTHING on site and in store, done let the sale slip through your fingers.


Now this took me a while to get hip to. The first time I encountered the store was during their end of season sale. The store was a mess, the lines were crazy and I couldn't take it. 

Since then I've learned to pick and choose when I shop there. Ive come to understand that the perk of Zara is def the dope forward thinking fashion. The downside however is that SOME of the clothes don't last.

Your best bet is to grab basics, dope original pieces and things with a lot of structure.


 Marshall's is the BEST for everything really. I however love to shop for shoes while I'm there. They literally always have the perfect shoes for the season, sometimes the exact same ones you would find in the department store for a 3rd of the price.

Also as many of you know I love to grab my scarves at Marshalls, so don't forget to swing by the accessories section to get your head wrap game popping.


 Now listen, I have to be 100% honest on this one, i've never actually purchased anything from ASOS. When I mentioned on Instagram that I would be making this post, I asked for your guys opinion on the best places to shop. 

ASOS actually got a hell of a lot of votes, so this is more of a "fan favorite or honorable mention if you will.

I guess ill have to check it out for myself though huh?


I absolutely adore Banana Republic!

I had to get that out of the way first.

Anyone looking for business wear or a more "refined" yet casual wardrobe this is your spot. I normally pick up the best sweaters, shirts and church or cocktail dresses here.

I will admit that they can be a little pricy but when you catch the 50% off clearance or friends and family deal its absolutely affordable. I've gotten things that were close to $100.00 for a little over $15.00!


Last but not nearly least we have the holy grail that is thrifting.

You never know what you'll find when you hit the thrift store, you have everything from the latest fashion to the best throw back Thursday styles all in one place.

But the best part of all is THE PRICE! You will never find anything that can beat thrift store prices. 
Especially when they have their super sales where you get 50% off certain items with specific colored price tags. They normally hold these sales on Sundays and Mondays.

There you have it! 13 stores you need to be shopping in tah-day!

If you have any stores that your fellow Pretty Girls should be shopping at leave the names in the comments below. 

Also keep an eye out for my next blog post where i'll be doing a clothing haul! I'll be giving you the ultimate spring wardrobe inspo and showing you items you can get right now from the stores above to add to your closet.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. This is a greatly needed post!! I too being 28 usrd to struggle to find clothing places and Target and Express became my go to. I will be checking out the other store and enjoying the sales as well. Thank you girl!

  2. I love TJ Maxx and Nordstrand Rack. Thanks for the tips.

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