Couponing 101: 15 Quick Tips For Successful Couponing (pt 2)

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Alrightly ladies....and gents? Lol

It's time for part two of The Pretty Girls Guide To Couponing for newbies! First off for all those reading welcome to my blog if this is your first time here and for all the couponing newbies welcome to the couponing family!! 

If you have not read my previous post on couponing you can check it out HERE. On that post I went over all the basics of couponing that I have learned thus far. I talk about why couponing is a good option, where you can find coupons, spotting deals, stacking coupons ect.

That post contains ALOT of great information for newbies to study and get familiar with. I put that post together to try and help other new couponers (like myself) understand the coupon game in laments term. Because trust me when I tried to keep up with all the couponing lingo and learn from the pros I was confused to say the least lol.

 This post is more of a quick tip guide to refer back to from time to time to help when your collecting your coupons, checking deals learning the coupon game and making your purchases.

Below you will find my top 15 tips that will help you be successful newbie couponer ☺️

"15 Tips For Successful Couponing"

1. Beating printing limits/Printing multiple coupons- In order to print multiple coupons you need to have more than one laptop or mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, android ect) and a wireless printer. Coupon data bases limit coupon printing by IP address. The more you have the more you get this key with high value coupons. Also side note stay well stocked on paper and ink, you would hate to run out in the middle of printing 

2. Look for deal outlines on IG- For newbies it may be hard to figure out what coupons to use when and on what deals. The easiest ways to learn how to use your coupons is by looking at examples. A lot of couponers on IG will show deal outlines and break downs that you can check out before you go do your deal. They will show what store, what deal what coupons and even how much it will cost you in the end. Here are my faves, follow them. @thecoupon_fairy , @freestufffinder , @sandiegocouponing , @budgetbeauty_ 

3. Read your coupons fine print- Just by reading the coupons fine print can cut back on a lot of mistakes at the register. Also reading the stores coupon policy can keep you from arguments or disappointments at the register.

4. Check out sale previews- Some stores like CVS post what their sales for the for the following week are going to be on their website. You can preview what next weeks sales will be and decide if you want to use your coupons now or hold them for a better sale the next week. Couponers on Instagram also release the following weeks ads earlier so you can stay ahead of the game.

5. Get to know cashiers- This is the easiest way to make your couponing trips smooth ones. Some cashiers are not good with coupons and are impatient, while others don't mind taking their time and know coupon policy's. It's best to find out which is which and keep it moving.

6. Check IG for help: A lot of the things that I know about couponing now were learned on Instagram there are tons of lovely lovely experienced couponers on there who post great tips and will answer your questions about all things coupon. Any time I asked a question or I was confused about 
something they were there to help. Here are a few of my faves, check them out and follow them for deals and couponing help. @ikillu4coupons , @kris10doll , @couponingtolive , @2ifitsfree , @nicoles07

7. Start small- There is no need to try to be Mrs. or Mr. Extreme couponer on your first day...week or month of couponing. And trust me if you do it will cause you more headaches and trouble than its worth. Start with small hauls of things you need right then or things you can use soon and work up from there. Don't always get caught up on the price at the end of your transaction vs the peoples transactions you follow on IG your still at level one no need to feel bad that pros are doing better.

8. Always check the clearance section and promo deals- I have gotten some of my best deals by pairing my coupons with items already marked down on clearance. It's also the easiest ways for newbies without a lot of coupons to get things for free or very cheap. Repeat after me...clearance is your friend. Also sometimes stores like target will offer a gift card with a purchase of certain items so its like getting some of your money back.

9. Build your coupon stash- This is one of the most important tips, to be a successful have to have coupons. So building your coupon stash is important. There are a lot of ways you can do this. Trading with people on IG, buying papers, inserts or even finding them in the store on items or left by other couponers near the items they are good for. (Yes people leave coupons laying in the store) lol

10. Rain checks- These can be lifesavers in the event you find out about a deal or sale late and the item you wanted is gone. Or if you don't have the coupons you need for the sale yet. If you take the rain check paper to the customer service desk they will fill it out so that when the item comes back in stock you can get it at the special sale price.

11. Shop when no one else is shopping- Shopping in the middle of the day when everyone else is at work helps a lot for newbies, lines are short and you can take your time searching through deals. Personally I still get a little embarrassed as I shuffle through my coupons in the aisles or at the cash register so I like when I'm alone. Also if you run into any issues at the register you won't feel like a dick holding everyone up

12. Stay on your toes- There are things called run deals and glitches. These are deals that are often only available for a very limited time and if you want to score them you have to act right away. It could be that a store has a super limited quantity or an item on super sale or that an item is ringing up for way less then it actually should and will probably be caught soon. So like I said you have to act quickly.

13. Stay organized- Trust me, couponing can get out of control super quick once you start clipping. You find coupons in places you never thought,  your bathroom, the bottom of your purse...your bed. Im speaking from experience here your best bet is to get a binder or small accordion organizer and keep things in sections and reorganize often, coupons expire and you don't want to try to pay with an expired coupon lol

14. Always carry your coupons- There have been many days I have went out without my coupons and saw a deal I knew I had coupons for and was upset because I could not buy it. You never know when you will need your coupons so keep them in your car or purse when your not clipping organizing or deal matching.

15. Have fun and make friends- At the end of the day couponing is fun, it saves you money and it's pretty damn entertaining lol so have fun and enjoy saving some dollars :) also be sure to make some friends along the couponers are nice people.

There you have it loves, my 13 tips for successful couponing. I honestly hope these help you, they are some of the best tips I have for other newbies looking to understand couponing. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or any of the amazing people I mentioned above.

Until next time
XO, Deanna 


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