The Pretty Girls Guide To: Coupon Lingo

Sunday, January 7, 2018

I must say that I am in genuine SHOCK at all the interest you ladies have in my couponing. But I must say that it makes my heart smile that so many of you are interested in couponing and in saving money for yourselves & your families.

Because their is such an interest I will be posting coupon hauls, tips, breakdowns and general coupon talk at least once every 2 weeks here on the blog to help the newbies out. I don't want this to turn into a coupon blog so I will be regulating the frequency of the post to that schedule.However if there is an AMAZING deal that I feel like all of my Pretty Girls need to know about ASAP ill post that here also. If you are looking for more daily post couponing or otherwise as always please follow my instagram HERE

You can also see my previous couponing newbie post HERE and my 15 quick tips for successful couponing HERE

Now on to todays post =)

I know being a coupon newbie or even looking into the coupon world can be overwhelming. If giant stock piles, long transactions and "crazy coupon ladies" were not enough. Couponing comes with its own language which to most looks like gibberish and a bunch of meaningless acronyms. 

But learning those "meaningless" acronyms are SUPER important to those interested in couponing. They can be indicators on how to do a deal, where it can be found and can even let you know whether or not chasing a deal is worth it. 

This coupon language is universal and is used everywhere, trust me if you have ever tried to read a coupon haul description or follow a coupon conversation on Instagram and you don't know your lingo you were surely left lost.

Below you will find a list of coupon acronyms and their meanings to help navigate you through coupon post on Instagram, other blogs and even when listening to other couponers talk =)

Coupon Lingo 101

Conversational lingo:

Q- Coupon
Coupon Fairy- A person who supplies coupon inserts, also refers to someone who leaves coupons by a product in stores. This normally happens if the coupon is set to expire soon and that person does not need it.
Run Deal- A deal that has a short time span or there is a very limited quantity of an item that is on sale or heavily clearanced and could be sold out very quickly due to other couponers trying to get the same deal (internet or physical) this is normally followed by YMMV.
MM- Money Maker a deal that with coupons will give you overage towards your cart, actual cash back, or gift cards after your purchase. Making your out of pocket cost lower, zero or you receive more money than you put out from a gift card or credit after paying
TIA- Thanks in advance 
ISO- In search of, this is used when other couponers are looking for a certain coupon
UFT- Up for trade,  this is used when couponers have coupons for trade. You can search this tag and the one above on instagram if your looking for individual coupons
Good Trader- When someone completes a quick trade of coupons possibly with extras
Stamps- Postage stamps, often asked for in a trade
NLA- No longer available, normally speaking about a printed coupon that can not be printed anymore
HTH- Hope this helped 
YMMV- Your miles may vary, regarding how far you may have to travel to locate a the deal being talked about
Envie- Envelope containing coupons normally in a trade
EXP- Expires
Coupon Train- A collection of coupon ors who trade coupons between each other, one person starts and sends it to the next, that person takes what they want/need and replaces the value of coupons they took with ones they don't need and sends it to the next person and so on.

Types of coupons/places to find them:

Blinkie- Coupon dispenser with blinking lights in stores, the coupons in these are often not subject to doubling 
Tearpad- Coupons that are attached to shelves or displays at stores, you can find a lot of these when new products come out.
Peelie- Peel off coupons found directly on products 
MIR- Mail in rebate, these are rebates found on products or given wight he purchase of products that gives you money off a product after you send in your information you are normally credited by gift card or check
IP/Printable- A coupon that can be printed off line on websites such as southernsavers, freestufffinder, freebieshark or 
Catalina/CAT- A coupon that prints off from the catalina machine next to the register, these are coupons from the manufacture that are triggered after buying a certain product or a certain number of products.
MFC/MQ- Manufactures coupon, a coupon issued by the manufacture that can be found in news papers, blinkies, the internet, tearpads ect.
RP- Red Plum a coupon insert found in sunday & free papers (these are not issued every week)
SS- Smart Source a coupon insert found in sunday & free papers (these are not issued every week)
GM- General Mills coupon insert (these are not issued every week)
PG or P&G- Proctor & Gamble coupon insert found in sunday papers (these are not issued every week)
WAGS- Abreveation for Walgreens
Wally- Abbreviation for Walmart 

Deal lingo:

BOGO/B1G1- Buy one get one, meaning buy one product and get one free. These can be coupons or in store promotion
B1G1 50%- Buy one get one 50% off, meaning buy one product receive the second one you buy at 50% off the retail price. This could be coupons or in store promotion.
ECB- Extra care bucks, CVS's rewards system. You earn "money" back in ecb on certain deals and are like cash that can be used on in store purchases. 
RR- Register Rewards, Walgreens reward system. You earn "money" back in register rewards on certain deals and they are like cash that can be used on in store purchases 
Points- Another Walgreens reward system. You earn points for buying certain products that are on special each week. Every 1,000 points is equal to 1.00 and are like cash that can be used on in store purchases.
WIVC- In store Walgreens coupons found in their red books at the front of the store.
VV- Video Values Rite Aids in store coupon system, you can watch short ad videos from brands on Rite Aid's website and you receive a coupon after watching.
+Up Rewards: Rite Aid rewards system. Not exactly sure how this one works I don't shop there lol but in general I'm sure you gain them by buying products lol.
TGC- Target gift card.
TQ- Target coupon, these can be found in special Target sunday inserts and can be mailed to you I believe.
Cartwheel- Targets mobile coupon app
WYB- When you buy, often used when saying you get a special deal if you buy a product ex: 5.00 gift card wyb 3.
OOP- Out of pocket, the amount of money that you pay for a product, haul or deal. Some couponers, include their cost with tax, some don't.
PM- Price match, when a store matches the price of another stores price if its lower than theirs to get you to buy in their store.
Ad Match- Ad Match, when a store matches the in ad price of another store if it is lowers than theirs or includes a deal to get you to buy in their store. There is a difference between this and PM some stores do one and not the other.
GC- Gift card
ONYO- On your next order, this is used when you get a catalina/cat you can used those coupons "on your next order" or when a store rewards you with a deal "on your next order"
RC- Rain check a voucher from a store that you can get that will lock in a price or deal of an item that is advertised in their circular if they are out of stock for future use. Ex a store is sold out of a product that is BOGO and the deal is about to end you can get a rain check to come back and get that item with that deal after the sale is over.
Circular- A stores in store sales 
PSA- Prices starting at, this is often seen in ads meaning that these are the starting prices of the items but they can range from this and go up in cost.

.....Ya know, I didn't even realize there were this many I can actually see why all this is so confusing LMAO!

Let me know if you have any questions about anything or if I missed any...oh and I HTH (see what I did there?) lol study up ladies!

Until Next Time
XO, Deanna


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