15 Second Trimester Symptoms...are they worse than the first?

Sunday, October 14, 2018


My second trimester has come and gone so quickly. I mean I'm just 11 short weeks away from meeting my Baby Bean and becoming a whole mom!

And although the time has flown by, a few thing that haven't are these second trimester symptoms...which seem to be lasting into my third. 

So what are they? Are they worst than the first? 

Ya'll know I'm here with nothing but the real on this whole pregnancy thing, so lets talk about second trimester symptoms shall we?


No really WHAT CLOTHES am I supposed to wear huh?

Early on into my bump uh..."bumping" it was easy to see that my lovable skinny jeans (all I really wear) and fitted t-shirts were going to be no more.

Before I was able to get my hands on a few good maternity pieces like the dress above from Ingrid and Isabel I was def stealing bae's shirts. Then when I couldn't...I would just pray that my short fitted tee's were not showing off the bottom of my bump as I walked through the halls at work.

not my feet


Oh and while we're on the topic of things not fitting, adjust our view just a little lower to my new found bear claws!! I guess its appropriate that I went to Morgan State huh? 


If I could live in slippers for most of the week I probably would, it would be easier that way. Granted my feet are not always swollen but when they are, heels, tennis, boots...nothing is getting over these claws. 

My Dr. wound up prescribing me compression stockings which have helped a lot. Aside from that, keeping my feet up and constantly moving is the major key for cutting back on the swelling.


Praise the lord, there is a positive!

My nails (and hair for that matter) have been growing like weeds. Never in my life have my nails grown long enough to get them shaped like they were acrylics. 

They would always get weak and break, but not no more! I'm out here living my best life with strong oval nails and loving it! I got the gel manicures on deck and I plan embracing this for the long haul.


What's that tingling feeling creeping up your legs at night? Oh thats just Restless Leg Syndrome coming in to ruin your attempt at sleep -__-

This hasn't been a huge issue for me during the second trimester...but when it hits, it really hits. Then I can't help but move my legs around, which disrupts my relaxation and further prevents my ability to get some shut eye...but lets be honest was I really going to get any sleep anyway?


Because you can't fucking get comfortable silly!

As your belly grows, there are less and less positions in bed (for sleep, lets not even talk about sex) that are comfortable or tolerable. 

You're already instructed not to sleep on your back (because of the weight of your uterus possibly restricting blood flow to you and the baby) which was fine for me because I was never a back sleeper. 

However, I WAS a stomach sleeper which is pretty much out the window now. Not only is it not comfortable but if I even lay on my belly Baby Bean starts her turn up session in protest.

So side sleeping it is...but even thats hard to manage. My suggestion is to invest in a pregnancy pillow, or try to survive with a pillow between your legs and slightly propping your pillow under your head up.


No, but really...

Walking up the stairs, can't breathe. Walking down the hall, can't breathe. Laying in bed, can't breath. 

I can't deal with this y'all, the baby has really invaded almost my entire body. My uterus is now sitting higher than my belly button which means alllllllll them internal organs that USED to live in that space are now pushed and squished out of the way. 

That unfortunately means there is ZERO room for pretty much anything inside my body, so my lungs are reacting to that restricted space. This especially happens when I exert any energy or when I eat.

I've been trying to take things slow now a days and eat a bunch of small meals instead of a few big ones to save on space but thats hit or miss. Oh and laying down after eating is now COMPLETELY out of the question.



My nipples feel like they are about to fall off, my boobs hurt and even the thought of putting on a bra is almost trauma inducing.

Send help...plz.


Have you ever had water that taste like milk?

I have.

My taste buds have completely given up on me, hardly anything I eat taste like what it should and even when it does there's a horrible after taste that lingers. Which pretty much ruins my entire eating experience.

On the plus side, I did figure out that if I add a lemon wedge to my water it fixes the taste but outside of that if anyone has any remedies for my tastebuds in other instances...I would greatly appreciate it.



You'll never know how much you actually value walking, or moving in general until you are suddenly struck with debilitating pain that keeps you from doing either.

Sciatic nerve pain has literally stopped me in my tracks while in public multiple times and has left me unable to move. 

Just this weekend bae and I were waiting in line for a pretzel, I turned to say something to him and BOOM couldn't move because I was in so much pain.

I swear bae thought I was playing when this first started happening until one day he saw that I had to roll off the couch to be able to even get up. 

The worst part is the pain comes and goes without warning and can effect you from the top of your butt all the way down to your foot. Most of my pain is in my butt and hip which at times makes it impossible to even get out of my seat. 

The only thing that has worked to relieve my pain so far is a heating pad on my butt when the pain strikes and a really good massage that made it go away for 2 weeks straight.


There had to be another silver lining in all this mess right?

I actually had energy this trimester, it was super surprising and welcomed with open arms. The only downside here was the lack of focus that often accompanied it which made for very trying times when attempting to get anything done.


This symptom was not cute AT ALL, I mean I already wear glasses so in the rare moments that my glasses were off and my vision was even more blurry than I remembered it SUCKED.

Like I really can't describe it in any other way than that. Such an inconvenience.


I will mention if you are having burry vision please mention this to your OBGYN as it is also a symptom of Pre-eclampsia, and of course women of color seem to be more susceptible to this. The other warning signs are protein in your urine, high blood pressure, rapid weight gain, headaches and swelling in the extremities. 

This can also be considered a medical emergency, so please...get checked out if you're feeling off and stay up to date with your appointments.


Ahhh yes, bring on the self doubt about everything from child brith to breast feeding to remembering your child's social security number (these are just some of my doubts by the way) I even fear picking the wrong name for Baby Bean. 

 Like really i'm worried i'm going to name her, then a few days later feel as though I picked the wrong name and have to get it changed >_<

These mom worries are real y'all-- so don't feel bad if you have them, you're not alone.


There were a lot of lower abdominal pressure moments for me in the second trimester. Baby Bean pretty much never leaves my lower belly. 

Which in most cases sucks...because along with pressure, that means I'm always peeing, always having walking issues and always having trouble putting on my damn shoes. 

However it is comforting to always know where your baby is and its great to constantly see her on sonograms in the head down position like she's ready to come out. 

Lets hope she keeps that same energy come her due date. 


Every mom to be's most exciting moment. Feeling their little one move.

It could be a little kick or a huge jumble of motions, either way it's the thing we have all been waiting for and I'm here to tell you...that shit feels like an alien is inside your belly bruh!!

It's a crazy ass feeling and even crazier to see your actual stomach move when you're not moving.  But soon those movements, no matter how alien like will become everything to you.

Then the moment you don't feel them for too long, your world will stop...but more on that in another post.


I never saw this symptom coming, even when I read about it I remember saying to myself "well that's random that probably won't happen". 


Around week 25 I started to notice my gums were a little sensitive and irritated, so of course I amped up my brushing, added some mouthwash and kept it moving. 

Horrible choices.

My gums got worse, more pain, bleeding, burning the whole nine. It took me about a week or two to realize that my gums were reacting negatively to the mouthwash and the extra brushing.

My advice, if you're having irritated gums, stay away from mouthwash. Instead amp up your flossing and be gentle on your teeth unless you enjoy bloody brushings. Oh and of course, check in with your dentist.


Was the second trimester worst than the first?

Nope just very different. I greatly appreciate being able to eat foods without much worry of feeling sick and I thank god that my morning sickness didn't last into this trimester. 

Each trimester seems to have its own set of low's but aside from the Sciatica these symptoms were far easier to manage.

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna 

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