Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Clearly by the title...you can tell YOUR GIRL IS PREGNANT!

So, now that the cat is out of the bag...I guess I can finally start talking about all the things I've been through in the last 3+ months. 

Pregnancy in itself is a blessing, you're bringing new life into this world, starting a family, entering into a new chapter in your life...blah blah blah all the pretty storybook shit right? 


But what they DON'T TELL YOUR ASS is all that comes along with that beautiful bundle of joy baking in your oven. But i'll tell y'all and you know I keeps it all the way real! So for my ladies who are looking to become mom's, for those in their first few weeks, for the nosy folks that just wanna know what happens and for mama's that want a laugh with a little trip down memory lane I'm gonna walk your thought what you can expect and whats been going down over here!

In no particular order of fuckery


Never in my entire life have I ever "struggled" with acne. Of course in college I had the typical bump that would appear on my nose or cheek at the perfectly WRONG time and I would be embarrassed beyond belief.

But this pregnancy acne y'all is no joke and in the most awkward places. I swear I woke up one day covered in bumps, across my shoulders, down my cleavage, up my back. It has since cleared up but for a good month I felt like a brail map smh.


So I know that depending on the person gag reflexes are just a thing. It can appear when at the dentist and getting work done on back teeth or even while at the Dr when they are trying to test if you have strep throat...normal things.

But NOT when you are just trying to brush your teeth, walk outside or into a restaurant!

When I tell you it was a legit struggle just to complete normal oral hygiene *sigh*. I recall a day that I walked outside and could smell the harbor water that is close to my job and almost tossed my cookies right then and there. Oh and don't get me started on trying to walk into Chic-Fil-A (which I have not been able to enjoy since I've been pregnant) or Mission BBQ. I literally have to stop once I walk in the door and gather myself.


You will never know awkward until you are sitting at work, minding your business at your desk and BOOM out of nowhere not only do your boobs feel like they are on fire but you MUST scratch them...

I got out of my seat so damn quick and ran to the bathroom, just so I could scratch my boobs in peace. Then calmly walked back to my seat like nothing ever happened.


Yup, hot flashes are not just for your 55 and older club anymore. 

My AC in my house is set at a constant 68 degrees and I have a fan at my desk while most people are cranking up their heaters because they claim the office is too cold. 


This one was honestly the worst for me. The entire first trimester, between feeling sick, uncomfortable, irritable and downright emotional. 

I really just didn't want to be bothered by anyone and that included my bae.

I by nature am a very lovie dovie person and I think my bae had gotten used to that in our time together so when I all of a sudden stopped hugging, kissing, snuggling hell even talking and in general didn't want to be touched I'm sure it threw him for a loop.

To sum it up...I was annoyed and he was annoying (he's really not tho), which was cray because as soon as he would leave I would want him to come back.

poor boo.


Bring on the tears!

Want to know the craziest thing I cried over so far?

Bae made me noodles and the consistency of the sauce wasn't thick enough...so I cried.

Moving on.


To my shock in the second month of pregnancy there it was creeping up along my lower abdomen. While its quite light right now, just seeing it start to appear made me think "wow...i'm really pregnant"



So yea...due to the increased blood flow and uh, I'm sure a whole bunch of other biological things that are important for the baby. A side effect of being pregnant is an extra juicy cooch-- a positive for dad if you ever let him touch you in the first trimester, possibly an annoyance for you.


I'm sure this all comes in handy in the second trimester when your sex drive goes back up.


One of the most alarming symptoms that happened out of nowhere was when my poop turned green. 


Like...wtf?! Green poop, normally a sign of a stomach virus or some other impending doom...apparently during pregnancy is completely normal (kinda)

The green poop stems from your prenatal vitamins and the fact that you are getting an overload of iron to your system. Pair that with the fact that you're not really eating that much during the first few months due to morning sickness and BOOM. 

You have a recipe for GREEN POOP =D



Moving on.


But then you're hungry because you're nauseous.

This never ending cycle has plagued my first few months. My body literally would get to a point where I was SO hungry (because I was not eating due to morning sickness) that it would force me into feeling sick even more!

It's dumb, just dumb!

Biggest lesson here is, try to eat ladies at least something. 


Y'all...I used to love Chick Fil A chicken, like really love. You could pretty much say that we were in a committed relationship.

But ever since baby has been on board (I hate that phrase by the way) I have not been able to eat any type of chicken unless its cut up in teeny tiny pieces. Even worse I'm having a super hard time with fried meat in general.

So I've been neglecting my nuggets and can't even stomach the idea of biting into a Chick Fil A sandwich *cries*

What has this world come to?

13) GAS

At any given moment I am so gassy that it hurts. 

I've had to abandon the whole "girls don't fart" thing and bae has been getting court side seats to every sound and smell. 

Completely embarrassing. At first I would run to the other room or wait till he was sleep but at this point, I've given up all hope lol.  Oh, especially when we are in the car because the pain is unbearable -- I do kindly roll down the window and motion my hands in the direction so air will flow out.

Side bar-- if you ever see me with a bump it's probably just gas right now lol.


I had never had heartburn before, I was not even convinced that I would get it because I had never had it.


That ish comes with a vengeance!!

Biggest tip, don't eat and lay down. 

But even still you may not be able to avoid it.


Ask me any question and I promise you boo...I either won't be able to answer or will have a pretty hard time delivering the answer in a timely fashion. 

I can't believe this early on I'm having issues with memory recall. No matter if it's normal conversation or even if i'm just going to type something into google. I often find my mind completely blank when trying to think of what something is called or what I was about to look up.

Sometimes I feel straight up dumb lol. Hopefully I don't have to give any presentations at work anytime soon lol.


Pregnancy is a struggle y'all hahahah I had no clue what to expect when I found out (that story is coming soon to the blog) but never in a million years would I have ever thought all theses changes would come so soon.

The craziest thing though is that I'm completely ready for all the other unknown changes to sprout up, because that means I'm getting close to seeing my little one <3

In the comments below let me know if you are expecting or if you're already a momma did you experienced any of these changes? Which ones were your least fave? Did I miss anything you went through? And if you're not a mom yet, let me know your thoughts on all these crazy changes. Are you ready?

Until Next Time,
XO DeAnna 


  1. Great post as you kept it real. I just recently be gave birth a week ago and getting adjusted to mom life. Its the best feeling but there are days especially when pregnant. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

    1. Thank you and congrats! soooooo many adjustments lol this is crazy!

  2. OMG!! I found out that I wasn’t expecting a few ago! The morning sickness is all day, I can’t eat at my favorite restaurant anymore (makes me sick, and I’m very emotional. I’m also having a hard keeping down my prenatal vitamins. Do you have any suggestions? I’m currently taking gummies. They make me gag.

    1. Hey Hun!! Congrats!
      I was having the worst time with my prenatal vitamins that were prescribed by my Dr. they were huge horse pills that i could barely swallow. I switched to gummies-- i got the ones made by One A Day, they are 120 count. They are multi flavor, i eat all but the grape lol which do not sit well with me. But otherwise they are good. I would get them from walmart if you decide to try them because they are cheaper their then target.

  3. You are gonna love being a mama Deanna!
    Pregnancy tho.. whoo! Out of all of your points.. I just had embarassing gas..otherwise I was just tired all of the time.. for both of my pregnancies (had my second boy about 2 months ago)

    As much as pregnancy has its woes.. it's an amazing experience. Enjoy it! ��

    1. LOL! The gas is almost the worst out of all the things lol its so damn embarrassing lol. Congrats on the new little one and yes i shall continue to push through!

    2. Looool the gas is uber embarassing but eh it's natural right! Lol
      I am sooooo happy for you! The second trimester you will enjoy. :)

  4. I had two really easy pregnancies, no morning sickness. I had the terrible gas though. I could not hide it if I wanted. My feet grew half a size with each kid. That was BS, I wish I knew about this.

    1. listen lol ill take al the gas in the world if my feet just stay the same size lol

  5. Hi D! I don’t know how I stumbled upon your page on insta but I love it ....Very detailed I guess that’s why so many love your blog and I enjoyed reading your “changes”! Lol ...I went through the gagging especially brushing teeth omg and I hated the smell of Gain Laundry detergent ...this was with my daughter who is now 6 will be 7 on July 5th 2018 with my son I couldn’t eat nothing would stay down until close to second trimester but that was 10 years ago lots I can’t remember now ... social media is not like it used to be where I could document things like this but now it’s so much you can do but I look forward to following you and journey through pregnancy! Again congrats! It’s going to be a beautiful baby because you are ❤️ SN I know not eating Chick fil is killing you softly ...I hope you can walk through those doors soon ����

    1. LOL I'm surprised chick fil a has not sent me an i miss you text yet lol. All i can eat are the fries *cries*. Also it seems like EVERYONE gets the gas. Ill be keeping some pretty good records so stay tuned.

  6. I’m probably goin to have a baby in my 40s (because I refuse to grow up) but all of these things scare me lol.

  7. Congrats!!!!
    When I was pregnant with my son I didn’t eat chicken for the entire 9 Months. I HATED IT!!!!! I didn’t feel sick or nauseous it just wasn’t appealing. With my daughter I was nauseous for the first 3 or 4 Months but I craved steak like crazy. The worst issue for me during my pregnancies were restless leg (and arm) syndrome and I would get terrible thigh cramps. I think it was an iron and magnesium issue sooo remember to keep taking your vitamins!

    1. THANK YOU! Im so worried about getting a craving for something I actually don't eat lol like beef. This chicken thing is driving me crazy tho--because it was a major part of my diet lol! Also, i just started to get the leg cramps lol

  8. Congrats! Get ready for a joyous ride! Hunger definitely = nausea. I didn’t have morning sickness I have evening sickness which was nausea to the tenth power. My first bout with gas I thought I was dying and or loosing my child. It was that extreme. But once I repositioned myself and burped.. girl.... all was well in the world. The greatest part of pregnancy is watching your baby grow from within and the first time you feel movement. Ohhhh it’s such a beautiful thing. It feels like little flutters. As you grow it’s amazing to even see the movement. You’re body will go through changes and you’ll withstand what you thought you never could. You’ll be a great mom and I look forward to following your journey.

    1. i am soon ready to see this baby move! Its funny when i got one sonogram the doctor started pushing on my stomach and the baby did like this crazy little kick and i was like 0_o how can i not feel that hahahah

  9. DeAnna! This was so funny! Lol onlyb because I can relate to almost every last thing. I still have acne on my boobs but my face has finally calmed down. My nausea was so bad I wore Sea bands and took b6. It ended like clockwork at week 14. I have round ligament pain now. Its awful but no heartburn and no other issues so far! Im so happy for you! The second trimester is much better! Everyone says that but it really is for most ladies!

    1. Thats what they all tell me hahaha "be happy you are in the second trimester" I am starting to feel more like myself...new things for me now is when i sneeze i feel like my uterus is about to explode lol not fun

  10. I am the proud mama of two children and I had two extremely different pregnancies they're 4 years apart. My youngest tried me(like he still does) with the morning sickness.i vomited about once a month with my oldest but I felt like superwoman,very energetic. Kicked my bd out because he smelled like gain and downright annoyed tf out of me. Everything he did had me seeing red. With my son, I couldn't eat pizza or anything with tomato sauce but I grew to love spicy foods, which I never used to be able to handle.crazy heartburn with my daughter though. If i had the experiences of my second pregnancy with my first one, I doubt I would have done it again. You don't sound as bad off so be thankfullll!! Congrats to you and cant wait to see this beautiful baby!

    1. LOL! I already told bae we may have to be one and done with that morning sickness stuff lol. Pizza has been a savior and if i even have anything remotely spicy my mouth is on fire lol. I do really like pickles tho and fruit lol. I think the baby wants to be vegan LOL

  11. Congrats! My son is now 6 and my struggle was morning sickness the whole first trimester and figuring out which foods I couldn't eat anymore because they made me sick lol. I also couldn't stand the smell of coffee and I was a coffee drinker before. It all gets better as you get further along.

    1. Ahhhh yes, I'm learning new foods i can't eat everyday lol but at least my energy is back