How Black Friday 2013 Was A Complete Waste Of My Day

So I'm the type of girl who almost lives for that one joyous day of the year, where we get to put aside large shopping receipts and bask in the glow of deals upon deals upon deals at our favorite local retailers. I make lists....I check them twice AND IT DOESNT MATTER IF I HAVE BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE BECAUSE IM GOING TO GET EVERYTHING AND FOR HALF THE PRICE. *insert evil laughter*

Honestly for me Black Friday is pretty much like a marathon and a workout. After building up my energy  reserve by scarfing down countless pounds of turkey, ham and sweet potatoes ect. I then get to go burn it all off in a 5 to 10 hour no holds bar shopping fest! *Day Dreams* what more could any girl want??

But this year everything was different...

Im not sure how it all happened but the days of prep and sale searching that I normally do before Black Friday got skipped and by time Thursday came I had no list....I had no plan I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS ON SALE!!

So while everyone else was finishing Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriends sisters house, I was sitting there plate half full completely obsessed with downloading black friday apps so I could mark the deals I needed to hit once we left. 

Fast forward to about an hour later...I still had no list! After searching all my normal hot spots I realized that this black friday was lack luster at best. All of the retailers deals were basic and my huge savings were no where in sight.

Not being able to handle what I was seeing as the truth and being certain that there would be amazing in store only door busters that were not advertised on the way home my I suggested we stop at Target. We arrived maybe an hour after they had opened Thanksgiving night and the parking lot was almost bare, there were no lines outside....and when we went inside the store looked damn near untouched ho huge mess no pushing people and worst of all NO DOORBUSTER DEALS!! 

Was I mistaken? Had someone changed the date of black friday? WTF was going on!? 

Heart broken we stopped at one more store and called it a night. 

The next morning I got up bright an early and headed out to the mall about 2 hours after it opened to try to save what was left of my black friday...but once I got was just another let down. Most stores I love that normally have BOMB deals...just...didnt and most of the things that were on their "black friday sale" were the SAME THINGS I SAW ON SALE EARLIER IN THE WEEK!! HOW DARE THEY? 

Forever 21- 50% off outer wear and boots (same deal they had all week)
H&M- Items starting at 4.95 (same sale things they had up all week)
Gap- 50% off the whole store (yet they had completely taken away their sale section so there was no additional sale)
American Eagle- 50% off the whole store (with nothing interesting or new)

After seeing this I couldn't even bring myself to look in other stores...and I figured even if I did whats the need to buy today...the same shit will be on sale for damn near the same price next week -__-

I had wasted my night and my morning on crap!! I could have gotten extra sleep....ate more food....I....I.....I am highly disappointed. This was the first black friday in years where I honestly pretty much got NOTHING.

*sigh* maybe there will be hope for cyber monday but as for black friday was a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

Below are some pictures of the hand full of items I did get *side eye*

Forever 21
Grey sweat shirt with zipper accent $15.80 (Regular price no sale)

Gold chain necklace $8.80 (Regular price no sale)

Gold and black chain bracelet $5.80 (Regular price no sale)

Urban Outfitters
Black quilted joggers $10.00 (Clearance plus 50% sale not sure of regular price)

Annas Linens 
16 Piece reversible bedding set $49.99 (Regular value 200.00 allegedly lol)

Call It Spring (subdivision of Aldo)
 Black biker boots $25.00 (Clearance plus 50% off originally $75.00)

Black over the knee boots $32.00 (clearance plus 50% off originally $98.00)

What did you guys think of black friday? Was yours a waste also? Or did you find deals that I missed out on? Let me know! I mean sheesh....somebody had to have a good black friday right?

Until next time 
XO Deanna

Wantable Box Review- November 2013


Company: Wantable Box
Category: Beauty, Accessories, Intimates 
Cost: Subscribe for $36/month or buy a single box for $40/month (they now ship to Canada and Australia)
About: ”Wantable is the best way to discover the latest trends in beauty and fashion.”
The Scoop: Each month, your box will be packed with FULL SIZE PRODUCTS ( my personal favorite part) hand picked from specialty and premium brands to fit your personal style. No matter if you subscribe to Wantable's beauty box, accessories box or intimates box you can expect high quality products. To perfectly cater to your likes and dislikes Wantable conducts a style quiz for each subscriber which further helps produce a unique experience for each person. Choose from a monthly subscription plan or a one off box maybe as a gift for a friend or yourself and be ready to discover amazing new products delivered to your doorstep.
The Box:

Im the type of girl who is always on the hunt for new things and Wantable delivers new items to my doorstep (well p.o box lol) with no effort on my part =) WIN! My November box arrived quickly and in perfect condition, everything was individually wrapped. I must say that Wantable's style quiz worked amazing for me the things in my box were perfectly picked to fit my personal style.

Golden Burst Ring 
Wantable value: $22.00
 My assessment value: $10.00 to $15.00

When I first saw this ring I thought it was SUPER CUTE! It reminded me of the dandy lions I used to blow as a child to make a wish. Each little prong to make up the burst was in perfect condition the gold tone on the ring had no chips or tarnishes and I was completely pleased. I reviews my packing slip to see the value of the ring. Wantable marks this ring at $22.00, however I slightly disagree I feel the ring would be marked around the $10.00 to $15.00 dollar mark in stores. However the rings quality is far superior to those that you would find in shops such as Forever 21 or Claires and I am over all very pleased.

Silver Geometric Shape Bracelet 
Wantable value: $22.00

I was happy to see a bracelet in my box this month. I must admit I hardly ever buy them for myself because i have a hard time picking what I actually like. However having someone else pick and just send it to you worked out great for me. I really enjoy this piece I like the shapes and that it is stretchy. I often times have issues with bracelets that have a sizing clasp on them, I either break them or they wind up being too big. This bracelet is a good quality and I would imagine seeing it in a store like Urban Outfitters or Express.

Grey Lace Overly Scarf
Wantable Value: $50.00

GAHHHHHH! I was honestly SUPER excited when I saw this scarf at the bottom of my box and I couldn't have been happier when I pulled it out of its packaging. This thing is amazing! The lace print/overlay on it is beautiful and the scarf itself is the perfect color for winter. Its super soft and warm and just makes you feel cozy when your wrapped up in it. I know this will be one of my staple pieces for the winter because it goes with everything. The quality is that of which you would find in a department store such as Macys or Nordstrom. This was a great piece to find in my box.


Total box value: $94.00 (by Wantable calculations)
  • Golden Burst Ring  – USD $22.00
  • Silver Geometric Shaped Bracelet – USD $22.00
  • Grey Lace Overlay Scarf – USD $50.00

My November Wantable box featured a nice mix of accessories. My favorite item by far was the scarf but the ring pulls up in a close second. I think this box provides great products for the price that you paying and I do believe that it Wantable is a subscription box worth looking into either for yourself or for a gift during the holidays. Priced at $36.00 for a monthly subscription I feel as though this is something I would purchase maybe every other month to try new products or spice up my accessory collection. 
Overall Star Rating (Product Quality, Value, Uniqueness & Presentation) : 5 Stars out of 5
Have any of you ladies every tried the Wantable Box subscription or may other subscription boxes? Let me know your thoughts on subscription boxes below, or other boxes you would like to see reviewed/featured.

Check out my video review for Wantable here:

Until Next time,
XO Deanna

The pretty girls guide to Target clearance shopping

Hey Ladies!!! 

So you may or may not know that I have a deep deep deeeeeeep love for Target, I mean who doesn't they literally have EVERYTHING and the only thing that surpasses my love for Target is sales...and maybe cupcakes but...we are not here to talk about cupcakes (maybe later).
We are here to talk about Target clearance sales and how you can make the most of them!
So in the past two weeks I have been to Target at least 10+ times. Im sure the people there think I'm stealing....but really I'm just deal watching waiting for the perfect time to pounce!
For those of you who don't know how to deal watch at Target let me clue you in, at the turn of every season and a few times in between Target has a HUGE in store purging clearance sale in almost every department, clothing, home goods, furniture. Pretty much anything you could ask for, during these sales they are trying to move out product because they are getting shipments of new things for the season or companies have just restocked a "newer version" of the exact same item and your local target has to get rid of what they have on the floor.
What does that mean for you? BIG SAVINGS even more than you would see in their online deals. Towards the crossing of seasons I tend to make numerous trips to my local Targets (yes thats plural) to see what they have put out on clearance and to start my "clearance list". And from there I devise my plan of attack on how to get the best deal possible, which I explain below =) enjoy ladies and I hope this helps!
How I get the best deal possible:
1) When I go to to Target I check out what is in the clearance aisles make a mental or physical note of things that I want, the price and maybe even how many are out on the floor. If what I want is in limited supply and its at a decent price I will purchase right then and there, because some targets price adjust within 14 days of the sale if you have the receipt soooo worst comes to worse if I come back and its cheaper ill get my money back if not I got what I wanted on a deal anyway.

2) For the things I did not purchase I notice which ones price end in .98 cents or some variation where the ending number is an 8. Items marked down with the final number being 8 will be marked down again. Conversely if the prices final number is a 4 that is the lowest the item will go. For items that I want that fit into the "8" price I check back on later in the week. This almost ALWAYS ensures that I get additional money off my item =)

3) Upon my second or 3rd return I'm pretty much set on getting whatever I was looking at previously so I pile it it to my cart and head to the closest scanner to check the actual current selling price of my item. Most people don't realize that due to the size of target markdowns don't always get done on time soooo that comforter thats on sale that your holding marked 69.98 that you don't want to get because its just outside of budget.....ACTUALLY may be even cheaper than it claims to be. When in doubt ALWAYS CHECK! And if you scan it and it says its not found in the system...JACKPOT lol well kinda, that means that it has been heavily marked down and is probably much lower than the price shown and its to the point where its not even in their system anymore. If you take it to customer service they will tell you the super cheap selling price =)

Lastly when it comes to clothing when you see those 30%, 50% and 70% racks go up CHECK THEM OUT. Often times target will take clothing items off of the floor when their "show time" is up or if they only have a few of the items left. For example when I went to target today I found a dress from the Philip Lim collection, there were only two on the sale rack (one was my size which a quickly picked up and the other was a large).  The dress was marked down to 8.98 (I was NOT risking coming back for a further markdown) but they originally removed this item from the floor because there were only two left and it was time to take the Philip Lim display down. So it went to the back of the store until clearance time.
Ladies these tips right here will save you BANK! Trust me I swear by them, in my past few shopping trips alone I have gotten an amazing bed quilt for 24.98 marked down from 70.00,  a Philip Lim dress for 8.98 marked down from 30.00, a lacy shirt for 5.98 marked down from 20.00 and a few other clothing items and countless other nick nacks and house hold items on sale =)
I soooooo hope this helped ladies I love passing on a good deal =) Let me know below of deals and steals you know about or things that you do to save money!!


Hey Ladies! So I don't know about you but I love me some shoes and if I can get shoes for a discount....WHAT? Im all over that!
SOOOO WANT A DISCOUNT?? YES? OK! Check out the link to my hauler deals site RIGHT HERE and click the "See More JustFab Styles" to sign up for a new account with Justfab (using a new email if you already have signed up) and get TWO PAIRS YES TWO PAIRS FOR 39.99 (or even handbags) OH AND LADIES THIS DEAL IS EXCLUSIVE FOR MY LINK!!!
So I'm sure your wondering how I got this amazing deal for you guys right? Well Im not sure if you know but a while back I did a review for JustFab on my youtube, they gifted me two 39.99 dollar credits to purchase two pairs of shoes of my choice and give my honest opinion of them. Being the shoe fanatic that I am of course I was super excited to do it and jumped right on the offer...and I even purchased two more pairs =) So because I did this partnership with Justfab and HaulerDeals I got the hook up for you guys! You can check out my review below

Enjoy Ladies!

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna


Small Spaces And Big Dreams: Decorating on a budget

Chile....Smh When I tell you I try to make Diamonds out of glass you better hear me!! LOL So for those of you who didn't know my boyfriend and I live together in a small apartment here in Baltimore city. It works for us right now but every day we are growing out of it or I'm thinking of some other project I can do to make it feel more uh
No matter if its decorating, thrifting furniture (which I love) or brining something else home from my daily shopping trips to Target (yes I'm serious they damn near know my name there). I really have an obsession with turning this "cozy" apartment into a home until we do our big move and get a house =)
So whats been my latest house project you ask? Finding a way to build myself an office. Thats right an office, I have become obsessed with having an office these past two weeks. I mean I need one, with the blog and my youtube and other things I'm working on I need a place that I can sit down and call my own thats kind of sectioned off. Otherwise ill be typing away at our coffee table while we eat dinner (and thats not cute). 
Le Office (cuz I'm french n shit lol)
So....*shrugs* I did it, with my little thrifted desk, yard sale memo board and some Target and Marshalls nick nacks I created my office out of an otherwise unused corner in our place =) My Boyfriend calls it my girly corner (*insert eye roll here*) LOL But I love it! I feel like I may do a little more, maybe add a rug or somemore things on the wall but compared to an empty corner this is FAB.
I hope you ladies are inspired or get some ideas of how you can turn your small space into something amazing for you. No matter if its an office, a beauty corner or a mini shoe closet, don't let small spaces run you, YOU BETTER RUN THEM! There are always decorating options no matter the size or the space and you don't have to break the bank to do it.
*Cough* Excuse the shitty lighting *cough*
This is the general overview of my office, tucked in the corner just enough space for me and out of the way so it does not take up space in the rest of the apartment. 
My Desk: Craigslist 80.00
Printer & Scanner: Walmart last black friday 20.00
Mirror: Walmart 10.00
Fake flowers changed seasonally: Michael's 10.00 for the whole bunch
Everything else on my desk is thrifted or cost 1-3 dollars at Marshalls which I suggest all of you ladies visit if your decorating.
This is the wall behind my desk that will serve as a back drop for my videos and give this office a little life, I HATE HATE HATE white walls or walls with out decoration and since we have not agreed on a all color yet this cute little set up will have to do. Im going to add more I'm just not sure what yet.
Screen window memo board: Yard sale 10.00
Black wall shelves: Target 5.00 each (they hold a decent amount of weight)
Icon pictures with quotes: Icing on sale 2.50 each
Glass jar and mini vase: Marshalls 5.00-7.00 each
Candles: One is from Walmart and one is from Bath and Body Works 5.00 each
Oh, I figured I would add my view when I look out from my desk. It was important for me not to face a wall, I didn't want to feel like I was so cut off from the rest of our apartment. This way i can still see my boyfriend if he's on the couch and our tv tho we never use it unless its for movies ( NETFLICKS BABY) is in the far left corner so I can see that too.

What do you ladies think? How did I do?? Lol I hope this has inspired you to create and design in your own home no matter how big or how small. If you want to do it...DO IT!

Until next time loves,
XO Deanna


October Favorites

Hello, Hello Loves! It's the start of November which means its time for October favorites and i'm super excited because this is actually the first time I will ever be doing a "favorites" post. I'm thinking maybe ill post next month's favorites on my channel but for now this will do =)
This months favorites include some super cute shoes, great snacks and beauty products I'm loving right now. So without further hold up...lets get started go!!

The Favorites

1) Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (shade medium/dark)- Gah! This stuff is amazing I use it to set my foundation (pictured later) every day I wear it. It gives the perfect matte finish without leaving you looking like a cake face =)

GET YOUR OWN  *you must select your own shade*
2) Hard Candy Glamoflauge (shade light)- Ok hands down this stuff right here....THIS STUFF RIGHT HERE is the holly grail! Not only does it cost like NOTING (6 bucks) but it gives you the best coverage i have every seen. Dare I say its better than Mac *cough* YUP *cough*

3) Elf Eyebrow Kit (shade medium)- Love this stuff, its now my go to for shaping and filling in my brows. One side is a cream for outlining and the other powder for filling in. This little kit makes filling in your brows super easy and the colors work great together.

4) Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes- These 4 brushes are from the Sedona Lace 12 piece professional brush kit and are my FAVE out of all 12. I honestly use these every time I apply my make up. I think the Sedona Lace brushes are perfect for beginners or those looking to add new quality brushes to their collection.

Coupon code: myregularasslife20 for 20% off =)
5) Hbunnie Set (check out @Hbunnie2012 on instagram)-  I LOVE this jewelry set!! Its classy and flashy at the same time and goes with almost anything! I absolutely adore gold accessories and this one was a perfect addition to my collection!

6) Ponds Cleansing Towelettes- These things are the, I originally heard thatsheart talk about them on youtube and had to try them for myself and they were great! They really scrub off all the dirt, makeup and grime from your face and they leave you feeling extra clean without drying your skin.

7) Ben Nye Banana Powder: I gave in and got this about a month ago and i'm so happy i did, its great for highlighting when your doing a dramatic makeup look or just setting your concealer. It gives your under eye area that extra umph it needs.

8) Mac Face & Body Foundation (shade c6) - This has been my go to foundation for at least 2+ years now. Once i find something I like I stick with it lol, this gives just the right amount of coverage for people with normal skin and it does not clog my pores or make me feel like I'm wearing too much make up. It evens out your skin tone and give you a great dewy look.

9) Trader Joes Cookie Butter: Jesus H Christ if you ladies do not have a Trader Joes near you I'm sorry since I discovered this about a month ago I have not stopped eating it. Its like eating peanut butter a cookie and amazingness all at once. I swear I can eat this stuff by itself with a spoon and I have lol if you can get your hands on some to try it DO IT

10) Prada Ambree Perfume: I have been lusting over this perfume for over two years now and I finally had a chance to get it when I did a review for (which you should defiantly check out for all your perfume needs) This Perfume is like the perfect combination of Fall & Winer in a bottle, it just makes you feel cozy. Its a mix of musk and spice and...I just LOVE it I reach for it every day

11) Just Fab Monroe- Last but not least are these babies. The loves of my life lol these really may be my most prized shoes. The picture does their color no justice. They are simple, classic and sweet but oh so FAB at the same time. They practically go with everything are are defiantly a great staple for anyones Fall and Winter wardrobe...oh and did I mention that they are comfortable?

Ok Ladies, that does it for my October favorites I hope you enjoyed and that I have opened your eyes to some new products you want to try. In the comments below let me know what some of your October favorites were and if you have tried any of mine =)

Until next time loves,
XO Deanna


The Pretty Girls Guide To: Growing Up

Yesterday was a bad day...a really bad day. One of those days that a girl goes thr-... never mind I'm sure most of you are too young to get the song reference lol. Anywho it was the type of day that makes you question all that's going on in your life and makes you realize how much growing up sucks.
Im sorry....I guess I should introduce myself before I start going on and on.

Im Deanna, a 25 year old...uh well I haven't exactly figured out what comes after that yet, so many of my friends are mothers or wives or professional such and such's and it seems as though they have life all figured out. As for me here I am...not so figured out. Currently I'm a full time youtuber (which is where some of you may know me from) I run two channels, my main channel Myregularasslife which is a comedy channel where I do skits, rants and all things "funny" and my second channel Regularasstv which is about fashion and beauty, I like to call that my more girly side =) clearly this blog is more related to the latter lol.
But beyond that who am I? I mean sheesh thats a pretty heavy thought..."Who am I?" *shudders* but  that's all part of growing up right (did I mention yet that growing up sucks?) Figuring out who you are, whats your place in life, where your going. I know I don't have the answers right now but I'm sure somewhere along the lines ill start to figure it out...I mean I have to. Its a little bit harder to get when you don't have things that automatically make you something in life like how having a baby makes you a mother. Smh and lord knows I have tried to convince myself into being a million and one things that I clearly am not (a corporate worker, a model, a designer...the list can go on) I wish there was just a book you could open that says "Deanna, your supposed to be this" and your done. But I guess I have to start trusting in the fact that things will fall into place.
So if you like me, out there not exactly sure of what your doing or where your going no matter the age just follow these four steps...

Step 1. Stop stressing and relax
Step 2. Stop comparing your life to everyone else around you
Step 3. Keep moving forward and follow your heart not what everyone else tells you you should do. 
Step 4. Let it all come together naturally...the way it should.
God always has a plan he just hasn't told us ours yet and thats ok.

Until next time loves,
XO Deanna


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