The pretty girls guide to Target clearance shopping

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hey Ladies!!! 

So you may or may not know that I have a deep deep deeeeeeep love for Target, I mean who doesn't they literally have EVERYTHING and the only thing that surpasses my love for Target is sales...and maybe cupcakes but...we are not here to talk about cupcakes (maybe later).
We are here to talk about Target clearance sales and how you can make the most of them!
So in the past two weeks I have been to Target at least 10+ times. Im sure the people there think I'm stealing....but really I'm just deal watching waiting for the perfect time to pounce!
For those of you who don't know how to deal watch at Target let me clue you in, at the turn of every season and a few times in between Target has a HUGE in store purging clearance sale in almost every department, clothing, home goods, furniture. Pretty much anything you could ask for, during these sales they are trying to move out product because they are getting shipments of new things for the season or companies have just restocked a "newer version" of the exact same item and your local target has to get rid of what they have on the floor.
What does that mean for you? BIG SAVINGS even more than you would see in their online deals. Towards the crossing of seasons I tend to make numerous trips to my local Targets (yes thats plural) to see what they have put out on clearance and to start my "clearance list". And from there I devise my plan of attack on how to get the best deal possible, which I explain below =) enjoy ladies and I hope this helps!
How I get the best deal possible:
1) When I go to to Target I check out what is in the clearance aisles make a mental or physical note of things that I want, the price and maybe even how many are out on the floor. If what I want is in limited supply and its at a decent price I will purchase right then and there, because some targets price adjust within 14 days of the sale if you have the receipt soooo worst comes to worse if I come back and its cheaper ill get my money back if not I got what I wanted on a deal anyway.

2) For the things I did not purchase I notice which ones price end in .98 cents or some variation where the ending number is an 8. Items marked down with the final number being 8 will be marked down again. Conversely if the prices final number is a 4 that is the lowest the item will go. For items that I want that fit into the "8" price I check back on later in the week. This almost ALWAYS ensures that I get additional money off my item =)

3) Upon my second or 3rd return I'm pretty much set on getting whatever I was looking at previously so I pile it it to my cart and head to the closest scanner to check the actual current selling price of my item. Most people don't realize that due to the size of target markdowns don't always get done on time soooo that comforter thats on sale that your holding marked 69.98 that you don't want to get because its just outside of budget.....ACTUALLY may be even cheaper than it claims to be. When in doubt ALWAYS CHECK! And if you scan it and it says its not found in the system...JACKPOT lol well kinda, that means that it has been heavily marked down and is probably much lower than the price shown and its to the point where its not even in their system anymore. If you take it to customer service they will tell you the super cheap selling price =)

Lastly when it comes to clothing when you see those 30%, 50% and 70% racks go up CHECK THEM OUT. Often times target will take clothing items off of the floor when their "show time" is up or if they only have a few of the items left. For example when I went to target today I found a dress from the Philip Lim collection, there were only two on the sale rack (one was my size which a quickly picked up and the other was a large).  The dress was marked down to 8.98 (I was NOT risking coming back for a further markdown) but they originally removed this item from the floor because there were only two left and it was time to take the Philip Lim display down. So it went to the back of the store until clearance time.
Ladies these tips right here will save you BANK! Trust me I swear by them, in my past few shopping trips alone I have gotten an amazing bed quilt for 24.98 marked down from 70.00,  a Philip Lim dress for 8.98 marked down from 30.00, a lacy shirt for 5.98 marked down from 20.00 and a few other clothing items and countless other nick nacks and house hold items on sale =)
I soooooo hope this helped ladies I love passing on a good deal =) Let me know below of deals and steals you know about or things that you do to save money!!

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