Small Spaces And Big Dreams: Decorating on a budget

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chile....Smh When I tell you I try to make Diamonds out of glass you better hear me!! LOL So for those of you who didn't know my boyfriend and I live together in a small apartment here in Baltimore city. It works for us right now but every day we are growing out of it or I'm thinking of some other project I can do to make it feel more uh
No matter if its decorating, thrifting furniture (which I love) or brining something else home from my daily shopping trips to Target (yes I'm serious they damn near know my name there). I really have an obsession with turning this "cozy" apartment into a home until we do our big move and get a house =)
So whats been my latest house project you ask? Finding a way to build myself an office. Thats right an office, I have become obsessed with having an office these past two weeks. I mean I need one, with the blog and my youtube and other things I'm working on I need a place that I can sit down and call my own thats kind of sectioned off. Otherwise ill be typing away at our coffee table while we eat dinner (and thats not cute). 
Le Office (cuz I'm french n shit lol)
So....*shrugs* I did it, with my little thrifted desk, yard sale memo board and some Target and Marshalls nick nacks I created my office out of an otherwise unused corner in our place =) My Boyfriend calls it my girly corner (*insert eye roll here*) LOL But I love it! I feel like I may do a little more, maybe add a rug or somemore things on the wall but compared to an empty corner this is FAB.
I hope you ladies are inspired or get some ideas of how you can turn your small space into something amazing for you. No matter if its an office, a beauty corner or a mini shoe closet, don't let small spaces run you, YOU BETTER RUN THEM! There are always decorating options no matter the size or the space and you don't have to break the bank to do it.
*Cough* Excuse the shitty lighting *cough*
This is the general overview of my office, tucked in the corner just enough space for me and out of the way so it does not take up space in the rest of the apartment. 
My Desk: Craigslist 80.00
Printer & Scanner: Walmart last black friday 20.00
Mirror: Walmart 10.00
Fake flowers changed seasonally: Michael's 10.00 for the whole bunch
Everything else on my desk is thrifted or cost 1-3 dollars at Marshalls which I suggest all of you ladies visit if your decorating.
This is the wall behind my desk that will serve as a back drop for my videos and give this office a little life, I HATE HATE HATE white walls or walls with out decoration and since we have not agreed on a all color yet this cute little set up will have to do. Im going to add more I'm just not sure what yet.
Screen window memo board: Yard sale 10.00
Black wall shelves: Target 5.00 each (they hold a decent amount of weight)
Icon pictures with quotes: Icing on sale 2.50 each
Glass jar and mini vase: Marshalls 5.00-7.00 each
Candles: One is from Walmart and one is from Bath and Body Works 5.00 each
Oh, I figured I would add my view when I look out from my desk. It was important for me not to face a wall, I didn't want to feel like I was so cut off from the rest of our apartment. This way i can still see my boyfriend if he's on the couch and our tv tho we never use it unless its for movies ( NETFLICKS BABY) is in the far left corner so I can see that too.

What do you ladies think? How did I do?? Lol I hope this has inspired you to create and design in your own home no matter how big or how small. If you want to do it...DO IT!

Until next time loves,
XO Deanna


  1. It's cute and it works! I can't for the life of me get my desk/office area together. I love how it's facing the living room and not the wall. Creative. Good Job!

  2. Awww i love it! HOMIE