The Pretty Girls Guide To: Growing Up

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yesterday was a bad day...a really bad day. One of those days that a girl goes thr-... never mind I'm sure most of you are too young to get the song reference lol. Anywho it was the type of day that makes you question all that's going on in your life and makes you realize how much growing up sucks.
Im sorry....I guess I should introduce myself before I start going on and on.

Im Deanna, a 25 year old...uh well I haven't exactly figured out what comes after that yet, so many of my friends are mothers or wives or professional such and such's and it seems as though they have life all figured out. As for me here I am...not so figured out. Currently I'm a full time youtuber (which is where some of you may know me from) I run two channels, my main channel Myregularasslife which is a comedy channel where I do skits, rants and all things "funny" and my second channel Regularasstv which is about fashion and beauty, I like to call that my more girly side =) clearly this blog is more related to the latter lol.
But beyond that who am I? I mean sheesh thats a pretty heavy thought..."Who am I?" *shudders* but  that's all part of growing up right (did I mention yet that growing up sucks?) Figuring out who you are, whats your place in life, where your going. I know I don't have the answers right now but I'm sure somewhere along the lines ill start to figure it out...I mean I have to. Its a little bit harder to get when you don't have things that automatically make you something in life like how having a baby makes you a mother. Smh and lord knows I have tried to convince myself into being a million and one things that I clearly am not (a corporate worker, a model, a designer...the list can go on) I wish there was just a book you could open that says "Deanna, your supposed to be this" and your done. But I guess I have to start trusting in the fact that things will fall into place.
So if you like me, out there not exactly sure of what your doing or where your going no matter the age just follow these four steps...

Step 1. Stop stressing and relax
Step 2. Stop comparing your life to everyone else around you
Step 3. Keep moving forward and follow your heart not what everyone else tells you you should do. 
Step 4. Let it all come together naturally...the way it should.
God always has a plan he just hasn't told us ours yet and thats ok.

Until next time loves,
XO Deanna


  1. Just continue to pray and ask God for clarity. Even though he knows all about it, HE wants to heat from you. Peace and love on this new chapter.

    1. Thank you so much for your words <3 and yes just gotta keep praying and moving forward!