Wantable Box Review- November 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Company: Wantable Box
Category: Beauty, Accessories, Intimates 
Cost: Subscribe for $36/month or buy a single box for $40/month (they now ship to Canada and Australia)
About: ”Wantable is the best way to discover the latest trends in beauty and fashion.”
The Scoop: Each month, your box will be packed with FULL SIZE PRODUCTS ( my personal favorite part) hand picked from specialty and premium brands to fit your personal style. No matter if you subscribe to Wantable's beauty box, accessories box or intimates box you can expect high quality products. To perfectly cater to your likes and dislikes Wantable conducts a style quiz for each subscriber which further helps produce a unique experience for each person. Choose from a monthly subscription plan or a one off box maybe as a gift for a friend or yourself and be ready to discover amazing new products delivered to your doorstep.
The Box:

Im the type of girl who is always on the hunt for new things and Wantable delivers new items to my doorstep (well p.o box lol) with no effort on my part =) WIN! My November box arrived quickly and in perfect condition, everything was individually wrapped. I must say that Wantable's style quiz worked amazing for me the things in my box were perfectly picked to fit my personal style.

Golden Burst Ring 
Wantable value: $22.00
 My assessment value: $10.00 to $15.00

When I first saw this ring I thought it was SUPER CUTE! It reminded me of the dandy lions I used to blow as a child to make a wish. Each little prong to make up the burst was in perfect condition the gold tone on the ring had no chips or tarnishes and I was completely pleased. I reviews my packing slip to see the value of the ring. Wantable marks this ring at $22.00, however I slightly disagree I feel the ring would be marked around the $10.00 to $15.00 dollar mark in stores. However the rings quality is far superior to those that you would find in shops such as Forever 21 or Claires and I am over all very pleased.

Silver Geometric Shape Bracelet 
Wantable value: $22.00

I was happy to see a bracelet in my box this month. I must admit I hardly ever buy them for myself because i have a hard time picking what I actually like. However having someone else pick and just send it to you worked out great for me. I really enjoy this piece I like the shapes and that it is stretchy. I often times have issues with bracelets that have a sizing clasp on them, I either break them or they wind up being too big. This bracelet is a good quality and I would imagine seeing it in a store like Urban Outfitters or Express.

Grey Lace Overly Scarf
Wantable Value: $50.00

GAHHHHHH! I was honestly SUPER excited when I saw this scarf at the bottom of my box and I couldn't have been happier when I pulled it out of its packaging. This thing is amazing! The lace print/overlay on it is beautiful and the scarf itself is the perfect color for winter. Its super soft and warm and just makes you feel cozy when your wrapped up in it. I know this will be one of my staple pieces for the winter because it goes with everything. The quality is that of which you would find in a department store such as Macys or Nordstrom. This was a great piece to find in my box.


Total box value: $94.00 (by Wantable calculations)
  • Golden Burst Ring  – USD $22.00
  • Silver Geometric Shaped Bracelet – USD $22.00
  • Grey Lace Overlay Scarf – USD $50.00

My November Wantable box featured a nice mix of accessories. My favorite item by far was the scarf but the ring pulls up in a close second. I think this box provides great products for the price that you paying and I do believe that it Wantable is a subscription box worth looking into either for yourself or for a gift during the holidays. Priced at $36.00 for a monthly subscription I feel as though this is something I would purchase maybe every other month to try new products or spice up my accessory collection. 
Overall Star Rating (Product Quality, Value, Uniqueness & Presentation) : 5 Stars out of 5
Have any of you ladies every tried the Wantable Box subscription or may other subscription boxes? Let me know your thoughts on subscription boxes below, or other boxes you would like to see reviewed/featured.

Check out my video review for Wantable here:

Until Next time,
XO Deanna

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  1. That looks like a pretty interesting box. I also love the scarf, it looks like its so soft and warm. I am currently subscribed to birch box. Based on a survey of beauty questions they arrange a box of sample size and sometimes full size of beauty products, accessories and edible items all for $10.00 a month. If you like the sample sizes of a item you can purchase it from their site with discounts and free shipping. When you have some time check their site out.