How Black Friday 2013 Was A Complete Waste Of My Day

Saturday, November 30, 2013

So I'm the type of girl who almost lives for that one joyous day of the year, where we get to put aside large shopping receipts and bask in the glow of deals upon deals upon deals at our favorite local retailers. I make lists....I check them twice AND IT DOESNT MATTER IF I HAVE BEEN NAUGHTY OR NICE BECAUSE IM GOING TO GET EVERYTHING AND FOR HALF THE PRICE. *insert evil laughter*

Honestly for me Black Friday is pretty much like a marathon and a workout. After building up my energy  reserve by scarfing down countless pounds of turkey, ham and sweet potatoes ect. I then get to go burn it all off in a 5 to 10 hour no holds bar shopping fest! *Day Dreams* what more could any girl want??

But this year everything was different...

Im not sure how it all happened but the days of prep and sale searching that I normally do before Black Friday got skipped and by time Thursday came I had no list....I had no plan I DIDNT EVEN KNOW WHAT WAS ON SALE!!

So while everyone else was finishing Thanksgiving dinner at my boyfriends sisters house, I was sitting there plate half full completely obsessed with downloading black friday apps so I could mark the deals I needed to hit once we left. 

Fast forward to about an hour later...I still had no list! After searching all my normal hot spots I realized that this black friday was lack luster at best. All of the retailers deals were basic and my huge savings were no where in sight.

Not being able to handle what I was seeing as the truth and being certain that there would be amazing in store only door busters that were not advertised on the way home my I suggested we stop at Target. We arrived maybe an hour after they had opened Thanksgiving night and the parking lot was almost bare, there were no lines outside....and when we went inside the store looked damn near untouched ho huge mess no pushing people and worst of all NO DOORBUSTER DEALS!! 

Was I mistaken? Had someone changed the date of black friday? WTF was going on!? 

Heart broken we stopped at one more store and called it a night. 

The next morning I got up bright an early and headed out to the mall about 2 hours after it opened to try to save what was left of my black friday...but once I got was just another let down. Most stores I love that normally have BOMB deals...just...didnt and most of the things that were on their "black friday sale" were the SAME THINGS I SAW ON SALE EARLIER IN THE WEEK!! HOW DARE THEY? 

Forever 21- 50% off outer wear and boots (same deal they had all week)
H&M- Items starting at 4.95 (same sale things they had up all week)
Gap- 50% off the whole store (yet they had completely taken away their sale section so there was no additional sale)
American Eagle- 50% off the whole store (with nothing interesting or new)

After seeing this I couldn't even bring myself to look in other stores...and I figured even if I did whats the need to buy today...the same shit will be on sale for damn near the same price next week -__-

I had wasted my night and my morning on crap!! I could have gotten extra sleep....ate more food....I....I.....I am highly disappointed. This was the first black friday in years where I honestly pretty much got NOTHING.

*sigh* maybe there will be hope for cyber monday but as for black friday was a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

Below are some pictures of the hand full of items I did get *side eye*

Forever 21
Grey sweat shirt with zipper accent $15.80 (Regular price no sale)

Gold chain necklace $8.80 (Regular price no sale)

Gold and black chain bracelet $5.80 (Regular price no sale)

Urban Outfitters
Black quilted joggers $10.00 (Clearance plus 50% sale not sure of regular price)

Annas Linens 
16 Piece reversible bedding set $49.99 (Regular value 200.00 allegedly lol)

Call It Spring (subdivision of Aldo)
 Black biker boots $25.00 (Clearance plus 50% off originally $75.00)

Black over the knee boots $32.00 (clearance plus 50% off originally $98.00)

What did you guys think of black friday? Was yours a waste also? Or did you find deals that I missed out on? Let me know! I mean sheesh....somebody had to have a good black friday right?

Until next time 
XO Deanna

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  1. Ive never really been into black friday, becuse of the hussel and bussel and im definitely not one for the lines* not for clothes* But on Sat, i did stop at the outlets in Hagerstown they crowd was the usual and just about everything was on sale. The one store with a line all the way out the door, was the Coach store and they had madd security. Happy hunting for cyber Monday, but im finished.