Make It Monday: Summer Yum Pineapple Shrimp Boat Recipe

I love shrimp

Like a lot lol and I'm always trying to figure out new ways to cook it for myself and others, so when I came across this yummy looking recipe that was also SUPER cute I decided to give it a try.

This Pineapple shrimp boat is a cute idea for small tropical themed parties, summer time cook outs or even just to spice up dinner with bad or the kids. Its easy to make and taste amazing!

Want to find out how to make it yourself? 
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Eat Pray Love

I really loved that movie...

I first picked it up because I ADORE Julia Roberts #Favefemaleactress but then once I actually got to watching it I realized how eye opening and essential it is for anyone who is feeling "stuck".

Those three little things can make the difference between losing your mind and finding your peace...dont believe me? Keep reading.

The Hat Trick

It looks like I'm asking "but where did all her hair go" in this pic LOL!

I have to admit that hats were a trend that once I went natural I just never thought would be for me, aside from already thinking I looked silly in them. Now having to fight with my hair to even get one on my head sealed the deal for a no go.

But a few weeks back I saw some beauties while I was shopping at the mall on sale and thought..."well if they won't fit on my head they'll at least look good hanging on my wall" (a trait I picked up from my grandfather)


4C Hair Chronicles: Length Retention & Growth

It never ceases to amaze me at how amazed people are when I show them the length of my hair. I feel like people really think just because I have MAJOR shrinkage that what they see is really all they get when it comes to my hair.



Kinky Hair Unlocked: Event Recap

Bloggers Kiwi the Beauty & Naturally Glam
This past weekend in Atlanta was a complete world wind of fun, events and little to no sleep (glad I had that bed at the Hilton though check out my review HERE). 

My first stop only hours after I hopped off the plane on Friday evening was the Kinky Hair Unlocked Event Hosted by Trudy of 4C Hair Chicks and Dark And Lovely, representing real well for all of our tightly coiled  type 4 natural hair ladies! 

OOTD: City Chic For Kinky Hair Unlocked ATL

The hardest thing about blogging may really be picking the perfect outfit for an event. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Kinky Hair Unlocked event in Atlanta, GA hosted by 4CHairChicks (check out my event recap HERE). I was super excited about the event and seeing fellow type 4 hair ladies and bloggers in one place...but when it came to an outfit...I was completely lost.
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