The Hat Trick

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It looks like I'm asking "but where did all her hair go" in this pic LOL!

I have to admit that hats were a trend that once I went natural I just never thought would be for me, aside from already thinking I looked silly in them. Now having to fight with my hair to even get one on my head sealed the deal for a no go.

But a few weeks back I saw some beauties while I was shopping at the mall on sale and thought..."well if they won't fit on my head they'll at least look good hanging on my wall" (a trait I picked up from my grandfather)

Flash forward to getting a last min invite out while your two strand twist are still damp and no where ready to be undone...what do you do?

Go out looking like Celie with the most unorganized two strands ever...or *looks at wall* see if that big floppy hat actually fits on your head now that your fro is being tamed.

Clearly the hat wins!

This is HUGE for me and I'm sure fellow naturals and we shall call it "the hat trick". 
Two strands not dry? Throw on a hat. 
Old two strands too fuzzy at the root to be seen? Throw on a hat.
Last min invite and now time to take down your twist? Throw on a hat.
Didn't finish the rest of the your braided protective style LMAO? THROW ON A HAT!

Then beat your face and go!

Not only are big hats in style but they make ANY woman instantly look more chic and interesting. Be honest have you ever seen someone with a dope hat and not wondered..."what do they do, how are they so put together...they look amazing"

Yup hats will do that for you, having people think your the bomb...all the while long your a frazzled mess with half your hair done under it.


Hat: // Pacsun // Clearance 7.00 // Here Similar Here
Rings: // H&M // 4.95 // Similar Here & Here
Nails: // Columbia Nail Trix & Spa // IBD in Raindrops
*IBD is the only gel polish I get on my nails last 3 weeks most times and never gives me issues EVER
* Check in store at your local Pacsun for hats they tend to always be on clearance


 Brows: It Cosmetics- Build A Brow in Universal Taupe & NYX- Brow Pencil in Brown
Eyes: Mac- Girlie on the lid, Saddle in the crease, Violet Vow in the outer corner into the crease, Naked Lunch w/Cool Incantation on the highlight & NYX- Satin Finish Liner Black in the water line
Face: Mac- Face And Body Foundation in C5
Blush: The Balm- Hot Mama
Lashes: It Cosmetics- Hello Lashes 5 in 1 mascara & VLuxe Lashes- Blair
Contour: Bare Minerals- Mineral Veil in warmth
Highlight: It Cosmetics- Hello Light Creme Illuminator (down nose & above cheek bones)
Lips: Mac- Royal Ball Lipstick w/Happily Ever After Gloss & NYX- Slim Lip Pencil in Prune as a liner/base



Yes I wear these boyfriend jeans all the time....yes you will get over it. Im actually on the hunt for a few new pairs though that fit well so maybe ill retire these soon.

I hope you ladies enjoyed this post and will put "the hat trick" in your arsenal this summer to save the day in a pinch!

Are there any "tricks" that you already use when you get called out on the town at the last min and your fro aint actin right?  Leave them in the comments below and help a fellow curl friend out!


Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. I love this! Although I am not natural and well I have no hair really left, I still love to see a good hat in a post!


  2. I'm more of a scarf person.. but I really do want to look for a decent hat! Have to have a bit of a search here in London though :)

    Nice post! x

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