How to pineapple short natural hair- Night Routine

Hey loves!!!

I hope you all are doing well on this fine Tuesday morning...or whenever you happen to be reading this =)

Yesterday on instagram I put up a little pictoral of how I had done my latest twist out which I was compltetly in love with!! Like I have never had such amazing twist out results...EVER and you all seemed to love it as well which of course I was tickled pink about =)


The Hunt: Target, Walgreens & Toys R Us 7/12/14

Hey All!

This week...well the past couple of weeks actually I have not been doing much couponing. I swear like I have not even gotten a paper. I just have not had the motivation to do it. I definitely miss getting stuff for free but I don't miss the clipping AT ALL.

Even though I have taken a break from more traditional couponing. I have been looking out for misprint deals and checking a lot of clearance prices. I think what happened was my brain got tired of "regular couponing" now clearance finds are all the rage for me. 

Summer Style Series: Waiting For The Weekend

Hey loves!

I Know I have been gone for about a month or so *clutches pearls* but I do have a pretty good explanation for my sudden disappearance from the blog...I GOT A JOB!!! Lol thats right your favorite blogger is now a real live working girl *insert side eye here*. 

So I took the past four weeks off to get back in the groove of the whole 9-5 deal and now that I am more acclimated to waking up before noon and budgeting my time I feel like I'm finally ready to hop back on the S.S Blogging Ship.

Oops I Did It Again: Clear The Rack Haul

This past weekend was that time again, CLEAR THE RACK!!!

I think the Nordstrom Clear The Rack sale has quickly become one of my all time favorite in store events. Its great for everyone but especially my coupoing girls who love designer things on...well a couponers budget LOL. I posted about my AMAZING first time experience with the Clear The Rack sale at The Racks Columbia location here in Maryland about a month ago. I was completely blown away by Columbia's shoe selection (because y'all know I'm all about the shoes), prices, organization and AMAZING hospitality. That location has defiantly become #1 in my heart! So if your here in Maryland be sure to check them out! 
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