How to get 50.00 in cleaning products for almost free...Target Deal

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ok so if you are looking at this blog you are either an avid couponer who is looking for last min deal scenarios for the Target stock up deal or you happen to stumble upon some of my haul pictures on my instagram and you just want to figure out how I have been doing my thing and getting an AMAZING deal on cleaning products.

For those of you that don't know this week Target has had this "stock up" promotion where you can get 20.00 off of a 50.00 cleaning purchase when you buy specific products. This in general is a GREAT deal on its own but when you add coupons to the mix...your getting 50.00 worth of cleaning supplies for next to free!

And so today......on the last day of the deal lol ill be showing you some scenarios you can do to stock up on some of my personal fave cleaning supplies. Im sooooo sorry its the last day of the deal I have been busy stocking and this week has been getting away from me BUT you still have 10 hours left to shop lol so lets get down to biz


Text "stockup" to 827438. This will get you the 20/50 coupon to your phone. The coupon is also in their weekly circular but I would not rely on finding one in store. If you want to do the deal more than once get a friend to text this number also and have them send you the link seeing as how the coupon can only be used once.

If you did not get multiples of the last few sunday papers this is where the deal ends for you unless you have other cleaning coupons. But like I said with the target coupon alone this is a GREAT deal!

 My scenarios that you will find below are based off of BOGO Swiffer coupons from the new P&G, BOGO Pledge coupons, 5/5 Clorox coupons and printable Clorox coupons.

Scenario One:

My haul, math and receipt 
What to buy
(Note: prices in your area may differ please account for that and add filler cleaning items as needed)

One Swiffer Duster Starter (the long one)- 8.16
One regular Swiffer- 9.99
One Swiffer duster mini (mine was out of stock the duster refill pictured was the "instant replacement")- 7.59
One Swiffer wet pas refill- 7.59
Two dry Swiffer pad refills- 4.49 each (8.98 for 2)
Four 34 count clorox wipes- 2.37 each (9.48 for 4)
One Clorox green works 30 count wipes- 2.33

Your total will be 

If you don't have the Clorox 5/5 coupon you can take off one clorox 34 count wipe or the Clorox green works and your total will be around 51.75 I only got 5 because I had the coupon.

Coupons you will need:
 NOTE: The mobile 20/50 coupon needs to be given first. Also getting a lower OOP is dependent on your cashier auto deducting your bogo Swiffer coupons. If your cashier does not auto deduct your OOP will be higher (but still a good deal)

One- 20/50 target mobile coupon (value 20.00)
Three- Swiffer bogo coupons from P&G (value 7.00 each totaling 21.00)
One- 5/5 Clorox coupon from the walmart tear pad (value 5.00)
One- 1/1 Clorox green works coupon from green works website (value 1.00)
Four- .75/1 Clorox wipes target coupons (value .75 each totaling 3.00) please check coupon database for this coupon

Your ending total will be:
4.12 before tax 

If you do not have the 5/5 and you remove one Clorox wipes and one Clorox wipes coupon your total will be 7.50 before tax



Scenario Two:

My haul for this scenario

What to buy
(Note: prices in your area may differ please account for that and add filler cleaning items as needed),

Ok I messed up on this scenario a little. I was copying someone else's and left out a product for my bogo the coupon still worked but I felt bad once I realized, I however will note below where to add in the product I forgot 

One Swiffer sweep and trap or wet jet (they are the same price)- 18.99
One Swiffer duster (the long one) - 8.16
One Swiffer duster mini (This was the product I forgot I believe the price is)- 4.49
One Swiffer wet pas refill 12 count- 4.26
One dry Swiffer wet jet pad refills- 7.59 
One dry Swiffer refill- 4.49
Two pledge sprays- 3.99 each (7.98 for 2)

Your total will be 
55.96 (with the item I missed)
51.47 (without the item i missed)

My actual receipt 
I am not telling you to not add the item I missed. If you don't you are technically using the bogo coupon incorrectly, I'm just showing you how the totals will differ. Again I did not mean to miss the item. LMAO I actually want it and will now have to pay full price or exchange something I got for it.

Coupons you will need:
 NOTE: Again the mobile 20/50 coupon needs to be given first and getting a lower OOP is dependent on your cashier auto deducting your bogo Swiffer and pledge coupons. 

One- 20/50 target mobile coupon (value 20.00)
Three- Swiffer bogo coupons from P&G (value 7.00 each totaling 21.00)
One- Pledge bogo coupon (value 4.99) please check coupon database this came in an insert

Your ending total will be:
19.97 before tax (with the item I missed)
5.48 before tax (without the item I missed)


I did the target deal 4 times this week and I don't even like cleaning!! 

However I did like my total savings for the week!!

OOP: 14.51 before tax  RETAIL COST: 215.46 TOTAL SAVINGS: 200.95

Even though I don't like cleaning, I did get a whole bunch of products I have been wanting to try and last night I actually cleaned most of our apartment because I had them. Im in love with the sweep and trap right now and may do a review on it. Ill be trying out the wet jet next week also so ill let you know how that goes. 

Below you fill find a few more pix of other scenarios I saw on IG that you may also be interested in. 

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As always ladies....and gents lol HAPPY COUPONING!

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna



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