Sallys & Beautiful Textures Flaunt Your Look: Event Recap

You can't tell me that my VA curlies don't love their Beautiful Textures Products...


And they proved it when they came out to the Beautiful Textures Flaunt Your Look Event that I hosted at the Sallys Beauty Supply in Alexandria Va just a few weeks ago on April 10th!

The Best Bed In Atlanta: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel Review

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be in Atlanta working with ORS for the World Natural Hair Show. Although there were a number of highlights from the events I attended one of the BEST highlight was the bed at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel.

Better than Vickies?! Adore Me Review

Two thing I'm sure every girl can agree on is that 1, we love a good deal and 2, we love a good bra and panty set!

Now what if I told you you could get a good deal and a good bra and panty set all in one!?

Well then we would be talking about Adore Me!

Kylie Jenner Challenge: Why I Hate The Internet As A Woman Of Color

I blame her (lol j/k cuz y'all sensitive).

It always seems like the dumbest shit pops up on your instagram feed when your minding your own honestly.

Thats how it happens,  your mindlessly scrolling enjoying the plethora of eye candy from Man Crush Monday...then BAM the #KylieJennerChallenge is dead center in front of you. I could blame myself and the people that I follow but no...not me...I blame the internet.


OOTD: Casual Sex Appeal & Hair Products

 Hellooooooooooooooo Nurse!

Lol am I the only one old enough to remember the show Anamaniacs and get that reference? Hopefully not lol. 

This past Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the DC leg of The Pose and Post Symposium hosted and ran by the lovely and ever so talented Chrisette Michele.  If you love beautiful events full of women empowerment and brand building talk I suggest you check when the event is coming to your town and grab a ticket ASAP as DC sold out!

My Favorite Hair Products For 4C Hair

Recently you ladies have been sharing with me your frustrations with your natural hair on IG and on Youtube. 

A lot of you have reached out to me saying that until you found my page there were not a lot of natural hair bloggers who's hair you could relate to and that you don't know what products to use and are at a complete loss.



Keep Calm Girl & Do Yoga: Anxiety, Yoga & Meditation

The first I ever had a panic attack I was on the bus going to school and I literally thought I was about to die. Of course I didn't but that was literally what it felt like, I was short of breath my palms were sweating my mind was racing and I had no idea why
Those kinds of episodes continued for about 2 month or so off an on. I know now that they stemmed from being harassed and bullied by a group of girls who were VERY upset that I was dating a "popular" guy.

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