Keep Calm Girl & Do Yoga: Anxiety, Yoga & Meditation

Friday, April 3, 2015

The first I ever had a panic attack I was on the bus going to school and I literally thought I was about to die. Of course I didn't but that was literally what it felt like, I was short of breath my palms were sweating my mind was racing and I had no idea why
Those kinds of episodes continued for about 2 month or so off an on. I know now that they stemmed from being harassed and bullied by a group of girls who were VERY upset that I was dating a "popular" guy.

However I didn't get "diagnosed" with panic and anxiety disorder and PTSD until about a year to two years after I was robbed at gun point my freshman year at college. Yeaaaaaa there's a lot you guys don't actually know about me lol. I got diagnosed by a school psychologist/counselor that my second college suggested I see after I was doing so poorly in foreign language classes. She quickly determined that my issue was not with the foreign language but unfamiliar situations and things that I could not control or escape brought on by the stress and PTSD from the robbery years ago. As if my brain in any situation that felt strange or different automatically sent my body into flight of fight mode.

I was blown away, the things she said made me realize that all this time what I had been going though were panic attacks and I was having them more often then I cared to admit. Going to restaurants, amusement parks, in cars when I was not driving, big events even ones that I should be happy about, in class, there was even a week straight that every time I walked out the door before I even got to my elevator panic attacks would start and I would have to go back in.

My symptoms of my panics included, racing heart, sweaty palms, dizziness, hyperventilating, stomach issues, like i would literally feel like I had to poop lol. However the second I got back in the house, started driving home or got to a "safe place" all issues would subside -___- making it super hard to live life. Most people don't even believe that anxiety and panic attacks are real...that is just over dramatic people trying to get attention but TRUST ME, I would never wish this on anyone.

 I knew I couldn't live like that and I didn't want to go on medicine or rely on a substance (weed, due to family history) to keep me calm soooo I started doing a lot of self talk, counting, focusing taking my time in a situation to realize I wasn't dying and that this would pass. All of which eventually turned into yoga & meditation.  

I've always been a fan of yoga and meditation and have done it off and on for years, however whenever my panic attacks came around more frequently some of the best resolutions for it and the things that always got them to subside was yoga and meditation.

Both things really just center your mind and make you focus on something else hard enough to kind of make you forget about everything else that is going on. You body calms, your breathing slows and your mind goes..,somewhere else. 

When doing yoga i'm forced to be in the moment, focused on my balance and body placement so my brain does not have the chance to race. For the 30 mins to an hour that i'm doing it i am completely present in my space and little to nothing else matters. The best part of it all is when i'm done I actually feel good. My body feels energized, my mind feels clear and I just overall feel better =) Oh and not to mention its an actual work out.

Meditation is also super amazing now I have not gotten to the point of where my mind is actually free from thought and where I am sitting in peace and just existing. However personally it helps me other thoughts. With Anxiety comes over thinking (or hey maybe that's just me lol) and having quiet time to sort out my thought and kind of "put things in their place" in my head is SOOOOO important. Because if anything else mental health and is key to a balanced life.

So, without further a due i'm sure you want to know what yoga moves I do, no worries I got yall 
covered as always.


In true Easter spirit, follow the bunny ladies! For beginners I would highly suggest using this yoga sequence, each move flows into the next helping you to stretch your muscles, and focus your mind on your balance and breathing, which should be slow breaths.


I normally get my moves and inspiration from @Laurasykora and the hashtag #yogawithtfm. I recently started following a few other yoga accounts which I will link below. 

From this set I am currently working on moves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. The reason I say working is because like with anything yoga takes practice. The more you do yoga the more flexible your body will become and the more moves you will be able to do. If your just starting today your not going to be able to do move 8 or when you do move 6 you may not be able to do it fully, it comes with time. 

I just recently started working on this set. I'm not good at most of them at all, however i'm currently working on move 1, 2, 3, 6 and 7. The rest of these moves...well LMAO i'll get there. I'm sure my future boyfriend will be very appreciative of my yoga practices 

Yes yoga helps with sex, being more flexible being more relaxed and being more fit, all from yoga will greatly benefit your sex life =) #thankmelater I suppose lol

I hope that if any of you are struggleing with anxiety or even if you are just looking for a way to keep fit but your not really the work out type give yoga a try!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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