The Best Bed In Atlanta: Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel Review

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be in Atlanta working with ORS for the World Natural Hair Show. Although there were a number of highlights from the events I attended one of the BEST highlight was the bed at the Hilton Atlanta Airport hotel.

But the story doesn't really start at the most don't *insert coy smile*. It actually started at the airport itself. After grabbing my bags I went to the hotel shuttle pick up location, about 2-3 minuets later the Hilton shuttle arrived. I was greeted, my bags swiftly put into the back and in moments I was being wisked away to the hotel. Once I arrived my bags were collected for me and I was kindly shown to the font desk.

The front desk agent that checked me in was very sweet but not particularly helpful with my questions about the hotel. I asked for a brochure which she couldn't seem to find and then if she had any information about the hotel but outside of the food options she didn't have much info off hand. I also asked for bottles of water to be sent to my room...which never made it.


Am i the only one who gets giddy like a small child when I get to the door of a hotel room? Its something about not exactly knowing whats going to be on the other side of that door. I mean of course you have the hotel website pictures...but you can never be too sure.

But my oh my...was I pleased.

THIS BED YALL...when I tell you I pretty much melted into it. Oh my god! I honestly may have gotten some of the best sleep I have gotten in ages RIGHT THERE IN THAT BED! The comforter was light yet it kept you warm, the pillows molded perfectly to your head and were the perfect mix of fluffy yet firm and the bed itself was magic. 

Like no really I'm sure there are like fairy sprinkles that give it its it has to be. 

The rest of the general living space in the hotel was delightful as well, dark wood accents along side grey, black and silver tones played well together in the design.

The curtains however... >_< I never think hotel curtains look good...its almost as if they are an after thought in every hotel. I did have a view of the pool from my room, but with my schedule I didn't have the chance to take a dip.

I was super happy with the large desk. I set up my laptop, camera and blogging files as if I was in my own home office all the while lying to myself about my ambitions for the weekend...because clearly no blogging work was going to get done.

A room like I stayed in with a king size bed and this lovely 37 inch tv current lowest booking rate is $129.00 just in case you all were wondering. Wifi internet is extra per day I believe but if you call down to the desk and ask nicely they may comp it like they did for me =)


The bathroom was super cute. I'm a sucker for good hardware and spa like features, such as the faux granite counters, spiffy faucets and  ring light like frosted lighting.

However the functionality of said hardware is almost just as important and this just didn't deliver. The way the faucet was set up along with the sink made the surrounding area a splash hazard. I had to continuously remind myself not to set powered make up or my phone anywhere close to the sink and even had issues with the water splashing on my shirts.

Beautiful spa like features & decor

The showers...which would have been the highlight of my trip had there been a bae *le sigh*  and had the entire shower not smelled like chlorine -___- Indeed it had a very strong smell of pool water the whole time I was there that didn't leave even after using the shower.  

However its silver accents, faux marble tile and Rain Forest shower head was quite delightful.

 My biggest gripes may have been the showers smell and the fact that instead of any sort of kitchen I was just left with a fridge. Which works if you just need to chill water or need some place to store leftovers but does not work as well for someone like me who actually likes to cook a little while I'm out of town and has a number of food restrictions.

I was also disappointed to see that once on (yes because you have to turn it on yourself) the fridge was leaking? I don't know the floor around it was decently damp when I stepped close to it to store some things and it had not been before when I was fixing tea when it was off.

Overall the room itself was enjoyable, super clean, very functional for anyone traveling on business or pleasure with ample amounts of space, room to work and relax and it was very comfortable. Of course it came fully stocked with all that can be expected in a standard hotel room, iron, hangers, ironing board, teas and coffee, coffee machine, soaps and other toiletries. Nothing overly stand out about any of those things. 

The hotels biggest selling point should be THAT BED and i'm so serious. For the most part when you travel the main reason you get a hotel is so you have somewhere to sleep so a good bed is like gold in a hotel and until you get to the Hilton Atlanta Airport really have no idea just how amazing there's is. 

The location is also great, I got to everywhere I needed to be super quick in my uber and after being tired of traveling getting to my hotel in 5 mins flat from the airport was a blessing.

Escalator down to the in hotel sports bar and restaurant which I highly recommend over anything you could order from the room menu, seeing as how on top of tax they add 21% percent up charge -___-

I was able to get a chicken quesadilla for 12 dollars where as ordering from the room would have cost me 22 dollars for a chicken sandwich -___-

View of the breakfast serving area (buffet style breakfast available every morning *not free*) and restaurant from the third floor overlook 

If you are looking for a convenient and clean hotel where you will get a great night sleep and if you don't mind paying for your continental breakfast I recommend looking into the Hilton Atlanta Airport Hotel.

Overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 curls.

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna

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  1. Teehee. Your rating is cute. Overall it looks really nice