Make It Monday: Pretty Girl Cant Put It Down Shrimp Pasta Salad


...and I'm not just saying that because is my recipe, I'm saying it because it's TRUE!
Seriously I started making this pasta salad a few years back and its become my signature dish. If you invite me to any function between spring and fall, don't even question cuz this is what i'm bringing and its actually gotten to the point where I get request for it *hair flip*
I haven't shared a recipe on here in a while and since spring is upon us I thought this would be the perfect first recipe. I mean it screams spring, the pasta salad its self looks like spring! Is super bright, packed with yummy veggies and just makes you feel good.

How To Tie A Crown Style Head Wrap/Turban (video)


I get so many questions on instagram and in my email about my different head wraps and how I do them I thought it would only be right to give a few tutorials and show you how you can get the style too!

Find out how to get this look after the jump!



...and my faces vote is a very important one might I add lol

Ok, so last week I got some much anticipated beauty mail from the lovely people at It Cosmetics and truth be told I was really waiting for it at the do' because FedEx were being super slackers at package delivery *insert side eye*

ANYWAY after cracking open the box and recording a haul video which will be up later this week showing all the products I got...I did what any girl would do PLAY IN MY NEW MAKEUP!

Little did I know that some of the products I got would quickly become some of my new beauty faves!  Check out which ones and why after the jump!

Monday Motivation: Hope, Design & Attraction

This past week I have been in one of the biggest funks I have been a very long time. Things were not quite going right with work, I felt like I was being looked over in business, I wasn't really sleeping or eating right...and most of all I felt lost with where my life was going/where it should be at 26 going on 27.

I had honestly wished that there was one thing in particular that was wrong so I could focus on it and fix it, however there were so many things that I wanted to address it felt overwhelming. So much so that after work on Friday around 7:00 pm I laid on the bed and didn't get back up until 12:30 pm the next day. 



DIY Room Decor Chic & Simple Lipstick Art

Hey loves!

So last week on my IG @Theprettygirlsguide I posted this cutesy picture of my dresser set up with the focus being my diy kiss art =)

Little did I know you guys would love it so much and have so many questions as to how you can get or make your own.

Since so many of you asked I decided to make a quick little video tutorial on how to make this super simple DIY after the jump! I hope you all enjoy!

MAC Cinderella Collection Review & Haul & Giveaway

Hey yesterday morning bright and early I jumped out of my bed and braved the snow to run down to my local MAC store before they opened in order to be front and center in line for the Cinderella collections in store debut.

I knew from the craze that it created online that in store had the same possibility to be ridiculous soooo I figured I should act fast if I wanted to get my hands on anything.

Little did I know that once I got in the store I would realize that I could have kept my ass in bed -__-

Below you can check out my full video review, in depth pictures and find out exactly why this highly anticipated collection was a complete MISS for me.

How to make natural hair clip-in extensions

A while back on my INSTAGRAM you all got to see me sporting some super full and fro-licious hair from Haute Kinky Hair =) 

I was absolutely IN LOVE with it and so was everyone else =) Most people couldn't even tell that it wasn't my actual hair. When I told people that they were clip ins that I had made myself the first question was always how and the second was when are you making a tutorial lol

So of course...I had to make a tutorial to help all my curly girls out that want to add a little fluff to their puff. 

Clip ins aren't only for straight hair anymore!! 
Watch exactly how you can make your own after the jump!

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