Monday Motivation: Hope, Design & Attraction

Monday, March 23, 2015

This past week I have been in one of the biggest funks I have been a very long time. Things were not quite going right with work, I felt like I was being looked over in business, I wasn't really sleeping or eating right...and most of all I felt lost with where my life was going/where it should be at 26 going on 27.

I had honestly wished that there was one thing in particular that was wrong so I could focus on it and fix it, however there were so many things that I wanted to address it felt overwhelming. So much so that after work on Friday around 7:00 pm I laid on the bed and didn't get back up until 12:30 pm the next day. 


I was honestly just tired of everything when I finally peeled myself out of bed around 1 pm I turned on the TV and saw a commercial for Super Soul Sunday

Tomorrows episode was going to be about hope, vision and overcoming. I took the commercial as a sign, set a reminder in my phone and went about my day.

Sunday morning (because 11:00 am is still morning to me) I was up and ready to hear my message. What I thought was going to be an hour long session of pulling what I could from someone else's story turned into 3 episodes and 3 hours full of what Oprah would call Ah ha moments which not only pulled me back together but inspired me to write this post and spread some motivation on this lovely Monday =)

I hope you all enjoy and can find at least a little of whatever your searching for from this.


The first episode of S.S.S I watched was all about hope, faith and belief...not necessarily in other things but just in yourself. They focused on this one idea that you can drop a seed anywhere...grass...concrete...desolate areas and that seed will not complain it will fight to take root and grow. Something so little will not question its surroundings but instead believe in itself so much that it finds a way. More of us need to be like that.

  "The audacious hope of rooted things" they said. 

Why are we not like that more often. Why are we not bold in our belief of ourselves and the fact that we not only can...but we will. 


The second episode was all about, your life...where it was, where it is, where its going and they key point that stuck out to me in this episode was about design. Not like interior or anything but actually designing your life. I mean why not, we take all the time to design our apartments or homes the way we want, our wardrobes, hell girls even spend hours in the mirror designing our face just the way we would like it to look but many of us wont design our own lives.

Why? Why can we put so much focus and energy in to making other things look exactly how we want it, or how we would like other people to see it but when it comes down to it...we don't design our own lives the way we would want to see it or live it. We let mess into our lives, let things fall to the waistside or give up in hard situations and give into a "well this is just the way it is" mentality when...who says it has to be that way. The way your life is right now...if you dont like it...who says it has to stay that way? Why do you have to wait for something to come along to change it? Why cant you...right now do the changing. 

Design your life and make it the one you want to live.


Episode three was all about relationships...romantic or non everything in this episode could have been applied to exactly why you are having the relationships you are having and why you are attracting the people you are attracting into your life.

Often times we wonder...."why was I sent this person"...."why do I keep ending up with this type of man....or friend" we always want to blame or claim it is the other person but more often than not, its us. We as humans as much as we believe opposites attract we pull people in that mimic who we are at our core. If your a liar you attract liars, if you are a mean person you attract mean people. They may not display it the same way you do but its there.

Conversely in relationships you attract what you believe you deserve and what you think your worth. So if you think you are not worthy of love, you will attract someone who does not truly love you. Which is why its soooooooo so important to determine what you deserve, believe it and you will attract it and of course in the rare case you attract something different the fact that you don't yourself believe that you deserve these things will ultimately if your insecurities are not handled *sigh* push that good thing away. ( I have done this myself....DONT DO IT)

This is why its so important to be aware of self, your thoughts and ideas about who you are what your worth and what is for you. Dont get me wrong everyone has their moments of doubt but ultimately you have to know that your the M-F-IN ISH 98% of the time and that you....deserve everything that will make you happy. *DISCLAIMER* of course dont think that just thinking your the ish and you should get everything is the complete answers because love is so much more about being there for the other person that it is about you.  The purpose of love is to give just want to make sure the one your with is giving and helping you grow equally.


Ok...thats enough rambling for today lol these were just a few of the main points that I took from the episodes I watched and what I felt as though I personally needed to meditate on and you know internalize for you it may have been something different. If you have never watched an Oprah Super Soul Sunday I highly suggest you do the Ah Ha moments you will have are priceless and if not for that it just makes you feel...lifted spiritually once your done watching.

I hope that some of the points I covered touched a few of you and like I said before if any of you were searching you found something in this and for anyone struggling I hope you find peace <3

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


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