MAC Cinderella Collection Review & Haul & Giveaway

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hey yesterday morning bright and early I jumped out of my bed and braved the snow to run down to my local MAC store before they opened in order to be front and center in line for the Cinderella collections in store debut.

I knew from the craze that it created online that in store had the same possibility to be ridiculous soooo I figured I should act fast if I wanted to get my hands on anything.

Little did I know that once I got in the store I would realize that I could have kept my ass in bed -__-

Below you can check out my full video review, in depth pictures and find out exactly why this highly anticipated collection was a complete MISS for me.


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The winner will win ONE Cinderella Collection Lipstick and Lip gloss

Ok now that thats out of the way the Cinderella collection is primarily made up up shimmery sparkly hues with a HINT an I do mean HINT of color....almost everything across the board is BARELY THERE when you put it on. 

What do I mean by barely there you ask?

Check out the lipstick swatches...mind you this was 2-3 passes and on the lips took even more effort.
I will say thought that I am IN LOVE with my Royal Ball lipstick with a good liner behind it to kick it up a notch. With the one I picked up today it gives you a good Kylie Jenner lip if you over draw =)

As for the powders....same story

Here are some more close ups below from in store with my thoughts.

One MAJOR disappointment throughout the whole collection was that EVERYTHING looked more pigmented online.

Second MAJOR disappointment was that the powder colors had such a "hard time" playing well with darker skin tones *side eye* I literally tried both powders and one came of almost completely white with just a glitter on my skin and the other.....well....just glitter.



Even the pallet was a HUGE disappointment in the fact that only ONE color of all 6 is limited edition.

However....I will say that I do enjoy the packaging it really takes me back to my childhood and reminds me more of the cartoon than anything else in the collection (which is fine because this is based off live action and not the cartoon). All the packaging has this iridescent shine too it that you can really only get a feel of in person that is super cute!


SUPER Glitter


The pigments were the only thing with a color pay off other than the fluid line but again if you don't like HIGH AMOUNTS OF GLITTER.....DONT DO IT!

 Then there were these confusing little things...I thought they would be more like a creamy eye shadow or a glossy base because well...they are called a gloss...however it was more like applying glue to your eye lid....

Seriously this stuff is super tacky and sticky even more so than a lip gloss and the second you open your eye it starts to stick open!!! Im not sure what the point is or how this would even be usable I'm sure it creases and well....didn't even feel that safe or comfortable.

Long story short all ya girl walked out with was some lipstick and lip gloss from the collection...everything else was a waste....I could have stayed in bed!

What did you guys get?

Oh and don't forget to stay tuned to the end of the review video to learn all the giveaway details so you can enter!


Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. Hi Deanna!
    I've followed all rules.
    GFC: layla
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    My favorite Disney's movie is Finding Nemo

  2. Hey!
    My favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast!
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  3. My favorite Disney movie is Lilo & Stitch
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  4. Deanna!

    I love your YouTube and Instagram btw!

    My favorite Disney movie is "Princess and the Frog".

    Google & YouTube: ADDICTED2FIERCE
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  5. My first comment disappeared. Sorry if this is a repeat.
    I'm thedylangirl everywhere and my favorite movie is Bambi. Thank you for doing a giveaway!

  6. My first comment deleted so this may be a repeat, sorry if it is. I am following you on all sites, not stalking just following. Lol.
    My ig and YouTube are JadedAG.
    My favorite Disney movie (and princess) is the little mermaid I have loved it since it came out and now I love watching it with my daughters.

  7. So excited about this collection!! My favourite ever disney movie has always been cinderella since i can remember! Frozen comes very close but nothing could ever beat Cinderella!! My instagram is samantha_wilson01 and my youtube name is Samantha Wilson! I haven't made videos yet as i'm wanting to build up my makeup collection before i start filming so a give away like this would be so amazing! Fingers crossed!

  8. I've just started looking into makeup and the natural hair journey, and your YouTube channel and Instagram are such good references!!
    My favorite Disney movie has to be Anastasia.
    IG: aacoolllj

  9. My favorite Disney movie hands down has to be The Beauty and the Beast 😍 which I heard its a Mac collection coming out next year😍😍😍 my YouTube and Instagram name is : dollyparis

  10. Hey girl! My first comment didn't show up but my fav Disney movie is Aladdin!!! Jasmine is amazing!
    My IG: @itsyagirlashley
    My YouTube: abcdefcote (might also show up as It's Your Girl, Ashley!)

    Love you since your regularasslife days lol.

  11. my fave Disney movie is Cinderella !
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    IG sissy899
    Gfc blublu

  12. My favorite disney movie is a tie between frozen amd lilo and stitch, after all ohana meams family and family means no one gets left behind. My youtube and instagram is sarahkahsay

  13. Hey Deanna !

    IG: ___JVC

    My favorite Disney films is Pocahontas
    Hope your having a wonderdul Friday!

  14. YouTube : Rox Ann
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    My ultimate favorite disney movie is The Little Mermaid!

  15. IG @lele1280
    YT lele1280
    Favorite movie is Frozen, even got a tattoo for it lol

  16. Hi love! my fav disney movie is tangled! just thinking about it gets me exited hahah :D my instagram: cocomocho0608 , youtube: Coco Mocho

  17. Hi, my favorite disney movie was always Cinderella which is why I'm upset that I couldn't get anything from this collection >< With the little mermaid as a close 2nd
    IG: Minahbell
    Youtube: 25Lena06

  18. First time seeing your videos you are a doll!!! Fav Disney movie has to be Alice in Wonderland!!
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  19. Instagram: pastelsparkles
    Youtube: pastelsparkles but the url is /sarahsmilesechelon
    My favourite Disney movie is beauty and the beast :) x

  20. Hi Deanna my YouTube name is Lawann anderson my IG name is lawann_33 and my favorite Disney movie is the jungle book Kuta mata

  21. My fav Disney movie is the AristoCats!
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  22. My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast : ) I followed the rules. Instagram name: tacadenakathrina Youtube name (I used my mom's because I have none): Arlene Tacadena

    Is this international?

  23. Hello,my favorite movie is Ariel!
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  24. Hi my name is mikayla my Instagram is klovedanielle and my you tube is mikaylareed1990 and my favorite Disney movie and character is Cinderella just like you. I love Cinderella because no matter what obstacles and challenges she faced she stayed positive and everything worked out for her in the end, and I would like to think my life would turn out the same also. I went to Mac today and was so sad that they were sold out of all the lipglosses and lipsticks. Thank you for doing this giveaway for your fans.

  25. Either past, present, or future, I believe Cinderella was, is, and will still be my favorite movie! Also the reason why my favorite color is blue. :)
    Even when she was pushed around by her step family, no matter how tough her life was, she never gave up. Understanding that tough times don't last, but tough people will. Hard work pays off and good things come to those that deserve it. Don't let anyone threaten your dream. "Dream is a wish your heart makes" and just believe that one day it will come true.
    Youtube : Motivation Reflection
    instagram : motivationreflection

    Thank you for being so kind with the giveaway.

  26. My favourite Disney film will ALWAYS be Cinderella, because just like my favourite princess I was awfully deprived and this was my only Disney film as a child !!! I wore out my VHS copy XD

    Youtube: Charlotte Scotton
    Instagram: allaglow

    Hoping this is international, if so thanks for the chance!

  27. Cinderella !
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  28. my favourite disney movie is Aladdin
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  29. I like Mulan
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  30. My favorite Disney movie was The Little Mermaid because it was the first Disney movie I ever saw and I loved Ariel's hair!
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    Instagram: girlversuscollege

  31. ig:isc_25
    my fave is the little mermaid
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  32. Your blog amazing! I do really like it! I know how much time it requires, but you did a really good job! Keep doing it!) I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  33. Followed all the steps:)
    Instagram: oh.bubble.nuggets
    Youtube: Annie Anjum
    My favorite disney movie is hands down FROZEN haha!
    I especially love Olaf, and im 18! haha
    Fingers crossed(: ty for this chance

  34. Pretty collection!
    Following on all 3! :)
    Instagram: @maelena1990
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    My favorite movie is Brave!

  35. Favorite Disney Movie: Maleficent
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  36. Thank you for the review. I was searching for a review from someone with a darker skintone :) Helped a lot.
    IG: kkvh
    YT: kk van hek
    My favorite disney movies is Mulan... I think... and Lilo and Stitch and Fantasia. Actually all Disney movies. Hard to choose hahahah.

  37. Hey Deanna!! I am so happy for your giveaway :) I would say my favorite disney movie is Cinderella.

    Insta: _.mollz._

    Youtube: _miss molls_

  38. Hi Deanna! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!! My favorite disney movie is Sleeping Beauty I will die if mac make a collection of this princess.
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  39. Hello! Thank you for this review. My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella :)
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    (The link for following the blog didn't work for me. I followed you on Bloglovin' instead)

  40. Hi :) My favourite movie is Cinderella!!! My instagram @AnnaStellaV and my youtube Anna Stella Vadicamo.
    I'm Italian, is this giveaway international?

  41. I submitted a comment a few days ago and i guess it didn't post so I will try again!

    My favorite movie has always been Beauty and the Beast. When I was younger I was bullied for being different. Belle taught me that being different isn't a bad thing. She also taught me that true beauty lies within us. I never though Beauty and the Beast would have an even bigger impact on my life than it already had, until I auditioned to work in Walt Disney World. I ended up getting the job and spending a lot of time with Belle. It was really cool that I got to take what the movie taught me and help portray those lessons and values everyday, so I could help teach others the same thing.

    Youtube: Loashheg
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  42. Great review! Congrats

    My favourite movie is Mulan, she is such a bamf and has a guardian dragon... how could I not like her?

    Youtube: Cristina Hens
    Instagram: crishens

  43. Hi!! My favourite disney movie is Frozen :)


  44. loving the blog. I was gonna enter this contest till I saw the swatches. I think these colors r better fit for the hot chocolatw ladies. Us marshmallow ones dont stand a chance to these barely there colors. Much love lady! Ig @strange8fruit8

  45. I would have been heated too if I was the first and only one there! The beauty sleep is vital! But at least you got first dibs :). My Favorite Disney Movie is Maleficent. Angelia rocked it!

    YT: thefulltimemom
    IG: @_audreybee

  46. I'm not sure what happened but I don't see my previous post so here goes round two! First of all I wanted to say this was my first time watching a makeup review of yours! I'm fairly new to YouTube and you were so refreshing to see your personality is so vibrant and makes for a great reviewer to watch all the way through.
    If I had to pick one favorite Disney movie it would have to be Cinderella, her life very much so reminds me of my own. I had a very rough childhood with a very difficult mother who would tell me on a daily basis and show me that she didn't like me as much as her other children. I always had to do all the house work for her, there was even a year of my life I was working and paying all the bills for me and my siblings and her to live in a place while she would just sit at home because she didn't want to work. ( my father and her divorced when I was 14 and he has since had many strokes and lives in an assisted living home.) needless to say I ended up meeting my Prince Charming who completely sweeped me off my feet! He's so understanding of how close I still am to my siblings and so he will fly them to see me for holidays and throw them a big Christmas or vise versa, we have flown to them for a whole summer. I think Cinderellas positive spirit in such a rough circumstance was part of what always drew me to her as well as her gorgeous innocent look. That is why she is my favorite Disney princess(:

  47. Also my YouTube is Kareah Jakubin and my Instagram is also under Kareah Jakubin or sun_childdd

  48. Favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch
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  49. Favorite Disney movie: Aladdin. Instagram: @kissmyjazz_ YouTube: Jasmine Moguel

  50. Fave Disney movie: pochahantas
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  51. Hi Deanna,
    My favorite Disney movie is Pocahontas.
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  52. hello? i don't know if i commented...

  53. oh wait, i'm sorry, not quite used to this. my instagram name is worldariana, my youtube is Queen Ella, and my favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast. Since my middle name is Belle, I've always felt connected to her. Hugs to you, I love your blog! xx

  54. I dont know if im participating, so i sorry if it is repeated.

    My Youtube account is Carmen Ares, and my IG is @cararevid My google account is and my favourite Disney Movie is The Lion King! Was released when i was 4 so its very special to me <3 i love it! I cry too much know...Mufasa thing T__T


  55. Hello!

    The Disney's movie i love is Lion King, because besides is the first movie i have seen in movie theater, it also touches me until today. I love the history, the characters, the musics, and the message that goes beyond the movie. And it is the one makes me cry everytime i watch.
    Cinderella also is a movie that i'm fond of, because it's brings me back to my childhood, and it is the disney's movie that my mother loves. It had a very emotional meaning to me, 'cause when i watch i remember of my mother.

    My Instagram is nizerfontoura.
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  56. Definitely the Lion King because I grew up watching all those movies.
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  57. My favorite disney movie is Alice in Wonderland. I love that movie sooo much. Instagram : g0ddess.____ YouTube : Layla Morris

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    My fave Disney movie is Cinderella!!