Nap Trapped and 4 Other Times I "Hate" Being A Mom

It's hard to believe right?

That there are points where a mother could actually "hate" being a mom. I put hate in quotes only because I don't really ever hate being a mom, I love my kid. But there are very many points where I STRONGLY DISLIKE having the responsibility of being a mother.

However if we let movies and the media (social or otherwise) tell it disliking mommyhood NEVER happens! All moms are perfectly well adjusted, happily living your ideal momming goals day in and day out. Hair perfect, outfit perfect, child perfect. 

And if your shit ain't perfect like that image or you dislike anything about being a mom. Well, you're just not doing it right and maybe you're a bad mom *insert mom shaming and guilt here*. But none of that is true, if you have moments of distress, depression or moments where you question "how is this my kid" or even "hate" being a mom. 


And in the name of transparency i'm here to share my top 5 times when I "hate" being a mom.

10 Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Traveling To Puerto Rico

It may not feel like it yet, but spring and summer are coming!

With that being said, it's time to book some trips and for anyone that asks I always suggest San Juan. It's one of my favorite places to escape to for a quick getaway because it's close, but gives you the exotic vibe and a bonus is you don't even need a passport.

However, trying to prepare for a trip to San Juan can be an overwhelming task. Although it's a small island there is so much to do and a lot to consider! 

Do you stay on the east side or the west side of the island? Do you hit all the activities or just lay on the beach your whole stay? Should you rent a car or should you "save" a few bucks and just catch cabs? 

Is Mofungo really that good?

Saving 101: How To Save $1,000 On Any Budget At Any Time

"I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet"
Thanx Carrie Bradshaw *insert eye roll*

A perfect mind set to have...unless you're broke.

Contrary to popular belief I wasn't always good at saving my coin's and prior to being dead broke and out of work in 2013 the idea of saving money never even crossed my mind. 

But once I got my next job saving was a top priority because I NEVER wanted to be that broke again. The only issue was, at the time I had NO IDEA how to save or where to start because like a lot of people when I was growing up saving was not taught to me.

But now that I know how, I'm passing on the knowledge!


As a first time mom when I was just months away from the arrival of my little bundle of joy. One of the most daunting tasks I encountered was trying to figure out what products I should ACTUALLY purchase for my newborn.

Savannahs general feelings about my lack of baby knowledge

Knowing nothing about babies, aside from the fact that they eat, sleep and poop like there's no tomorrow. I had no clue what Savannah would REALLY need on a daily basis and most websites (no shade) basically suggested every random bougie hot ticket item under the sun instead of tried and true products.

So I set out to get the REAL scoop on what the must have baby products are for new moms, by asking who?

My REAL MOM friends that have been down this road before and they did not disappoint. They helped me pull together a list of the 20 must have baby products for new moms and now i'm bringing that list to you!

Check it out below!
This should def help with your registry.

How To: DIY Milk Bath Maternity Shoot

When I teased out my milk bath maternity shoot in my Instastories. Folks. Went. Crazy.

I received so many questions on how I did it and an overwhelming excitement to see how things turned out.

Well i'm happy to say...the final product was more stunning than I could have ever imagined. But, I can't possibly take full credit. 

None of this could have been possible without my amazing photographer Jessica of Ely Rose Photography who was willing to risk her camera and her safety (literally hovering over my tub) to get the perfect shot and help my milk bath vision come to life...
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