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Meet the writer and visionary behind the lifestyle blog The Pretty Girls Guide:

Deanna Bobbi

Deanna a 20 something Baltimore native currently residing in the DMV has been in love with writing and story telling ever since she was little.

As she grew her love for writing merged with her new found passion's for entertaining and helping those around her and The Pretty Girls Guide was born. In the 3 years she has been blogging the she has acquired a trusting audience that looks to her for advice on natural hair, fashion, travel and a plethora of other lifestyle topics.

For Deanna the blog originally started as an outlet for her thoughts and experiences with her natural hair, it has since blossomed into a tool to aid in her personal mission to help women across the world embrace their pretty on the inside and out.  

While onlookers may believe that what The Pretty Girls Guide stands for is based solely on outward image, Deanna's beliefs on beauty and her mission for the blog run much deeper than that. The Pretty Girls Guide is about women being Pretty Smart, Pretty Funny, Pretty Kind and Pretty Damn Amazing even when life may not be providing you with the most beautiful situations. 

No matter if they are 13 or 65,  getting an education or work 2 jobs to provide for their family. The Pretty Girls Guide strives to encourage women to create and experience lives they want.  

We hope that for our readers we are inspirational, informative, entertaining, supportive and a helpful little guide for their life...kind of like that best friend on the other side of the computer. No matter if its advice on where to vacation, what hair products you should be using or why you should dump that f*ck boy lol.

Deanna biggest wish is that every girl and woman that reads her blog leaves feeling empowered in their lives, confident in their choices and beautiful in there own skin.

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