5 Pandemic Safe Things To Do Outdoors With Your Toddler This Fall

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

There is no doubt at this point our toddlers are as sick of being inside as we are. We are all grasping for some sense of normalcy and with fall quickly sliding into the picture many of us may be feeling sad that a lot of our fall traditions could be canceled this year due to covid. 

As for me, i've already come to terms that Halloween will look very different this year (if we even participate) and Thanksgiving is pretty much a no go (though i'm working on some virtual family fun for the day). 

However, me being a fall LOVER i'm not willing to give up ALL my fall traditions or the ability to pass those along to my little, so i've pulled together a small list of pandemic safe activities to do with a toddler in hopes to give those that have been locked away for month some fun ideas for fall.

Quick Tips 

- Always have your mask
- Bring hand sanitizer 
- Call ahead so you know the rules of your location
- Go during the week if you can 

1) Apple Picking 

Who can say no to this fall favorite?!

Apple picking is actually a great fall activity idea especially during covid. It's super simple to remain socially distant since you can see when people are coming and where they are in relation to you in the field and move accordingly. 

Bonus-- most pick your own farms are doing ticketed times to lessen the amount of people in the fields and everyone is required to wear a mask.

2) Fall Scavenger Hunt

If you are not looking to leave your homes/neighborhood a fall scavenger hunt is a fun way to switch up your normal routine. Before one of your daily walks create a list of fall related things that you could encounter on your walk (different autumn colored leaves, acorns, pine cones) and have your child collect them or call them out when you come across them. 

If you are doing this in your own yard you can even hide a few things like apples, little pumpkins etc to make it even more fun and surprising. 

Don't forget to grab a cup of apple cider to drink while you're hunting!

3) Sunflower Field

We went to the sunflower field last weekend and loved it.

The field was the perfect size and with the price of admission ($5.00 per person) you got to cut a stem of flowers to take with you. Much like the apple picking staying socially distant again is easy because you can see where you are in relation to other people. 

Generally speaking people were pretty mindful of not coming close to others in the field and creating paths around each other. 

Two things to be mindful of. One the sunflower blooming season, its best to do sunflower fields at the start of fall. Two bugs, I would def say wear long sleeves and pants

4) Corn/Hay Maze 

This one is a little more up to the readers comfort level. 

While it is outdoors depending on if you are doing hay or corn you can not necessarily see when someone is coming up close to you or if they will be around the next corner. However like most activities mentioned businesses are requiring masks and doing ticketed entry to control crowds. 

If you want to recreate this at home you can buy hay stacks from your local craft or home store and make a small maze in your back yard and have just as much fun with your little!

5) Pumpkin Picking


Grab the kiddies. Pack up the car. LET'S GOOOOOO!

Lol but really, you cant do fall without picking pumpkins and its a great safe outdoor idea for fall. Just be sure to bring your hand sanitizer because the kids are bout to get a little dusty and dirty.

That's It!

Hopefully this list is helpful and give you a few ideas of family friendly, pandemic safe things to do this fall with your littles. 

Dont forget to share this post with friends and spread the love. We are ALL looking for ideas to get us out of this darn homes!

Until next time,
XO Deanna 

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