10 Baby Items I Regret Buying As A New Mom

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Trust me, when I got pregnant I was just like you. Once I accepted that this pregnancy was a real thing (especially after we found out the gender). Aside from posting a million baby updates on my Instsgram I was ready to head to the baby section of every store and buy EVERYTHING.

I literally was always  adding things to our registry and picking up little odds and ends every chance I got. 

But all that crap added up (financially and storage wise) and here we are 7 months after Baby Bean was born and 90% of the stuff on this list is untouched. 

So let me save you some money and heed my advice on this one ok?

Every recommendation and product suggestion isn't a necessity, folks will have you buying snow covers for your stroller and you live in Arizona!

I'm just here to tell you the truth...YOU DON'T NEED IT ALL SIS! 

10 Baby Products I Regret Buying As A New Mom (and You Will Too)

1) A Crib

Is she kidding? Nope!

While we didn't actually purchase Savannahs beautiful crib (it was gifted by Basset Baby Furniture) we have yet to use it because she was tiny when we brought her home and have been using her dock a tot and her bassinet.

We WILL ultimately use her crib (so this isn't a true "regret purchase") and will transitioning her into it in the coming months, however if you're lookin to save a little money and plan on sharing your room with your baby anyway while they are tiny, you can probably put off buying a crib right away.

photo: www.thewirecutter.com

2) So Many Damn Bottles

I must have thought I was going to be feeding an army of babies with the amount of bottles that were in this house. 

I had tons from the Target baby bags then for some reason thought it was a good idea to buy every other type of bottle I saw.

But ultimately the joke was on me, Savannah pretty much only liked Tommie Tippie so all those other bottles wound up tossed or donated. If I would have had any sense I would have tested out a few then stocked up on what she ACTUALLY LIKED.

photo: www.amazon.com

3) Dreft Laundry Detergent

I have one word for you. 


THAT SHIT STINKS and maybe its just me...but it can't be, nope. It stinks and if you say it doesn't you're a damn lie. It's too strong and damn near gave me a headache.

Im not sure how a baby would tolerate having to be right up on that smell all day.

We much prefer the Purex baby detergent with you can shop HERE and its what we use for all of Savannah's clothes happily.

4) Wipe Warmer (I didn't actually buy this)

All i'm going to say here is, the wipes ain't warm and the baby is fine.

Plus are you HONESTLY going to refill that wipe warmer in the middle of the night when a baby has a wet diaper and then wait for it to warm the wipes before you change your little?

Or are you gonna wipe that little booty and go?

I thought so.

photo: www.target.com

5) Baby Robes

Have you ever bathed a baby?

It's not actually possible nor worth your sweet time to try to get a squiggling 7 month old into one of those damn baby robes.

Now don't get me wrong they are adorable as hell and you may even see an image of savannah slide across your instagram timeline in one. But trust me, if you do...please know that that image was COMPLETELY staged and she probably had not even taken a bath.

When you get a baby out of a tub your first thought is dry them ASAP so they don't get cold and then get a diaper on them NOW so they don't pee on you. You are not thinking about trying to put them in a robe or trying to keep it on them or tied.

6) Newborn and Baby Shoes

Im going to say this.

Savannah is 7 months old and JUST wore her first pair of shoes.

Reason number 1-- her feet were tiny and she didn't start fitting any baby shoes until recently. So all those adorable boots for winter...smh useless.

Reason number 2-- babies don't keep shoes on their feet no matter how snug the elastic or how tight you strap them. Some how they wiggle their way out, its pointless.

Plus until they are actually walking shoes are pretty much unnecessary and can hinder development.

photo: www.target.com

7) Swaddle Blankets 


Another thing I fell victim to stocking up on because I thought they were cute. I saw so many images of perfectly swaddled babies it the most adorable little blanket all over Instagram and just KNEW that I would be one of those moms with a beautifully bundled baby.

Flash forward...NAW SIS.

To this day I still can't swaddle correctly and not long after Baby Bean was born we figured out that the best thing for us were SwaddleMe zip sacks. In one swipe, she was swaddled and we could all move on with our lives.

Swaddle Me and swaddles are 10 times easier and just as effective and literally saved our sanity. Shop them via the links below.

8) Too Many "Good"  Baby Clothes

Funny thing about "good" baby clothes, you wind up never using them. Especially if you have a winter baby like we did. 

Most days it was so cold out that we didn't leave the house and because we were inside we just ran through onesies. So that meant all her cute little sweaters and outfits were left hanging in the closet unless we were taking a picture. 

Even when we did go out it was a hassle trying to get her into all this mess and we often put on just a onesie, some pants and a jacket. 

So by time we reached for the good outfits, she had outgrown them. 

Pro Tip: If you do buy a lot of clothes keep the tags on until baby wears them, so if you don't use them you can just return/exchange for something else.

Photo: www.americanblanketcompany.com

9) Blankets

Call I'm the blanket queen!

Every time I stopped in Marshalls or Target or TJMaxx, I had to buy a baby blanket. But I mean who can blame me? Those things are so stinking cute!

But ask me how often I used them?

Next to never and that's even with Savannah being born in the winter. To be honest we used (and still do) the free hospital blankets they send you home with 100 times more then we ever touch those blankets we paid for.

10) Stupid Newborn and Baby Hats

Just dumb...and I have a drawer full that she refused to keep on her tiny baby head.

Mama's I hope this has taken a little of the pressure to buy everything off of you shoulders.

Experienced mama's if there is anything I missed please leave it in the comments below or let me know if you purchased any of these things only to have them collecting dust now. 

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. Every time I read about Dreft I get mad. It has so many bad chemicals in it! For those that are interested check out Environmental Working Groups website for info on safe cleaners. And you're right, it stinks!

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