Guiliana Rancic's Disrespectful Comment on Zendaya: Natural Reaction

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

So not two days after I felt compelled to make my "Oscars Best Dressed: Brown Girl Edition" which you can see HERE because I felt as though women of color and their beauty was being underrepresented on all the other *side eye* best dressed list. Fashion Police Host Guiliana Rancic took it upon herself to well....take a look after the jump

Yes you heard that right, after Kelly Osbourne gave praise to Zendaya and talked about her bright future.....Rancic states that she looked as if her hair smelled like patchouli oil and....wait for it...weed.

I.....JUST CAN'T like my levels of can't is off the charts -___- 

Many may say to not get offended, that she does not understand black hair...that she does not know any better and trust me i know there is a lot that non black don't understand about black hair. I went to predominantly white college..I lived it.

But not understanding and a non willingness to educate yourself is what breeds comments like this and hate ( not to say she hates blacks) and not knowing any better is an excuse to be left for children not adults, especially when you have a platform on national tv just like the news caster who called Lady Gaga's music "Jiggaboo" music and then claimed she didn't know where that word came from and it was made up.  I think there is a right to be offended if you want to feel that way.

I was so pissed/offended at seeing this on my instagram timeline when I woke up this morning I just had to post my reaction in video form because...I couldn't even be bothered with typing.

Check out my full reaction video below

Zendaya released a statement after learning of the comments made about here hair and it was just so spot on *praise hands* Check it out below.

Even when being judged she was so poised in her response and her beautiful spirit shined through. Oh and below is her red carpet look in case you missed it.

I however am beyond baffled STILL as to how Guiliana could have thought that this comment was appropriate  and even back up her comments by saying..."i like her with her other hair" her cute little hair *insert side eye*. There is nothing wrong with big hair and I'm sure if it was any other style comments of what her hair smells like wouldn't even come up.

*sigh* all this just makes me feel that with all the power and steam behind the "natural hair movement" there is still so far that we have to go and sad to know that there will always people who will continue to make ignorant comments. 

It is beautiful to see women embracing natural hair at school, in the work place, every day on the streets and even on the red carpet and anyone who see's it as anything other than beautiful is so...sadly misguided. 

I hope that women of all colors and hair types see the beauty in their hair....and not the stereotypes and know that the validation of others on your beauty is so unnecessary.

So....naturals, relaxed, men, women of all colors and races.....what are your thoughts? Let me know below.

Until next time,
XO Deanna


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