Monday, February 23, 2015

There must be no better feeling in the world then walking down the red carpet on Oscars night...I mean unless you actually count winning an Oscar, I suppose.

However if you are anything like me, when you hear Oscars your mind immediately jumps to GLORIOUS fashion and not movies or a little gold man. They should actually give out awards on the red carpet to the best dressed because CLEARLY they are the real MVP's .

Granted all that above may just be my personal opinion...lets face it there would not be a pre-show if no one cared about that little phrase "who are you wearing tonight?"

And in true blogger fashion I CARE! So while sitting at the edge of my seat with bated breath I watched as some of the most beautiful women of color in Hollywood seemed to all but float down the red carpet and of course I took close note of my fave looks. I even asked your opinions on Instagram my @theprettygirlsguide to make things even more interesting. Oh and if you looking for great fashion for yourself be sure to check out my last ootd HERE.

Some may ask why I chose to do a "Brown Girl Edition" of the Oscars best dressed.
 The honest reason behind it is one because it is deserved. Sometimes when certain people don't give you a platform to shine, you must go out and make one for yourself. The second is because I was afraid that if I didn't no one else would.

I refuse to let little brown girls out there think that beauty does not come in all shades ESPECIALLY our shades or that our beauty is not worth being documented and praised. As I flipped through site after site and scowered best dressed list, I saw one thing in common that we were no where to be found. Our beauty and elegance was vastly under represented and if I have the opportunity no matter how small of a scale to show it...I will.

And without further adieu the tallies are in!! Its time to find out who made The Pretty Girls Guide...


5.  Lupita Nyong'o

Although I wasn't the biggest fan of Lupitas custom made Calvin Klein dress that was adorned with 6,000...COUNT EM 6,000 pearls you all liked it enough to at least have her make the top 5 Best Dressed list with 162 likes on Instagram. 

I personally thought the dress looked too heavy on her slender frame. The beading around her bust and under her arms was far too busy for me. The dress I feel actually took away from her beauty and the halter like strap should have been thinner, possibly a single strand? Its just all too bulky!

The back of the dress and bottom however were gorgeous...the front however.....smh.

4. Jennifer Lopez

I'm almost SHOCKED that JLo in her amazingly beautiful Tulle Elie Saab gown has only taken the number 4 spot with 220 likes on Instagram, but she did have some tough competition. I LOVE this dress and when I saw it on the red carpet it honestly took my breath away. She looks perfect..and NO ONE could have worn this better.

...Speaking of who wore it better *cough* there was a slight uh...wardrobe snafu shall we say? when Robert Duvalls Wife was seen coming down the red carpet in the almost EXACT SAME DRESS in peach *insert monkey hiding eyes emoji*

Jlo!? What happened?! Why were your people not on this!?

3. Viola Davis

Did she do it? Did she get away with murder!?!? YES SHE DID Viola Davis in all her chocolatey goodness looks stunning in this Zach Posen rose colored gown next to hubby Julius Tennon. Instagram surely agreed with 279 likes landing her the number 3 spot on our top 5. The pleating adds to the flow of the dress and works perfectly for her. I do wish she would have lost the necklace however #notafan


Flawless in all of her TWA (teeny weeny afro) glory and look at that berry lip *dies* so so beautiful, words can not even justify.

2. Zendaya


Can we first have a moment of awe for this Vivienne Westwood gown? CAN WE?! 
Zendaya is a vision of beauty, looking absolutely ethereal. This off the shoulder gown paired with her perfectly done faux locs makes her look like a goddess. Instagram gave Zendaya 312 likes on this look landing her a very well deserved #2.

I'm sooooooo happy that natural hair and natural hair inspirations were front and center on the red carpet this year it just makes my little heart smile lol.

That clutch however deserves the biggest side eye EVER. 

1. Zoe Saldana


Well...I think she was the queen and Instagram agreed Zoe Saldana deserved the crown with 320 likes. Saldana looks as if she was perfectly poured into this soft pink Versace gown and no woman stood a chance at looking better than her! He body has filled out nicely with all the right curves in all the right places just three months after giving birth to twins boys. 

The layers, draping and cross body details accentuated every last curve, he makeup clean and flawless. The jewelry & hair understated leaving all focus on that beautiful face and bangin baby body!


And there you have it loves The Pretty Girls Guide Top 5 Oscars Best Dressed List



Clearly the color of the night were the beautiful hues of nude, light pink, blush color, giving us all hopes of spring. Ladies of color take note....we look goooooooood in blush! 
All shades and skin tones!


Although not a single actor of color was nominated for the 2015 Oscars nor was a single female director or writer nominated we mustn't let that stop our celebration of "Glory" winning best original song.

John Legend and Common used the platform that they had at that moment to speak on social injustices. Legend stated "Selma is now because the struggle for justice is right now". Reminding us all that 50 years isn't enough there is still work to be done.

No better reminder of that were the blatant racial snubs and jokes weaved into the script of host Neil Patrick Harris.....like "the brightest and whitest" and having David Oyelowo read "the last attempt ever at remaking Annie" because it would "sound better coming from you"

But chile that deserves a whole other blog post -____- and I want to end on a positive note.

So what did you think about the Oscars? Did you watch? Is your top 5 the same as mine? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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