Cold Weather Lip Essentials: Updated Lippy Faves

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hey loves!

So this cold weather doesn't seem to be letting up and truth be told I'm soooooo over it. Ever since the start of January this flow of super cold & dry air has been wreaking havoc on my skin, hair, nails and my usually silky smooth lips. 

I've been doing my all to keep my skin moisturized and my nails well....moving on lol. My biggest pet peeve however is dry, cracked and crusty lips! I mean I can hide ashy hands, cover up my hair and protect it but these lips?! 

Honey EVERYONE can see these babies! So I had to get them together and I have 3 of my favorite  products to bring those dry lips back to life! The coolest thing about these three products is when you use them together its like your doing the "LOC method" on your lips! So you know when its all said and done your lips will be feeling like silk!

1) Fresh Sugar Lip Polish (Exfoliant)  

Truth be told I have been a super huge fan of Fresh's Sugar Lip Polish for years now. I remember the first time I got a sample at my local Sephora and I fell in love! It gently removes and buffs away every little piece of dry and dead skin thats on your lips. Leaving nothing but smooth and healthy skin behind. TAKE THAT COLD WEATHER lol. Oh and I can't forget to mention that it taste AMAZING the sweet brown sugar makes you want to just eat it up...however I would recommend wiping off the dead skin first!

You can pick up your own sugary scrub HERE

Or if you don't want to shell out the cash for Fresh, you can make your own at home just follow the simple steps in my tutorial below using common household products =)

2) Soft Lips Cube (Hydration)

These little babies pack a HUGE punch in keeping your lips moisturizing. They are infused with Shea Butter to restore moisture. Its the perfect product to use after you have successfully exfoliated your lips due to the replenishing Vitamins A, C & E each little cube contains. They are the perfect size to fit in your purse, pocket or clutch and has quickly become a staple in my lip care routine. My favorite is the pomegranate blueberry cube and it NEVER leaves my side but you can get which ever one you want HERE.

You may even find a coupon if you look around on the internet =)

3) Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Lipsticks (Cream)

Milani may have stolen my heart with their Color Statement Lipsticks <3. They glide on super smooth and are ultra hydrating! I love using them as the C in my "LOC" method that I now do on my lips! The creamy make up of the lipstick really helps keep in the moisture from the Soft Lips Cube & I think the fact that they contain Beeswax help with the extra hydration. Oh and the color pay off is a super amazing added bonus, literally one swipe will give you all the color you need.

Grab your own Milani Lipstick HERE

After all three products your lips will be silky smooth, protected and shouting for joy. But you don't have to take my word for it, try it out yourself and if you have any fave products to keep your lips smooth let me know what you think in the comments below!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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