Friday, February 27, 2015

So there is one thing that I know for sure and thats that everyone and I mean EVERYONE loves free stuff. Pretty much the only thing that people like more than free stuff is...FREE MONEY!

Now what if I told you I could help you get not only free stuff but free money to spend at one of the most popular lingerie stores eva!?!? You would like that right? Well if your interested KEEP READING!

Ok, so every so often throughout the year Victoria Secret decides to reward it's loyal shoppers with "Secret Rewards Cards". These cards are handed out by cashiers and given out with online orders on purchases over $10.00. Each Secret Rewards card has a value between $10.00 and $500.00 dollars and can be redeemed on future Victoria Secret purchases.

Pretty sweet deal right? I mean if you go in the store and buy a pair of 10.00 underwear you are pretty much guaranteed to get at least your $10.00 back to use on another purchase. So pretty much buy one get one free =)

But what If I told you it could get even sweeter? What if I told you you didn't have to spend any money? What if I told you you could get a "Secret Rewards" emailed to you for just the cost of a postage stamp!?


If you actually read the fine print of the "Secret Rewards" promotion it states "No purchase necessary to enter or win. Purchase will not increase you chances of winning"

So how do you get a card if you don't make a purchase? Well you gotta go old school with it. That's right they are putting you to work! So whip out your pen, paper, envelop and a you have those?! Lol if so follow the directions below to get your own Secret Rewards Card FOR FREE and cross your fingers that its $500.00!


1) Print by hand your full name, address, birth date and email address on a 4"X6" piece of paper and send it by postal mail in a standard #10 envelope.

2) Address envelope to 
Promotions Team c/o The Marketing Arm
1999 Bryan Street Suite 1800
Dallas, TX 75201

3) Envelope must be postmarked by March 30th 2015

4) You may send your mail between February 27th 2015 - March 29th 2015

And wait once your information is received you will receive your email with your secret rewards code within 14 days! Its just that simple =)

Check out the official Victoria Secret Rewards page for full details HERE

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Until next time,
XO Deanna 

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