First and for most Happy Thanksgiving to every last one of you reading this. One thing that I am so thankful for is you...yes YOU! Im so grateful to have such supportive followers and people who really believe in my dreams and what I do. I couldn't ask for anything more =)
I hope that all of you have and had an amazing Thanksgiving filled with food, family, friends and love.

Now that you are stuffed just as your turkey once was lol its time to rack up on some AMAZING savings...because you all know I love savings and I want to share them with all my favorite curlies!!


Style Inspiration: 10 Great Protective Styles For Winter

How are you protecting your hair?

Protective styling season is here ladies and if you have not already started planning what protective styles your fro will be rocking for the next few months I am here to help with some super cute protective style ideas and inspiration that I myself have rocked or I have seen other along amazing naturals rocking while I've been out and about.

For all my new naturals, or those who may be a little unsure as to exactly what protective styling is, no worries. I got you covered.


OOTD: Royal In Blue

Hey Loves!

This past weekend I had my own little "break the internet" moment lol when a picture of me in a tutu made by @sewurbane took over on instagram for a few brief seconds.


The Real Deal: Haute Kinky Hair Natural Hair Extensions Initial Thoughts

Hey Loves!

I hope this Monday is treating you well! Its been about a week and a half since I installed my Haute Kinky Hair clip ins that I made from wefted hair in their "Kinks" line and I couldn't be happier.

I'm still testing and playing around with the hair everyday and will be trying more in depth styling options and shampooing etc at the beginning of next week but I wanted to get out my initial thoughts on the hair because there have been soooooo many questions.

And I mean why wouldn't there be?

When extensions can take you from this

To a matter of a few minuets!!!

Find out all my loves, hates and thoughts on this Haute Kinky Hair after the jump!


How to | Eyebrows On Fleek - Easy Brow Tutorial

Hey Ladies!!!

I have gotten alot of compliments about my brows on my Instagram lately, and even more recently the compliments have been coming with request for me to make a tutorial on how I get my brows to look the way they do.

Sooooo of course you know I had to let you guys in on all my brow secrets after the jump =)


10 Fall Beauty Favorites & Beauty Routine Changes

Hey Loves!!

As we transition into cooler months our beauty routines tend to change. Our skin needs a little more hydration, the shades of makeup we use on an everyday basis begin to deepen and even the polish colors we choose to put on our nails switch up.

With that being said I wanted to share with you how my beauty routine has changed a bit for the fall and some of the products I am currently using and loving as the weather cools down.

I hope you all enjoy!

Haute Kinky Hair: Winter Protective Styling Brunch Recap

This weekend may have been the best weekend i've had in a while, jam packed with great events, good food and amazing curl friends. All of which were present at the Haute Kinky Hair Winter Protective Styling Brunch held at Fire Fly in DC on Saturday.
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