Being Mary Jane Review: What it means to be Mary Jane

Ok so I feel its only fair to first admit that I am writing this blog without actually watching the last episode of this seasons Being Mary me though I AM going to watch it as soon as I'm done this post. I just want to be able to write with a clear head lol.

*sigh* where do I start? 


3 Fave Products: Simple & Nivea Product Review

Happy Wednesday Ladies !

As all my pretty girls know I' have been pretty much obsessed with skincare lately. I have been trying out a lot of different natural remedies and natural-ish products lol. 

Recently I stumbled upon 3 products that a absolutely fell in love with and earlier today on Instagram I posted a pic stitch showing them off. Unfortunately Instagram has posting limits so I couldn't go into detail about why I love the products but luckily my blog doesn't ☺️

So let's get into my little skin care show & tell/review shall we?

First up Simple Skincare Products

I came across Simple about a month ago when I clipped a bogo coupon for it (of course lol), saw their products at my local Target and decided to give it a chance. Now I'm not normally one to pick up a product on the whim because I have extremely sensitive skin and tho I love coupons just because something's cheap does not mean it needs to be on my face. However I was attracted to their cute green packaging an their tag "the sensitive skin experts" so I decided to give them a try.

1) Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes 

These wipes are AMAZING dare I even say AMAZEBALLS (I hate that word). Each wipe has what seems to be little ridged holes in it that help lift off dead skin cells. These wipes feel different than any other exfoliating wipes I have ever tried. They are not overly moist or soapy once your done rubbing your face down you have this completely clean feeling. I defiantly prefer these over the Ponds exfoliating wipes that I tried a while back. I like to use my Simple wipes with coconut oil, in the mornings I'll massage my face with coconut oil and then go over that with the wipes. The coconut oil helps break down any left over makeup particles and gives a deeper clean along with the exfoliation.  

25 wipes come in a pack for about 4.99-6.99 depending on the store you shop in. I suggest you go to Target or Walmart you tend to get the best bang for your buck there.

2) Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

You know, I really appreciate things that do what they say and this scrub really makes your face feel all types of smooth 😍.  Aside from that it helps your skin look brighter! The consistency is completely different than most scrubs, I'm used to super thick scrubs with large exfoliating beads. Simples scrub is of a thinner consistency and the exfoliating so beads are itty bitty micro crystals which I love. I hate the big beads.. Not sure why I have just never been a fan.  I'm still hot and cold on the consistence of the scrub itself, I'm just super used to thicker scrubs but it's consistency doesn't take away from the job that it does sooooo I'm good lol. The ONE downside to this scrub is that to me it almost smells like a typical house cleaner. It's not a super strong smell or overwhelming but because Simple does not use any dyes or perfumes it just smells like a cleaner (exactly what it is lol) I'm just used to things being more fragrant and pretty smelling lol.

The scrub comes in a 5 fl oz bottle  it cost around 5.99-6.99 again try to pick it up at your local Target or Walmart.

3) Nivea A Kiss Of Berry Swirl

THISSSSSSSSS STUFFFF IS AMAZING! Bottom line flat out if I never use another lip balm in life it will be too soon. I was already addicted to Nivea lotion, then I became addicted to Nivea body wash and now they have won over my lips. I'm just Nivea'd out. Their lip care line consist of butters, balms and glosses which are all equally amazing, but my hear belongs to the balms. This lip bam makes my lips so damn smooth without being sticky, greasy or creating that awful white line on your lips. In every situation this stuff is my go to lip option it leave my lips soft with a hint of color. Perfect! You can bet without a doubt this will be my best friend forever. The Berry Swirl is my favorite but they have a lot of different flavors that are vitamin enriched, smoothing, hydrating, SPF enriched, medicated ect. So there are plenty of options for you to choose from but I DEFINATLY recommend you go grab now.

The Nivea lip balms retail anywhere from 1.99 -3.00 but always go on sale so try to catch them when they are marked down at a store near you.

If your in the market for a new facial wipe, scrub or lip balm I highly recommend these three products for everyone, no matter if your skin/lips are sensitive, normal, dry or oily Simple and Nivea have you covered.

The after effects of using these dope ass products you ask? LOL

In the comments let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you thought. Or if your thinking about trying them let me know😊

Until next time 
XO, Deanna


Peter Pilotto For Target Review: A Hit? Or Miss?

Ok I'm sure EVERYONE knows that this past Sunday Target released their newest collaboration with the up and coming British designer duo behind the label Peter Pilotto.

Instagram was all a buzz this past week with post from eager fashionistas impatiently waiting for the launch of the collection. I seemed as though everyone was ready to get their hands on a piece of Pilotto.


Motivational Monday: Messages & Mistakes

Happy Monday y'all!

I know I have been MIA on the blogging scene for the past week or so and I'm sorry. As you all know I stumbled upon this amazing thing called couponing and it has consumed my life lol. Honestly, its addictive lol but there will be more post on that later ;)

I wanted the first post I put up after my little hiatus to be something that was meaningful, actually I want to do AT LEAST one meaningful/motivational post every week. You know, something to try and help keep everyone that reads my blog look at the positive that is all around them.

This weeks Motivational Monday is about messages and mistakes. 

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