Peter Pilotto For Target Review: A Hit? Or Miss?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ok I'm sure EVERYONE knows that this past Sunday Target released their newest collaboration with the up and coming British designer duo behind the label Peter Pilotto.

Instagram was all a buzz this past week with post from eager fashionistas impatiently waiting for the launch of the collection. I seemed as though everyone was ready to get their hands on a piece of Pilotto.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this designer collaboration that Target does don't worry, your not too far behind the curve. This is actually only Targets 4th time doing a designer collaboration. Past designers collabs include 3.1 Philip Lim (2013),  Prabal Gurung (2013) and Missoni (2011). I unfortunately missed the boat on all of the past collections except for Philip Lim despite searching high and low for 3 pairs of Prabal Gurung shoes in my size (insert side eye here)

Many may ask whats the big deal, its just Target clothes, however for the girl that dreams of designer fashion on well....a Target budget these collaborations are a heaven sent. For example being able to get your hands on a mini version of Philip Lims 895.00 Pashli Satchel for 35.00 is like....I I even need to finish my sentence? 

Anyway the point is these collaborations are HUGE and fashionista treat it as such, think of it as the equivalent of guys waiting in line for Jordans. I remember when I tried to get my hands on some Philip Lim, by time I made it to Target around 12pm 3 different targets were cleaned out! I later was able to find 2 of the 4 things I wanted from the collection (I'm still a little sour about only getting 2)

So I expected nothing different for Peter Pilotto, I had seen parts of the collection from clips of fashion week and I was blown away by the designs on the runway. Everything seemed to flow and move so well and the collection was completely cohesive, with two main color families showing throughout ( the blues and the reds, I just knew I was going to be a blue girl).

The collection included blazers, cardigans, pants, shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, skirts, sunglasses, canvas shoes beach towels, beach bags and bathing suits.

Small sample of the Peter Pilotto Look Book

Now I will admit, that some of the patterns did throw me off a bit, some things seemed just too.....well 70's for me but there were a some items that were on my must have list. So with pictures and notes to guide my shopping Saturday night I went to sleep with Pilotto on the brain. I planned to wake up at 7:45 brush my teeth and make my way to Target.

Flash forward to sunday morning...I rolled out of bed at 10:00 completely disappointed with myself and made my way to target just knowing they would be sold out. 

But....I was wrong

My target was completely stocked minus a sweatshirt in my size (of course one of the things I wanted) and no one was even in the section. 

I literally had the whole Peter Pilotto section to myself (bad sign?). Since there was now no immediate rush I was actually able to take my time browse the section, snap pictures and assess fabrics, cuts and designs....

Pattern tee-shirt 

Good for me, bad for Pilotto. The fabrics in my opinion were lack luster, most things feeling like everyday polyester. 

Collared shirt with mesh sleeves 
The cuts while some could be flattering over all did not impress me. After seeing where some skirts would fall, checking the stretch (or lack there of) in some of the dresses I actually decided to pass on everything I had written down. 

Sleeveless dress with ruffled bottom 

Short sleeve dress with detachable snap belt
runs tight in boob and neck area 
Honestly a lot of the items just didn't seem worth it for me when taking into consideration my Targets selection, things I actually needed in my wardrobe, the feel of the fabric and price point. Aside from all that I think I was actually the most disappointed at the fact that most of the pieces didn't look nearly as great in person as they had on the runway or in pictures =(

Pattern pencil skirt
I however can not speak for things I did not see in my Target, which sadly were most of the things I was interested in like the color block blazer, the canvas shoes and printed sunglasses pictured below.

This sweatshirt that I thought I would just die over turned out to be a bit too stiff in person due to the fabric on the front and seemed a little boxy.

This dress that I also thought would send me over the moon is a normal jersey material that after a few washes I concluded would pill and was not worth the investment. It also had this odd extra pleated fabric going across the boob area that just seemed out of place to me that was not at all visible in most look book and runway pictures.

All in all, my personal conclusion about this collection, is that it is a MISS for me. I do think ill search around to a few more targets in my area (seeing as how folks here didn't seem to impressed by it) to see if I can actually find the color block blazer but as for everything else, meh....maybe ill revisit this collection when it hits the clearance rack.

I have been much more impressed with previous Target collabs and their selections. Im actually pretty sad that this was a bust =(

If you are absolutely dying to shop this collection but your still on the fence about it, I think your best bet's and safest options would be the cardigans, blazers, bathing suits, canvas shoes (that run a half size too big), sunglasses or beach totes (which has a shiny plastic exterior). 

Have any of you checked your Target stores for this collab? Are you feeling it.....or nah? LOL did you buy anything? Let me know below

As for me ill just be keep my fingers crossed for the next Target designer collab.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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