Top 10 Fall Travel Destinations

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Welp...the time has come *squeals with excitement*

If you have been following me long enough it is terribly apparent that fall is my favorite time of year. Little known fact, I love fall so much that Savannah's name was almost Autumn =)

I love the smell, the cozy feel, the clothes, apple cider, Hocus Pocus and I love to travel in the fall to see FALL FOLIAGE !

But I mean there are plenty of other benefits to traveling in the fall aside from seeing fall foliage lol. The best thing actually may be the savings and convenience, from saving on flights and accommodations to less crowds at tourist attractions, cooler temperatures and sorter lines. 

Traveling in fall is lit...which is why I figured I would help get your wheels turning for the best destinations you can travel this fall with the family for the low low.

 The 10 Best Travel Destinations For Fall

1)  Burlington, Vermont 

I can't explain the beauty of Vermont during fall. It's honestly something you have to see for yourself,  the leaves changing colors, the crisp air, the views across the water and the little town charm is actually to die for.

If you're traveling with family there's something for everyone from shopping, to harvest festivals to breweries Vermont has it all.

Be sure to visit Shelburne Orchards and Farm.

2) Asheville, North Carolina 

If you're on the east coast (or even if your not) and you're looking for amazing mountain views, Asheville is it. 

This booming hipster town mixes good vibes with down south charm and an outdoorsy feel.

So take a deep whiff of apple cider, listen to the bluegrass sounds while you cozy up in your favorite sweater and enjoy fall in all of its glory on the mountain side.

3) Scottsdale Arizona 

Often looked at as a playground for the well off  Scottsdale actually becomes much more affordable for us regular folk in the "off season". Hotel prices take a dive and the crowds die down in the fall making much more pleasurable.

Hiking, golfing, the Scottsdale ArtWalk and more are all at your fingertips.

4) Chicago Illinois 

While Chicago is beautiful in the summer...beating the heat of summer and avoiding the freezing temperatures of winter means fall is the best time to visit the city.

Visit The Bean surrounded by the autumn leaves, dine on delicious food and enjoy the buzz of the city.


Why Disney in the fall? 


Because it's DISNEY!

The weather is literally perfect, as the humidity has started to die down. You're there just in time for the International food and wine festival at Epcot and you get to take part in the Disney Not So Spooky Halloween if you have littles. 

This trip is perfect for couples looking to relax or families ready to take in the fall feels.

6) Denver Colorado

Me personally...i've never had the want to make the trek to Denver. However after seeing a few fall photos of the "mile high city" I may be rethinking things.

Aside from amazing sweeping views of the mountains Denver actually has a lot of fall activities for the family. Including a pumpkin harvest festival, art week an urban holiday market and more.

7) Paris France

Ah Paris, my love. 

While Paris (like Disney) is always a good idea there is just something about Paris in the fall.

The air crisp air, the fashions (fashion week), the views, the history...the bread (please don't forget the bread). Pairs in the fall just feels amazingly right. My favorite thing to do is walk the streets of the Champs-Elysees as the sun sets.

It's pure magic.

8) Savannah Georgia

While this ISN'T where we got Savannah's name it should be on your fall vacation bucket list.

Cooler and calmer than summer and way less crowded this is the perfect time to visit Georgias most beautiful city. Enjoy the culinary festivals, outdoor music and the old world charm of their historic district.

9) San Francisco California 

Now San Francisco in fall is all about attractions.

Theres Fright Fest Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Wine country tours, The Great Pumpkin Fest at California Great America, The San Francisco Museum of Modern art...I mean the list goes on.

If you're feeling particularly nostalgic you can go visit the "Full House House". 

The opening credits were filmed at the Alamo Square Park.

As for the actual red door no longer technically exist but if you want to find the house used for exterior shots the address is 1709 Broderick St =D

10) Montreal Canada 

If you can't quite make it to Paris but you want that French feel head to Montreal, it is one of Canadas top tourist destinations, however like most places in fall you will be able to score "off season" deals when it comes to hotels. 

Montreal is home to beautiful museums, parks that look beautiful in fall and plenty of French speaking folks to make you feel like you are over seas. The look of Montreal also is amazingly similar to Paris, which I love.

Don't forget to check out the Underground City while you're there.

I hope this helped spark the fall travel bug for you. If you check out ant of these destinations this fall be sure to let me know! Don't forget to tag me in photos on Instagram.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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