45 Amazing Nail Design Ideas

Monday, April 25, 2022

News flash!

I'm still in love with nail designs.

I'm really not sure what took me so long to jump on the nail bandwagon but sis is here and I feel like I'm on this ride for the long haul.

So since I'm still searching the internet each week for inspiration to bring my nail tech at my appointments (trust me...she sick of me and my millions of pix's). That also means I have new designs to share with you all as inspiration as well.

Check out the nail designs im crushing on this month below.

 45 Amazing Nail Designs 

Please note I do not own any of this work, if you would like to follow any of the nail artists featured their instagram handles are shown in each image.

1) Shego

 2) Issa Mood

3) Boxed Tribe Vibe

4) Classic Wit A Twist

5) Orangeaid Tips

6) Lisa Frank

7) Holo Racers

8) Milky Bouquet 

9) Matted Lines

10) Green Matted Lines

11) No Smoke 

13) Composition 

14) Caution Tape

15) Arizona Sunrise

16) Extraterrestrial

17) Make A Wave

18) Flower Crowns

19) Water Color Waves

20) Lilac Rain

21) Wall Flower Art

22) Splat 

23) Nudes + Glitter

24) Milky Way

25) Glow Worm

26) Fairy Dust

27) Flag On The Play

28) Hot Pink & Black

29) Black Magic

30) But Of Kaws 

31) Saved By The Bell

32) Alice N Nail Land

33) Leaves It To Me 

34) 90's Vibes

35) Grey Reflections

36) Down The Line

37) Fine Lines 

38) Just Face It

39) Vacation Vibes

40) Pastel Fun

41) Half Moons

42) Storm Clouds 

43) Slime Ball Drip

44) Business Meets Style 

45) Black and White Texture

Let me know if you try any of these designs on you next trip to the nail salon and in the comments below let me know your fave design.

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna

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