The 40 Best Nail Designs Ever

Saturday, July 27, 2019

If you've been following my postpartum journey on my Instagram you'll know that getting my nails done has become one of my self care routines after having Savannah. 

What I didn't know was that you all would love the nail designs I picked. So much so that every time I post them I get tons of questions on everything from where I get my nails done, to how I pick my designs and if I can send you examples of nail designs. 

Since I can't do that for everyone I decided to compile a list of 40 of my favorite nail designs for y'all for all different occasions and personal styles.

Check em out.

The 40 Best Nail Designs Ever

Please note I do not own any of this work, if you would like to follow any of the nail artists featured their instagram handles are shown in each image.

1) Tropical 
2) Floral With A Twist

3) Abstract
4) Under the Sea
5) 90'S Flow
6) 90's Flow X2
7) Ice Queen
8) Abstract Lines
9) Eye See You
10) Neon Line
11) Red and Abstract
12) Off White Inspo
13) Bright and Bold
14) Abstract Elegant
15) Blue Angles
16) Blue Marble 
17) Abstract Paint
18) Grafiti 
19) Pink Elegance 
20) Abstract Tribal
21) Colors and Lines
22) Yellow Abstract
23)  Snake in the Grass
24) Black and White Bubbles
25) Eggshells
26) Dipped in Neon 
27) Water Color Wonder
28) Hint Of Gold
29) Love
30) Line Leader
31) Magic Marker
32) Highlighter
33) Negative Neon Space
34) Paint in Waves
35) Two Can You Can
36) Color Mixing
37) Tropical Candy Stripe
38) Organized Angles
39) Read Between the Lines
40) Disorderly Conduct

I hope this gives you some inspo for your next trip to the salon!

In the comments below let me know your favorite nail design...and if I get enough comments I just may do a part 2.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna

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