10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wednesday, May 8, 2019


*Insert scream here*
10 last minute mother's day gift ideas

I'm still stuck in some level of denial about it all, like my baby is 5 months. I have been a mother for FIVE MONTHS and the one holiday i've looked forward to celebrating myself for more than half my life is right around the corner.

Chile and I still not prepared >_<

I'm sure you're like "Deanna, how are you not prepared? It's your day." Girl yes but I still have a mom, still have women to get gifts for. And I am the queen of last minute shopping and this holiday is no different. 

So assuming you are like me i've compiled a list of Last minute Mother's day gift ideas to get you through the holiday, but wont leave you looking cheap and thoughtless.

10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

last minute mothers day gift idea

Don't sleep on the strawberries shawdy, these are a GREAT GIFT. I'm actually gonna order myself some because HUNTY...YUM. Shari's Barries Mother's Day dozen is an easy answer to a difficult choice.

Fun Fact: Strawberries are my favorite fruit.
Offer: Click the microphone at the top of the webpage and enter the coupon code: Life and receive double the berries for only 9.99 more! 

  **The discount results in you getting 12 berries for 29.99 which would normally be 44.98**

Cuteness alert!

Maybe it's the new mom in me...or maybe i'm just corny AF but these jackets to me are not only adorable but something I would treasure forever. Like i'm pretty sure I would have to keep buying the jacket for my little one because i'll want to match forever!

3) Apple Watch

I know you're like--"what the hell is this here for?"

Let's think, it's a sensible yet cool purchase. She can get text, calls, check the time, work out, use apps all the things with just the flick of her wrist!

For the busy mom on the go, with not enough hands to do it all this little watch can really be a life saver.

last minute mothers day gift idea

4) Massage  

You can never go wrong with a good ol massage, especially being a mama!

We carry so much on our shoulders that the stress of it all most def starts to build up and it has to be a release and wind down.

Thats why setting a deep tissue massage for your lady is a perfect idea...matter of fact. Just make it a whole spa day, add a facial, a vichy shower, a pedicure, a manicure, a wax and a brow threading.

5) Jewelry

This is the 100% easy peasy answer.

Best ideas are necklaces and earrings, bonus points if the necklace has some sort of connection to her being a mom or the baby (we love that sentimental shit)

Or when all else fails, a Pandora bracelet is clutch.

last minute mothers day gift idea

6) Babyless Weekend Getaway

We ALL love our kids, but lets be honest...mama needs a flipping nap, or a drink, or a vacation or all of the above.

Book us a hotel stay for us and our girls, or for us and you (bae) leave the kids with a sitter and just relax. This can be a staycation or a get away-- whatever it needs to be just do it!

Two services to check out if you want the unconventional experience are

last minute mothers day gift idea

7) Mommy And Me Photo Shoot

One thing us mamas will always feel like we never have enough of are pictures of us and our littles.

It's crazy and I didn't believe it when folks told me but once you have a baby you hardly ever get photos if you and your baby. You will have a million photos of the baby, or photos from your perspective of you holding the baby. Even photos of othres holding yo9ur little.

But like zero of you and the baby. Do your lady a favor and book her a photo shoot with the kid.

She will appreciate it.

If you are in the DMV be sure to book Elyrose Photography she's THE BOMB

8) Will You Marry Me

Linda listen, if you really want to knock the socks off your baby mama for Mother's day?

Make her a fiancé!

End of story, step it up son.

**Note if you do this make sure your girls nails is done, so her we got engaged photos don't look crazy**

last minute mothers day gift idea

9) Flowers, Card, Cupcakes, Gift Card (yes...all of them)

If all else fails.

FYI...she will know you waited till the last minute with this. So make sure that gift card is hefty lol.

last minute mothers day gift idea

10) New Lingerie

I don't know if you have paid any attention to my instagam lately but I have been gushing over Target new lingerie line Auden.

It's soft, its sexy, it's affordable it's comfortable its what you need to buy your girl. 


It will let ya girl know you want her, desire her, it will let her know you think she's sexy and I mean...it just may get you laid lol. Plus it's a double gift, a gift for you and her.

Boom, there you have it. 

10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas that didn't involve candles, coffee mugs, slippers, perfume or any of that other overdone stuff. 

Now, get to shopping you only got 4 days!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


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