Friday, January 11, 2019

As a first time mom when I was just months away from the arrival of my little bundle of joy. One of the most daunting tasks I encountered was trying to figure out what products I should ACTUALLY purchase for my newborn.

Savannahs general feelings about my lack of baby knowledge

Knowing nothing about babies, aside from the fact that they eat, sleep and poop like there's no tomorrow. I had no clue what Savannah would REALLY need on a daily basis and most websites (no shade) basically suggested every random bougie hot ticket item under the sun instead of tried and true products.

So I set out to get the REAL scoop on what the must have baby products are for new moms, by asking who?

My REAL MOM friends that have been down this road before and they did not disappoint. They helped me pull together a list of the 20 must have baby products for new moms and now i'm bringing that list to you!

Check it out below!
This should def help with your registry.


Note: All brand names are clickable and will take you directly to the brands website.

Ok, I know that bottles are a babies personal preference however by far Tommee Tippee bottles came highly recommended by most moms. They are also the first bottle that baby bean took to and we have had zero complaints so far.

She latches well, there are plenty of nipple flow options as the babies grow and the bottles are so stinkin cute!

So, if you're in the market for bottles, I suggest grabbing one of their starter sets like the Pump And Go set I have pictured above. It includes a few bottles as well as some other key items like their bottle warmer, a milk storage container and more!

If Savannah could talk (or control her hands for that matter) she would give the DockATot two thumbs WAY UP. It's her favorite place to nap, take pictures an she thinks the print go's well with her complexion.

Lol, but all jokes aside the DockATot came up so many times when speaking with mom's and internet reviews are always naming this little beauty (which we call Savannah's life boat) a mommy must have!

Not all must haves are for after the baby is born, some like the Bloomlife Pregnancy Tracker are for just before your little one makes their big debut into the world.

I became interested in Bloomlife when I started thinking about preparing for labor and delivery. Like many first time mom's I had no idea what to expect. I had heard folks speak of Braxton Hicks contractions vs real contractions and realized...I had no clue what contractions felt like, sooo how would I know the difference.

Then there was all this mess about timing and monitoring and chile, it was too much. Luckily Bloomlife takes the guess work out of contractions and monitoring. With a few easy steps you can track the progress of your contractions follow everything from timing to intensity in their app.

This was a life saver as it got closer to Savannah to getting here and it kept me from taking unnecessary trips to labor and deliver! If I had to give a Bloomlife review it would get two thumbs way up!

There is no denying that babies like movement, no matter if its a smooth car ride or a gentle swinging motion. Soothing them becomes 10 times easier when there is motion involved.

In steps the MAMAROO!!

No matter if a mom had gotten a mamaRoo for their little one or they just knew a mama that did. The reviews were unanimous, babies were calmer in the mamaRoo and just like that this new age baby swing with 5 different settings shot to the top of their "must have" list.

Suck at swaddling?

No worries so do I, which is why the swaddleMe Pod is AMAZE BALLS.

This recommendation is coming straight from me, no endorsement no ad. We were having a time trying to figure out how to do a swaddle that our little one wouldn't escape from *spoiler* we failed ever damn time.

Then one day Papa Bean found the swaddleMe brand online and we were able to find one that fit our teenie tiny bean and there was no turning back.

The swaddleMe Pod is a one step zip swaddle that keeps your little one contained and you sane all at the same time. As you can see it's Papa Bean approved too, i'm not sure who sleeps better when Savannah is in it him or her lol.

We all know as a new mom you need a diaper bag...but who knew a diaper bag could be THIS FASHIONABLE?!

This JUJUBE diaper bag is every fashionistas dream. Made of vegan leather with a minimalist and chic design, it will match any new mom on the go's outfit of the day!

Then on the sensible side, it's light weight, has plenty of places to stash all of babies goodies, thinsulate pockets for bottles and more.

I'm in love with mine, especially because it's a back pack and thats my style (still a little tomboy at heart) but they have lot's and lot's of bags and accessory options.

If there is one thing that mom's have stressed to me since i've been pregnant it's "keep it simple" and the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller + the Mesa car seat do just that.

They work hand and hand and bring simplicity to your life.

With the Cruz + Mesa you are just clicks away from being up and out the door, rolling in style or jetting off in your car to run errands. The Mesa car seat snaps into the car seat base in one click. Then unclips with one swift motion. From there you can grab the Cruz stroller, pop it up with another click then drop in the Mesa car seat and go.


Nothing eases new mommies minds while driving around in the car better than a headrest mirror.

Most mom's let me know this is a huge must have to get through running errands with your little one. In one quick glance you can make sure all is well and continue about your driving.

The Fridababy baby basics kit has everything you never knew you needed for your babies health and hygiene.

From gas relievers to the highly recommended Nose Frida that will rid your little of pesky boogers. This essentials kit will hold you down like no other for the first few months of your babes life.

Bonus: For the mama's be sure to get yourself the Fridet Momwasher for your postpartum care. When I tell you this thing was a god sent for washing my cooch after birth and the weeks to follow, you have no idea!

Photo from pottery Barn baby

If you have not heard of the Snoo Smart Sleeper you are probably living under a rock...or you just don't have a baby lol.

However if you live in baby world you know the deal, the Snoo is not your grandmothers bassinet. It's literally the perfect baby bassinet thrusted into the 21st century. Not only does the Snoo rock your baby to sleep, it has sleep disturbance sensors which intuitively decides the level of rocking your baby needs to get back to sleep.


But wait, it doesn't stop there! Within their app that sync's with the Snoo you can track your babies sleep patterns and watch your trends change all in the palm of your hand.

Mama's who have purchased the Snoo swear by it.

Most mamas walk into motherhood with the intention of breastfeeding their baby.

It's a lovely idea that doesn't always pan out for whatever reason (going back to work, latching issues etc) me, I know...but more on that later. So at the end of the day a mother must do what she needs to do to get babe fed!

And above all else we know that a fed baby is best.

The SpeCtra s2 came highly recommended as a easy to use breast pump that gets the job done. There are many settings, including a special let down setting to get things rolling when you first begin pumping.

I have used it since The Bean got here and I like it a lot!

There are little things here and there that may not even cross your mind as something you need.

However when you are a new mom that wants to save space in your little ones nursery, a changing pad comes in handy.

Not only does this one from Skip Hop cancel the need for an entire changing table (as you can place it on top of any standard dresser) it's also super easy to clean and comes with a safety belt-- which I never thought I would need, but Savannah has already become quite the roller.

If you're looking to save space you need to grab one of these.

If you're like me you've probably never heard of the Haakaa but once you tumble into the world of breast feeding or pumping you quickly become familiar with this amazing contraption.

The Haakaa is designed to catch the milk that otherwise would be lost as your baby feeds from the opposite boob. In a really short explanation the Haakaa uses gravity, light suction and the stimulation of your babe nursing to catch your let down.

It's genius really and almost every pumping or breast feeing mom i've come across has recommended it.

When checking things off of my initial "list" of things I thought I needed, a diaper pail was no where to be found.

Once I had a seasoned mom review my list she happily pointed out I should add it...and boy am I glad I did. Never in my life could I have imagined how many dirty diapers a baby could go through, I mean just yesterday Savannah went through 12 (I wish I was kidding).

This Ubbi Diaper pail is not only the perfect size, it keeps all of her dirty diapers locked away with ZERO smell! Walking into the room you would never know there is even a poo diaper in the room, let alone maybe 20-30 at any given time.

Anxious moms everywhere (including myself) can now rest easy (literally and figuratively) knowing that the Owlet Smart Sock monitor is on duty. This little beauty was recommended by a fellow mom who suffers from anxiety.

Once you have a baby,  you want to do all you can to protect them and ensure they are in the best condition possible. What's a great way to do that?  Monitor your baby!

The Owlet smart sock monitor helps you track your babies heart rate and oxygen level from across the room, across the hall and more.

If any of your little ones numbers falls out of range it will alert you and you can snap into action like wonder woman in no time!

It helps you rest easy through the night without checking on the baby every 5 minutes.

A smart mom once told me "just buy a whole bunch of binky''ll probably lose
of them before you even get home".

*cough* she was right *cough*

So with that being said, the last time I went to the store I picked up a bunch from her favorite brand which is Mam. It's literally the only kind she will take and keep in her mouth.

Any mom will tell you having the ability to be hands free will be a lifesaver as a new mom especially when your out and about running errands.

A great way to accomplish that is by placing your little one in a wearable body carrier. Not only do you get the freedom of your hands but you also get to keep baby close, safe and best of all...away pesky folks that want to hold and see baby.

This is where the Baby Tula Free To Grow carrier comes in handy, designed specifically to change as your newborn does. Littles from 7lb to 45lb can be placed in it comfortably and you can move though your day,  no matter if it's wearing baby in the kitchen so you can cook a meal or out at target so you can shop happily.

This may sound silly and I say that because when a mom suggested the Boppy lounger for not just the baby but myself as well, I laughed too.

However I wish I could go back to apologize and change my reaction because now I totally get it.

One thing they don't tell you up font about child birth is the nitty gritty of moms recovery. For the first few weeks it can pretty much hurt to do anything, especially sit. Thats where the Boppy lounger comes in handy for you.

When your little one is not kicked back like a little boss relaxing in it, it makes the perfect spot for your healing lower half. Thank me later =)

As much as I would like to say that in the first few weeks you'll be using the lovely changing station you set up in your little ones room.

I would be lying to you.

In the first few weeks you'll be lucky to make it off of your couch or out of your room to grab a pop tart to eat with you baby. Because of that, it's imperative that you have everything you need to take care of your baby right at your fingertips just to avoid the hassle.

Thats where this AMAZING changing caddy from UBBI comes in.

With pockets for diapers, a compartment for wipes and even a space for a portable changing pad. This has been a god sent for our living room. We are always ready to change Savannah at the drop of a hat and there is no need to get up and run to her room (especially if she's sleep) to do so as long as we keep this socked.

Super handy.

Ok, this one is huge for babies development.

I had always heard that when babies are born their eyesight isn't the best, but did you know babies eyesight doesn't start to really come into focus until the age of about 6 months?

Up until then things are very blurry for your little one and one thing that helps develop their eyes are sensory toys and images like these from Baby Einstein.

Baby Einstein also has a large collection of other sensory toys to help your little one as they grow and the brand comes highly recommended by moms.


There you have it folks, the top 20 must have baby products recommended by moms.

Were you missing any of these items on your registry? Do you feel more prepared to go shopping for your little one?

I hope so!

Let me know if this was helpful in the comments below as well as a few things that are on your must have list!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna 


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