How To Better Goal Set And Have A Prosperous 2021

Thursday, December 31, 2020

First...cheers to 2021, if you have made it to see the new year that is truly a blessing. 

Now that we are done the pleasantries, if you have posted anything even remotely close to the phrase "new year, new me" this blog probably isn't the place for you.

While I whole heartedly believe that people should mature and grow throughout the course of the year and their lives. The whole idea of "new year, new me" has always been irksome to me. 

Why must you wait to the new year to become a new you?
What exactly are you changing?
Why must you announce it?

More often than not even uttering the phrase is a clear indication that ain't nothing fittin to change for you patna. 

Instead of becoming a new person next year, a better focus of time and energy would be put into goal setting. Especially after the year we had in 2020 setting some kind of goal or intention means a lot to helping keep your sanity. We all deserve better than what we had at this point.

Check out my tips below on how to goal set for 2021 to help ensure you have the most prosperous year yet! 

-How To Goal Set-


Writing down anything-- no matter if it's your goals, a shopping list or what you plan to say to that certain someone who needs to be set straight (wait...personal moment lol sorry). Writing things down makes them real, it gives you something tangible to hold yourself accountable to and it makes you more likely to accomplish them. It's been shown that writing goals down makes you 42% more likely to carry them out.

I recently created my Goal Getter Worksheets which you can get HERE to help everyone become more intentional with and actually reach their goals. 

Using the same methods in these worksheets was how I was able to plan for and make my entire yearly corporate salary in 4 months from being an influencer! Yea you read that right =)

Go ahead and grab the Goal Getter Worksheets and cement those goals in your life. When using them be sure to use the words "i will" instead of "i want to" to even better manifest and set the intention of success. 

2) S.M.A.R.T Goals 

Many have heard of S.M.A.R.T goals they are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Using this method when setting goals helps you narrow things down from the big picture to the real deal goal. 

For example instead of having a goal of "seeing the country" your goal could be to "to have completed my road trip across the country by December 25th 2021". Which hits every point of the S.M.A.R.T goal method above.

3) Attainable Goals v.s. Aspirational Goals 

While this may be completely opposite of what the A in S.M.A.R.T goals stands for. I personally believe that you should set goals that you not only believe are attainable. But you should also create goals that are Aspirational in the fact that they motivate and push you to be more. 

Don't just focus on your strengths but also focus on building beyond your weaknesses. Give yourself a goal that will really keep you up at night. No matter if thats because you really want it or if it's because it drives you to be better and accomplish what seemed like a distant reality. Because when you do, you'll feel that much more empowered. 


You can't walk before you crawl. 

More often then not people make a goal with no idea of how they are going to achieve it. MAJOR KEY...

Once you write your goal, write the details steps of what you need to do to make it happen. Not only will this help you make it happen but it will also put things in perspective. 

The biggest killer of an amazing goal is no damn plan. Write down your steps.

5) Positivity Is Key

Speak positivity into your goals not only when you talk about them but when you write them down. Write from a place of positive thought and not negative thought. 

What do I mean?

Instead of writing down a goal of "i want to reduce the loss of contracts in my business" try "I will hold on to all existing contracts and increase what I have by 25%." or instead of "I don't want to be broke" try "I will increase my savings by 100%"

Wording is important ya know.

6) Accountability Partner 

When it really comes down to it no matter how you slice it, sticking to goals is hard af. No matter if they are fitness, business, financial, relationship, life or personal. One great thing to have (not with all goals but some) is a accountability partner. 

A person that will check in on you and make sure you are still doing what you need to in order to keep moving towards your finish line. Then when you're not, kick your butt in gear and make sure you get back on track.

Find a good one and get to work!

I sincerely hope that this blog post has helped put things in perspective and you will take these tips to help you craft a beautiful and intentional 2021. 

In the comments below let me know one of your goals for 2021?

Until Next Time,
Happy New Year
XO Deanna 


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  2. Since I have accomplished paying off my car and student loans in 2017. My one main goal is to increase my savings account and have an wmwmegengcy fund.

    Victoria. Greenville,SC IG @_wikolia

  3. I’m so glad you posted about creating a SMART goal. I’m a teacher and we use the SMART(R) - specific; measurable; achievable; relevant; timely; rigorous - goal to address desired academic outcomes for our students. It’s nice to see it discussed in one’s personal life.

    Speaking of teaching - I’m a middle school educator and my new goal is to get to work 30 min early each day (which will be a personal challenge because I’m not a morning person and school starts at 7:15) so that I can have time to reflect and meditate before my students arrive. Teaching is very taxing and it takes a toll on one’s mental stability. Reflecting and meditating will not only be beneficial for my mental health, but I’m sure it will boost my physical health, as well.

    Crystal - Alexandria, Va (by way of Temple Hills, Md... PG girl at heart lol) - IG: almondeyeddoll

  4. I plan to be more “present” Being an introvert I always op out and stay home. Then regret it when I see my friends having fun.
    Instagram: mrs.mking

  5. My goals are to launch my blog and YouTube channel and be consistent, do more brand ambassador opportunities this year, build the several businesses hubby and I have started, encourage more people to live a life full of fitness and wellness, pay down debt and save for a house. Very tall orders for someone that works full time and has two kids and all the other thing life throws at me. But I must believe it can be done because I have a bigger purpose than this 9-5 and I'm claiming a change! These tips will definitely help me. Thanks for sharing and inspiring! I'm in Silver Spring MD. ...April at IG: applemacg

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  10. It sounds like you're really frustrated with the "new year, new me" mentality, and I can understand why. Waiting for a specific date to make changes can feel arbitrary, and announcing intentions without concrete plans can ring hollow. I agree that setting goals and intentions, especially after the challenges of 2020, can be a more meaningful approach to personal growth. It's about the journey of continuous improvement rather than a sudden transformation. And it seems like you're emphasizing the importance of authenticity and genuine commitment to change. So, instead of focusing on a superficial "new you," investing in meaningful goals can lead to real progress and fulfillment. Also, don't forget to dress for success; sometimes, a highend outfit can boost confidence and motivation along the way!

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