Keeping The Kitty Smooth: 7 Benefits Of Waxing & Tips For First Timers

Friday, August 2, 2019

A few of days ago while getting drinks with girlfriends the topic of waxing came up. What I thought would be a routine conversation where we all shared our experiences, bitched about the bad ones and laughed into the next topic quickly turned into a slight debate.

Half the girls were pro waxing and the other half heavily against it because of "pain".

 I was shocked to find that there were still women who have never gotten a wax just because they're scared of the "pain". 

No judgment of course...I just believe all women should treat themselves (and their men) to the wonderfulness that is a smooth kitty. 

So because I care about you, im going to let you in on all the reasons why you should no longer live and die by the razor and some tips for first time waxers...because after this post i'm sure you'll be on team #smoothkitty


Ok...lets get the first thing out of the way. 
He won't have no complaints about going down and staying down Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Wearing next to nothing: *ding* you now have the freedom to wear underwear and swim suits that cover next to nothing.

Low maintenance: There is little to no maintenance when you wax, since waxing pulls the hair from the root the effects last longer. Your cooch stays clear of hair for up to a month and the only thing you need to do to keep that up is...well nothing =D 

Hair growth: I promise you your hair will grow back softer and finer! 

Smooth results: No stubble no worries, your cooch will be smooth as butter with no prickly stubble. 

Scratch no more: No more trying to wiggle in your seat to scratch down there as your hair grows back. No matter if its from skin irritation or hair regrowth shaving causes itching. Once you wax the hair comes in easy and you never notice it. 

Quick fast: Literally my waxing appointments are over in like 15 mins! No need to hop in the shower and wash off some goop or become a human pretzel trying to shave off hair from every angle. 

No more ouchies: As we all know shaving can be very problematic little nicks and cuts are almost to be expected. For me personally cuts on the cooch are a no no so waxing always wins!


Recommendations: The easiest way to come across a good waxer is by getting referred to one by a friend. I mean if your homegirl trust this person to be all up in their cooch I'm sure they do a good job.

Waxer/Therapist: If the waxer isn't low key your therapist as well lol you may need to find someone else to get the job done. Now, you can't expect this person to solve your life problems but I'm saying they should at least chat you up a bit and be able to talk you down from your panic/fear of getting waxed. Look for someone who can do a little catering to your needs.

Every deal aint good: I know I love a good deal BUT a waxer that is always running specials or who is priced way lower than the standard in your area is NOT the move. Nine times out of ten the waxer is probably pressed for business...probably for a reason.

Clean establishment: If the place ain't chile, you in danger.


Not all waxes are created equal and for those who may be a little intimidated by the full Brazilian have no fear..there are other options. Choose one from the image below head on over to your preferred waxer.


Contrary to popular belief it doesn't hurt...that much. 

Ok, im not going to lie to you. Waxing is a shocking feeling if its your first time and it may "hurt" a little but I promise...its not that bad. Other than being prepared for a little stinging feeling here are a few tips to keep in mind when going for your first or even second wax.

Clean your cooch: While this may seem like common sense...knowing a few waxers, somehow its not. CLEAN YOUR DAMN COOCH! Don't go to your waxer without taking a shower or even worse, after going to the gym (true story I heard from a waxer).

No visitors: As a general rule of thumb...dont go while you are on your period. Lets be respectful ladies. Also it is advised to not be waxed 3 days prior to your period nor 3 days after.

Don't shave:  Although i'm sure you would like to *cough* prep *cough* for the appointment, I beg of you, don't shave before you go. Trust me, the waxer has seen it all, if anything a light trim will do. REMEMBER--Your hair needs to be at least a quarter inch in order to wax =D

Take a pain pill: If you really are that sensitive to pain...pop a Motrin a half an hour before your appointment. If you think that won't do it, ask your waxer about numbing spray or cream...but to me a numb cooch does not sound fun.

Relax: Get comfortable and I mean real damn comfortable...OBGYN comfortable. This waxing specialist is about to be all up and through so you may as well just lean back, relax and leave your embarrassment at the door. Because the more uptight you are the harder this process is going to be.

The Build up: If you have never gotten a bikini wax before, I wouldn't suggest just diving down the rabbit hole and getting a full on Brazilian. Work your way up, crawl before you walk...maybe try a landing strip or a martini glass situation. In this case ladies, you don't have to go hard or go home.

The Booty: If you are going for the full Brazilian wax getting your butt waxed will hurts the least.

Wait it out:  While your immediate thought its going to be let me hit up bae and give him this work some waxing specialist suggest waiting 24 hours before giving up the good good or working out. Loosely translated no heavy sweating in the first 24 hours.

Keep the area moisturized: This may be a personal opinion, but once you're all smooth down there i'm tellin ya you're just gonna wanna keep it moisturized. It makes ya feel good lol. 

Watch for irritation: While you have less chances of the skin irritation you would get from shaving, there is the possibility or getting a little irritated from your underwear rubbing directly against your skin. In the days directly after avoid non cotton underwear or...underwear all together =D

Do it again: The more you wax the easier it gets...or something like that lol. While it may never be absolutely painless the more routine it becomes the less you will think about it therefor the easier it is.

If you have gotten waxed before and would like to share your thoughts or opinions feel free to do so in the comments below.

If you haven't gotten waxed...what do you think? Are you ready to go bare down there?!

Until Next Time,
XO DeAnna


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