How I get bomb lashes + The Super Sizer Mascara Cover Review & Giveaway

Monday, September 14, 2015

I LOVE my eyes! They're HUGE, green and bright, so any chance I get I try to accentuate them I do.

I used to love to make my eyes pop do with eyeshadow but ever since I got my hands on The Super Sizer lashblast mascara by Cover Girl I've chucked the eyeshadow pallets because this stuff is AMAZING!

The Super Sizer is perfect for every girl who wants their eyes and lashes to be the star of the show. I've gotten more consistent complements on my eyes & lashes in the past few weeks that Ive been using The Super Sizer than I ever have.

Below you'll get my full review of The Super Sizer and some quick tips on how to maximize its power and use it to your advantage to create big beautiful lashes.

So there are 3 major things that I look for when judging a great mascara.

1. That it does what it says it does

There is nothing I hate more than a mascara saying its water proof, then I cry or get my face wet and I have streaky black lines everywhere. The Super Sizer claims to be waterproof and to give you 400% more corner to corner volume. 

Big shoes to fill right? 

But the Super Sizer Does it! My lashes are already long but when I put on this mascara my lashes get HUGE, super fanned out and full.  I'm talking zero to fleek in two swipes. Another thing I absolutely love about the Super Sizer is how smooth the formula is. It literally just glides on your lashes with no issues.

Pro Tip: When you apply start at the very base of your lashes and glide up, going in sections. There is no need to try to do your whole lash at once. The wand is created to be precise with smaller sections. 

2. Long lasting wear/no smudging

One thing I never want to worry about is touching up my mascara. I'm pretty demanding when it comes to this and expect all day wear. I'm pleased to say that once the Super Sizer is on...thats it! Set it and forget it loves because it could be all day but this mascara is going no where. Plus the mascara goes on evenly so I'm never worried about my mascara looking heavy or smudging in certain places.

On a scale of 1 to 10 it definitely gets a 12 for long lasting so if your planning a turn up with a long night on the town The Super Sizer Mascara needs to be your go to!

Pro Tip: To minimize any chance of over use of product make sure as you are removing the wand that you also twirl it and slightly rub the wand on the edge of the tube as you pull out. DO NO PUMP THE WAND BACK AND FOURTH.

3. No crazy clumping 

The worst thing that can happen when applying mascara is lash clumping. You know when your lashes start to stick together and create like one massive super thick mega lash. *Cringe* I hate it! Not only do you look like an absolute fool but you also have to start the whole mascara application over and if you have put on eyeshadow all ready you run the risk of having to start all of your eye make up over. However with The Super Sizer I have had minimal issues with clumping. Praise Jesus! So that is an absolute SUPER win and makes getting ready in the morning a much smooth process.

Pro Tip: To minimize any chance of clumping on your second coat make sure you start from the base of the lashes again but shake the wand from left to right to help separate individual lashes and create extra volume.

Another thing that I am absolutely gaga over when it comes to this mascara is the applicator. Its designed with little bristles that help you get to even the tiniest and finest corner lashes. Making sure that no lash is left behind and every last one gets defined!


All this adds up to the perfect drug store mascara. No matter if your lashes are long or short, if your looking for a dramatic or natural look The Super Sizer Mascara needs to be your go to!

You can grab it at any of your local drug stores, Target or Walmart but for two of my lucky followers you will be getting your own for FREE!

One follower will be the winner of my Cover Girl prize pack including The Super Sizer mascara, a Cover Girl Queen Collection jumbo gloss balm in the color Juicy Jam and a Cover Girl Outlast stay brilliant nail gloss in the color Diva After Dark

And because I can't just hook up one of you there will also be a second place winner that will get their own Super Sizer mascara =)

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Good luck loves!

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna


  1. Kristin Goodson

    My favorite physical feature are my eyes! I love using makeup to enhance them. My IG name is marley_kristin

  2. My fave physical feature are my lashes
    IG: @theroyalempress

  3. Definitely my eyes! :) @lorisextonleal on Instagram. Following, subscribed and tagged! xoxo, Lori

  4. My favorite physical feature would have to be my lips. They are nice and full and I am not afraid to add a pop of color when its needed! I am a colorful person with a colorful spirit, my makeup often times reflect that.

    IG handle: @curiouscoils

  5. My favorite Physical feature is my cheek bones. @chickiebrewer

  6. My Favorite physical attribute is mostly my nose...... btw thanks for this awesome giveaway..... instagram: makeupwithgrace11_