7 Beauty Essentials For Weekend Getaways

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Whenever its time to take a trip you can expect me to be the one to over pack. 

Clothes, shoes, books (yes books) and especially...always...I over pack make up. I literally dump damn near my whole makeup box into a zip lock bag when packing. Then even when I think I'm done, I'm always second guessing myself like.."Oh wait what about that lipstick we may go to dinner I need to bring this"

By the end of my packing I have every makeup item I own in my bag.

But with my trip this past weekend and knowing that I would have limited space and be going mostly to the beach, I was I finally bucked down and streamlined my makeup packing. I got my list down to 7 Makeup Essentials that you absolutely need and I'm going to share it with you!

1. The Perfect Foundation

As with any perfect face having a good base is key & when trying to packing light only bringing the necessities is critical. The MAC Mineralized Skin Finish covers both of those bases for you. I LOVE this stuff it gives a perfect light coverage that won't leave you shiny in the summer heat and as we transition to into fall putting it on top of MAC's Face and Body foundation gives you a flawless look as well. 

If your more of liquid girl I recommend just using MAC's Face and Body

2. The Holy Grail Of Bronzers

Even into the fall seasons a girl can stand a little bronzer and when packing an beauty essentials make up bag no matter the season bronzer should always be on the list. When picking any bronzer it should easily compliment your skin tone and just warm up or "enhance " the natural glow of the skin. No need to go all Jersey Shore or any degree of a bad spray tan. Just choose what works best for you. I like Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Medium/Deep, which is the perfect matte bronzer for me.

3. Blush That Will Make Them Blush

If you're trying to put together the perfect beauty essential make up bag, its best you don't leave out with something that will brighten up your fave while adding a little cheerful color. Blush can take any 5 minuet face from drab to fab with one flick of the wrist (ok maybe two). For summer if you have a similar complexion as me I go for warm sparkly peach's and roses. Where as for the fall I go for more of light berry colors and drop the sparkle factor completely...truth be told no one need all that glitter anyway, we are not 5 ladies. On of my current go to's for the past *gasp* 5 years has been MAC's Warm Soul.

4. Bat Those Lashes 

When it comes to the eyes and packing light, this may be my biggest struggle. Its super hard for me to cut back because I love eye liner and shadow and lots of it. But when you're in a pinch its great to have a product that leaves your eyes looking fabulous without all the extra. Cover Girl The Super Sizer does just that! Im telling you when I put this stuff on I feel like I don't need anything else. It makes my lashes bold and long and gives them the look of being lined with just two coats. Your face goes from boring to flirty in seconds. 

Tip: If you're still the type of girl who loves her eye shadow put that bronzer and blush to use. Lots of beauty products have multiple uses & you can still save space.

5. Wake Up Your Tired Eyes

Vacation or not. Rested or not. Most women's under eye area can use a little pick me up when it comes to looking fresh and awake. Even if you don't want to admit it...I will for all of us. MY UNDER EYE CIRCLES NEED HELP! My all time favorite canceler is ItCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer in Tan. This stuff works wonders for me, I use it every day that I put on make up that includes when I'm on vacation. Because lets be honest you never know who you are going to run into and you don't want to look like you haven't slept in 12 days when you mean your future boo..right?


I feel like I should have put this first. The right lip gloss may actually be the solution to all the worlds problems and I mean if not that at least all of your life's problems. Lip gloss is like that secret ingredient in your moms best dish, it adds just the right thing to take things to the next level. Oh and if you have a POPPIN ASS LIPGLOSS like Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm you could throw it on all by itself and just go. One of my favorites is in the color Nudetrients. It's perfect alone or on top of a lipstick and does not make your lips sticky or give you that nasty white line after too much talking (I talk a lot so I know)

7. Kissable Lipstick

Last on the list is lipstick, where some may not see this as a necessity I love lipstick and its always good to have one on hand just in case you need to get a little fancy. Maybe babe surprises you with a dinner on your getaway or you and the girls decide to class it up one night of the weekend turn up. Lipstick just makes your whole look a little more pulled together. I have a long laundry list of favorites when it comes to lipstick but I normally stick with MAC or Milani Cosmetics for its pigmentation and staying power. Lately I have been swooning over Royal Ball from MAC's Cinderella collection but any good nude can carry you out of summer into fall. Check out Blankety from MAC or Nude Creme from Milani Cosmetics.

With these 7 beauty essentials you can be assured that your face will be beat while your bag will have enough room for a few more important things. Like the clothes and souvenirs that you will be buying on your trip...or uh...nah thats it. 

Lets be honest you're going to go shopping.

I got through 3 days, multiple outings and situations with just these products and was super happy, having less products also cut down on the time it took me to get ready...which made everyone else happy. 

What do you ladies think? Could you make it on a trip with just these 7 items? Do you have a different list of beauty essentials for a getaway trip? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, 
XO Deanna