6 Reasons Why Airbnb Is The Best Way To Travel In Your 20's

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's no secret that us 20 somethings love to travel. Every time you turn around a friend on your Facebook timeline or your Instagram feed is posting some picturesque photo from their recent cross country adventure or an overly exotic picture with them next to a tiger.

If your anything like me you can't help but wonder 1. how they didn't get malled by the tiger and 2. how they hell they were able to afford all these trips because YOU KNOW they're broke...you've seen the receipts lol

So you're no longer confused and jealous I would like to introduce you to the magical world of Airbnb!

Soon to be the ONLY way you travel (trust me)

For those of you unfamiliar with what Airbnb is, to put it simply (and to save space) it's the Craigslist of vacation sites but fancier, safer and with out a doubt much more amazing.

Airbnb was founded in 2008 and allows people from all over the world to list their apartments, homes, castles (yes castles) and more, in one place for travelers to rent out for their next vacation. No matter if you're looking for a place to crash when visiting DC for the night, a romantic weekend getaway or a vacation home for a month its there for you.


Currently there are over 1,500,000 listings in 190 countries and 34,000+ cities. Airbnb is connecting people to their next great experiences all over the world.

Which leads me to the first reason AirBnb is the best way to travel.

1. Unique Vacation Experience & Beautiful Spaces

With AirBnb you really get a unique vacation experience, its never going to be your average hotel stay or the same thing twice. You basically get to tailor where you stay to your personal style. If your looking for a super modern apartment or loft, you can find that. If your more of the down home, country chic type there will be a place for you. Or even if your looking for something totally outside of the box it WILL BE on AirBnB. Whatever your heart desires is at your finger tips and I must say, its just something about being able to stay in a place that matches your style that makes vacations all the more comfortable.

For my last stay I picked a cute little home just outside of all the hustle and bustle of the main streets of Annapolis, you can see and book the listing HERE. The yard was decorated with 6 foot tall sunflowers (my fave) on a quiet street with a private beach not too far down the way. 

I really wanted to be able to relax as well as get some blogger work done so the space and decor had to be perfect for de-stressing and blogger pictures and this home definitely delivered that. It honestly looked exactly how I would decorate my own home in a dream world.

Your next vacation could be just as perfect if you book with AirBnb =)

2. Security

One thing that is UBER (not the car service) important to me being a female traveler is security. When I first heard about AirBnb to be honest I was super skeptical. However after signing up and seeing that they would be linking my account to my Facebook and that they required your ID to be uploaded and verified just to be able to book a stay,  I became a little more comfortable with the process. 

I also love love love the fact that you are able to leave public reviews about your experience and your host. For me these reviews are a huge deciding factor in where I stay. It lets me know that where I'm staying is being advertised for what it really is, that over all people are having pleasant experience with no issues and most importantly if multiple people have left reviews...ain't no body get killed lol but no really...it lets me know its safe!

My rule of thumb if it doesn't have multiple reviews I don't book, but thats just me. Dominique's place (my last host in Annapolis) had all great reviews and just like everyone else I had an amazing stay.

3. Price...Keep Your Coins Hunty

This is a no brainer. If there is one thing I could actually hate about traveling, it would be the money you shell out on hotel stays. A good hotel no matter the city can cost you upwards of 300 a night! Which can put a MAJOR dent in your travel budget and when I'm traveling I like to actually have money to spend on my vacation, not use it all on where I'm laying my head. 

With AirBnb you don't have to worry about crazy prices, these are people just like you and me hosting you in their home for reasonable rates. On my last few trips I have secured rates under 100.00 a night! Leaving plenty of coins left over for spending and adventures!

I got all the bang for my buck in Annapolis! Beautiful, cozy and cost effective!


4. Meeting Amazing People

Meeting amazing people may be at the top of my favorites list when it comes to the AirBnb experience. There's really something special about having someone host you and in their home, I mean its almost like you automatically get a new bestfriend for the weekend and sometimes those friendships last long past your stay. 

One set of host I stayed with became friends for life, we still talk about once a month, I was invited to their wedding and the cute couple is expecting their first baby in November!

Other times you learn that the people you're staying with are more than just great host's. You learn they have a heart of gold like my last host Dominique who runs this amazing non profit called Paws2care which is dedicated to bringing comfort, care and hope to kids who are battling cancer, living with special needs and even adults who are wounded warriors. Dominique and her Golden Retriever Beamer who is a certified therapy dog go around spreading love to all of those who need it. Dominique has such a kind heart and is super passionate about filling those around her with hope in times where it may seem like there is none and empowering people when they feel their weakest.

Beemer the star of the show!

I absolutely adored meeting her. Please take the time to check out her organization HERE and their Instagram HERE

5. Ease Of Use

AirBnb streamlines their service, they make communication with host and booking super simple. When trying to work out details of your reservation you can opt to have messages between you and a host sent to your phone so you don't actually have to log into the site on your computer. And booking? Is just a click away. Not to mention the searching process is easy, leaving feed back is a breeze and PRAISE JESUS the site is clean, simple and doesn't have a million things going on on the screen (sorry Kayak your site gives me a headache). 

I've even had some experience with AirBnb refunds and I must say by far its one of the smoothes transaction I've had online. My refund was done quickly and with no questions and their refund policy is very reasonable. If you pair all of that with the review system and referral program AirBnb is winning!

Speaking of referral *cough* SAVE 25.00 ON YOUR NEXT AIRBNB TRIP HERE *cough* lol

6. Vacation Like A Local

Think about it this way, when staying with a person who is from the area it's almost like your an honorary local, because you able to get the real inside scoop on the city. Im talking the best places to eat, great things to see and things that may be off the normal tourist path. I don't know about you but when I'm in a new city I love getting to know what its really all about and getting an honest taste of where I'm at. Sure everyone loves the normal sights but show me something special, something different, the hidden gems. 

Every AirBnb I have stayed at have all had a list of "must do's" that I have yet to regret trying. Being a "local" for a weekend is 10 times better than being a tourist in my opinion =)

There you have it? Do you need more convincing? NO? Good! 
Go book your next vacation with AirBnb now, save your coins and have an experience of a lifetime. I know I'm ready to book my next adventure with them.

If your looking to go down the Annapolis way be sure to book with Dominique HERE.  Her place really is amazing you won't regret it.

Until Next Time,
XO Deanna